When Calls the Heart: Believing

When Calls the Heart

Abigail makes arrangements to testify for Henry’s defense in Cape Fullerton. Elizabeth still cannot believe Abigail is going through with the testimony, citing Henry as corrupt. Abigail explains that Henry has done some good and she is only a character witness. Elizabeth is surprised to see that Bill is also going on the trip with Abigail, only he will be testifying for the prosecution. Meanwhile, Bill reaches out and asks Lee to step in as a substitute sheriff while he is out of town for the next couple of days. Lee reluctantly agrees.

Elizabeth’s sister, Julie, makes a surprise visit to Hope Valley. Julie lets her sister know she has found her calling: teaching! She reaches out to her sister for help. Elizabeth lets her younger sister know that teaching is not a profession to be decided on a whim, and Julie takes offense to the accusation. Julie tells Elizabeth that she is going to prove to her just how badly she wants to be a teacher and that starts with being Elizabeth’s apprentice at the school.

Clara and Jesse meet for their date and Jesse is shocked to see her in tears. Clara tells Jesse that today would have been her wedding anniversary with Peter, and maybe she is not ready to move on, just yet. Jesse tells her to take the time she needs, but to not give up on a future they might have. Jesse asks if this is really a break-up and she promises him it is just a break.

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