When Calls the Heart - A Vote of Confidence

Bill tells Jerry to wait while he goes to capture Mitchell and Lance. He confronts the two of them but, is surprised when a third individual turns the table on Bill. Jerry comes to his rescue and the two of them are able to take Mitchell and Lance in custody.

The mail is delivered and Ned asks Fiona to tell Lucas that he has a new trunk that has arrived. Fiona takes interest in his new delivery.

The town council convenes. The council votes and they are split 4-4. As Mayor, Abigail’s vote would count as the tiebreaker. Before she casts her vote, she asks Lucas if he would be willing to compromise and could keep the saloon open late two nights a week. They agree and everyone is happy with the outcome. Abigail says, “We take care of our own” and that includes Lucas, now that he lives here. Henry commends Abigail on finding a truce that benefits everyone in Hope Valley.

Carson tells Faith they have house calls and Faith goes to pack his bag. The two go out and Faith makes him stop the horse and buggy to say she is willing to take a risk and try out a relationship with Carson. They kiss and he reveals that they actually didn’t have a house call and he was surprising her with a picnic.

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