When Calls the Heart: Hearts and Minds

It is lunch time at the school and Anna’s mother stops by for a visit with Elizabeth. She points out that her daughter was visibly upset over Robert destroying her art, and Anna felt that Julie just brushed off the entire incident. Elizabeth promises Anna’s mother that she will have a word with Julie about discipline.

Jacob is getting ready to leave Hope Valley, only to discover his car won’t start. Bill finds Jacob struggling with his car and invites him to stay in Hope Valley for the night and enjoy some beef stew at the café. Jacob reluctantly agrees to stay the night, to Bill’s amusement. He also agrees to meet with Abigail over tea to discuss the contract. While she has Jacob at the café, she asks him to meet with the community at a town hall, so he can see firsthand how important the depot contract is. He denies the request, pointing out that he is only a lawyer, not a public relations specialist.

Wilma is trying on Rosemary’s dress at the shop and it fits perfectly. Even though the dress looks lovely on Wilma, she says she can’t afford it. Rosemary offers her the designer discount: 40 percent off. Wilma takes the deal!

School lets out and Elizabeth tells Julie they need to have a talk. She informs her that Anna went home at lunch because she was so upset about Robert ripping up her art. Julie feels awful and Elizabeth reminds her that mistakes need to be made in order for lessons to be learned.

The next day, Wilma returns to the dress shop with her husband Kurt and her new dress in tow. Kurt tells Rosemary that despite the discount, they cannot afford the dress. Rosemary gives Wilma her cash back and apologizes for causing any trouble.

Julie takes the class outside to sketch people in landscapes. As she collects the artwork, Elizabeth notices how lenient her sister is with her grading. Elizabeth reminds her Julie that she is not doing the students any favors by giving them all “A’s.” She is also quick to tell Julie how much the students are enjoying her teaching and it is okay to continue learning as she goes.