Recap: Heart of a Mountie - Season 6 Episode 4

A new Mountie arrives earlier than expected, surprising Elizabeth. Bill and Nathan jump to work when Lee's payroll is stolen.

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Many of the residents of Hope Valley are gathered at the saloon. Lucas entertains both Fiona and Faith with a card trick when he calls Clara over for his next trick. When it looks like he is about to kiss Clara’s hand, Jesse reacts and gets defensive throwing his fists towards Lucas, but instead punches a patron. Bill takes both the patron and Jesse to jail. The patron insists he was trying to stop the fight. Bill says to leave the law and order to him and the stranger introduces himself as Nathan Grant, the new Mountie for Hope Valley.

Highlights - A New Mountie in Town - When Calls The Heart

Lucas apologizes to Nathan about the incident last night at the saloon, as the town is buzzing about the new Mountie in town. Lee is surprised to discover a telephone now in his home. He tells Rosemary to remove it, having it at the office is bad enough. Rosemary reminds him of the many reasons why they need it, the most important one being - she wants it!

Jeb rushes back into town, his stagecoach was robbed and Lee’s payroll has been taken. The wagon in the process of coming back into town has been damaged, and Jeb along with the Sheila and Joyce, two women traveling with him, are very shaken up. The disturbance rushes many out of their houses to see what the commotion is including Elizabeth who is startled to see the new Mountie.

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Highlights - To Couple or Not - When Calls The Heart

Rosemary pays a visit to Faith to see how things went with Carson. Faith tells her they’ve decided to just be friends. Rosemary is sad to hear this and tells her that “love is worth the trouble.” When Carson returns, Faith tells him that she hates lying to people but she is still not ready for the town to know about their relationship.

Elizabeth holds debates at school. She encourages everyone to be respectful of one another. Anna and Emily debate between horses and cars as modes of transportation and the debate gets a bit intense. Elizabeth talks to them about listening and being open-minded but as the school day ends, the two girls are still not talking to each other. Elizabeth explains that even though you disagree, it doesn’t mean you can’t respect each other. She encourages them to talk to one another and heal their friendship. The two girls apologize to one another and hug it out.

Jesse tracks down Clara who ignores him. Clara is furious about the fight and disturbance he caused at the saloon. She urges Jesse to get over his jealousy and heads off to work. He goes to Henry venting. Henry agrees with Clara saying it was not Jesse’s finest hour.

Meanwhile, Bill questions Sheila and Joyce about the robbery. Sheila shares that there were at least five men with rifles at the scene. Lee and Nathan ride out to where the robbery occurred. Lee uses the time to try and get to know Nathan and quickly learns he is a man of very few words. The two examine the scene and are frustrated with the lack of evidence giving them very few leads as to what happened.

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Rosemary calls Fiona to have her connect her to Lee. Fiona tells her that Lee is out with Nathan. Rosemary waits and calls back to yell at Lee for going to the crime scene and getting involved with the investigation. Lee apologizes and assures her that he was never in any danger. Rosemary then proceeds to question Lee about the new Mountie. Eager to return to work, Lee brushes her off with promises to tell her all about the Mountie when he gets home. Later, Rosemary calls Lee again to tell him that she spotted Faith and Carson looking very cozy. Lee grows more impatient with Rosemary’s multiple calls and tries to convey that the robbery is an emergency and needs all his attention. Rosemary responds saying there is nothing more important than love. Lee’s first thought is to take away the phone, but he has a change of heart when he realizes that he never wants to not be connected to Rosemary.

Bill and Nathan meet to discuss how they are going to work together as Sheriff and Mountie. Nathan updates him on what he found at the scene of the crime. Nathan invites Bill to go out with him to review the crime scene again, thinking he may have missed something. The two review the evidence and come to the conclusion that the robbery was an inside job. They return to town to check on the repairs to the stagecoach.

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Rosemary walks in on Faith and Carson holding hands and confronts them about their relationship. She’s hurt that they wouldn’t share their news with her. Carson and Faith explain that they wanted to figure out what their relationship is before they tell everyone. Rosemary promises to keep their secret. Later, she invites them over to her house and surprises them with a romantic dinner. Faith and Carson toast to their future.

Bill breaks the news to the ladies and Jeb that the blacksmith needs to order a part to fix the stagecoach and it will be a few more days. Later, Jeb and Sheila go to the stagecoach to retrieve the missing money but, instead of retrieving the money, Nathan and Bill are there to confront and arrest them.

Highlights - Meeting the new Mountie - When Calls The Heart

Jesse lets Clara know he has a second job so that Clara can quit working at the saloon. Clara insists on keeping her job and encourages Jesse to get to know Lucas. Finally, Elizabeth has the chance to meet Nathan. During their meeting, she tells him that Jack was an excellent man. Nathan tells her that he has only heard good things about him and that he wished he had known him. Nathan then gives her Jack’s pension. Elizabeth shares that when she first arrived in Hope Valley things were challenging, but now she’s happy to call this place her home. She also hopes Nathan will come to feel the same way.