Sunday March 1 11:00 AM / 10:00c

When Calls the Heart - Heart of a Mountie

Many of the residents of Hope Valley are gathered at the saloon. Lucas entertains both Fiona and Faith with a card trick when he calls Clara over for his next trick. When it looks like he is about to kiss Clara’s hand, Jesse reacts and gets defensive throwing his fists towards Lucas, but instead punches a patron. Bill takes both the patron and Jesse to jail. The patron insists he was trying to stop the fight. Bill says to leave the law and order to him and the stranger introduces himself as Nathan Grant, the new Mountie for Hope Valley.

Lucas apologizes to Nathan about the incident last night at the saloon, as the town is buzzing about the new Mountie in town. Lee is surprised to discover a telephone now in his home. He tells Rosemary to remove it, having it at the office is bad enough. Rosemary reminds him of the many reasons why they need it, the most important one being - she wants it!

Jeb rushes back into town, his stagecoach was robbed and Lee’s payroll has been taken. The wagon in the process of coming back into town has been damaged, and Jeb along with the Sheila and Joyce, two women traveling with him, are very shaken up. The disturbance rushes many out of their houses to see what the commotion is including Elizabeth who is startled to see the new Mountie.

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