When Calls the Heart: Believing

Back in Cape Fullerton, Abigail takes the stand in defense of Henry. It gets heated when the prosecutor accuses Henry of buying the testimony from Abigail, so she would say kind things about him. Abigail denies the charge, telling the judge that if he is going to judge a man like Henry, he has to judge the whole man. She reminds him that Henry took a bullet for Bill and even risked his life to bring Abigail’s daughter home. She pleads with the court to believe in the power of redemption and in second chances. When the judge reaches his verdict, he pronounces Henry guilty as charged. He sentences Henry to ten years in jail. The judge then makes a stunning announcement: he’s commuting the sentence to time served and issuing Henry parole instead. The judge warns Henry he has one last chance to live a law-abiding life.

Back in the classroom, Julie is pleasantly surprised when Elizabeth announces to the classroom that the other Miss Thatcher will be reading to them. Elizabeth tells her sister she believes in her and in her teaching dreams.

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