Sunday March 1 11:00 AM / 10:00c

When Calls the Heart - Disputing Hearts

Elizabeth is very excited at the possibility of Hope Valley getting a library but is discouraged after Rosemary reveals that the town council does not want to pay for it. Henry gets his oil business up and running, leaving no time for him to focus on his job with Lee. Meanwhile, Lee encourages his staff to pay attention to their own work and to not be distracted by what Henry is doing. Florence is trained by Fiona to become a new telephone operator.

A problem arises when Curt Lawson - angry at what Henry is offering to other neighbors for use of their land - locks his gate to anyone passing by and disrupting Lee’s business. Lee and Bill look at potential ways to resolve the issue. With the help of Bill and Nathan, they come up with a compromise to keep the gate open for 24 hours.

At school, Elizabeth finds Allie by herself, not working with her team. When asked why, she tells Elizabeth that she doesn’t need their help. Elizabeth reminds her that maybe they need her help.

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