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Recap: Disputing Hearts - Season 6 - Episode 6

Jealousy breaks out when Gowen strikes oil. Nathan encourages Bill's new opportunity.

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Elizabeth is very excited at the possibility of Hope Valley getting a library but is discouraged after Rosemary reveals that the town council does not want to pay for it. Henry gets his oil business up and running, leaving no time for him to focus on his job with Lee. Meanwhile, Lee encourages his staff to pay attention to their own work and to not be distracted by what Henry is doing. Florence is trained by Fiona to become a new telephone operator.

A problem arises when Curt Lawson - angry at what Henry is offering to other neighbors for use of their land - locks his gate to anyone passing by and disrupting Lee’s business. Lee and Bill look at potential ways to resolve the issue. With the help of Bill and Nathan, they come up with a compromise to keep the gate open for 24 hours.

At school, Elizabeth finds Allie by herself, not working with her team. When asked why, she tells Elizabeth that she doesn’t need their help. Elizabeth reminds her that maybe they need her help.

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After several mistakes, Fiona gently tells Florence that being a phone operator may not be the best fit for her. She continues to encourage her, but Florence continues to make mistakes and accidentally spills her drink on the switchboard. Florence quits but Fiona says she can’t - she’s been in the communication business for a while and knows that it just takes time. Florence reveals that this is her first job and Fiona encourages her not to give up. Later, Rosemary visits Carson as she feels something is not right. Carson gives her a clean bill of health and urges her to talk to Lee about how she is feeling.

Lucas congratulates Elizabeth on the library. She says it’s not a done deal yet. He encourages her to be positive and wishes her luck. Lee goes to Bill to help figure out the situation with Curt and his property. They find a territory law book and start to review it. Clara and Jesse discuss possible new lots for land when they learn that oil has been discovered on his old land. Jesse is distraught that he sold his land but Clara reminds him that they have each other. Lucas is thrilled to learn that oil has been discovered and reminds Henry that their partnership is of the silent type.

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Elizabeth and Nathan talk about Allie's difficulties working with others. She asks for more information about Allie and learns her mother passed when she was 4 years old and she was abandoned by her father. Elizabeth believes Allie pushes people away before they can get close to her as a way for her to protect herself from losing more people. Elizabeth says she will work to make sure she stays valued and included at school. Elizabeth encourages Allie to make friends and to stay open to the possibilities. Later on, Allie helps out another student to Elizabeth’s delight.

Lee encourages Bill to rethink the judgeship. Bill explains his reluctance is due to his fondness of making a difference in Hope Valley. Lee tells him that he can make a difference in many ways. Fiona patches a phone call for Carson, connecting him with Faith’s father. Rosemary tries to open up to Lee at dinner but instead, Lee starts talking about his stressful day and Rosemary decides to remain mum. Henry reveals he owns mineral rights which means he owns anything below the surface. This news will upset many in Hope Valley. Carson encourages Faith to talk to her father and encourages her to give him a chance. Faith takes the call and is overcome with joy.