Recap: A Vote of Confidence - Season 6 - Episode 3

Bill convinces an estranged friend to help catch criminals, Abigail & Lucas face off about the saloon's disruption to town, and Faith & Carson consider revealing their relationship.

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Elizabeth and Abigail stroll with Baby Jack. The two catch up with Bill as he heads out of town to testify in the trial of Mitchell Quinn and Lance Walcott, two dangerous criminals. The two also come across more residents of Hope Valley who are up in arms over the noise coming from the saloon at all hours.

Faith confides in Rosemary, that dancing with Carson was really special. Rosemary tries to decipher what this means. She asks about his body language and tells Faith to talk to Carson.

Abigail stops into the saloon to discuss the hours and the noise. She asks Lucas to close the saloon by 10pm every night. Lucas, very careful with his words, agrees to watch the hours and the noise.

Bill is surprised when he arrives to learn the charges were dropped and the alleged felons released. Bill goes to see the judge and questions his motives. He gets rough with him demanding to know who got to the judge to make him to change his mind. The judge seeing the error of his ways, puts out another arrest warrant. Bill decides to go through the Northern Trail to find them.

Lee and Carson talk about Faith. Lee says that communicating directly is the best way, something Rosemary has taught him. Night comes and the saloon is hopping with patrons and lots of noise. Abigail confronts Lucas about staying open and the noise. He apologizes, but says he is not breaking the law.

Bill tracks down Jerry, an old friend, to help track Quinn and Walcott. After some persuading, Jerry agrees to come out of retirement to help Bill.

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Carson and Faith see a patient and talk to him about being very clear with communication, though the two are really trying to address their current romantic situation. Elizabeth and Abigail discuss the issues the saloon is causing for some of the residents. Elizabeth encourages her to call Lucas’ bluff and take a gamble. She takes the advice and calls a town council meeting to change the law that all businesses must close by 10pm.

Lucas confides in Henry that he’s surprised that Abigail is pushing him about the hours. Henry says that Abigail has an annoying tendency to get her way. Elizabeth introduces baby Jack to Sergeant, his father’s beloved horse. Elizabeth goes out riding and visits the spot where she and Jack carved their initial in the side of a tree. Along her ride, she comes across Tim looking for his spyglass. He shares that Robert and Cody lost it while they were playing pirates, but they aren’t helping him look for it. She encourages him to stand up to the boys. Tim does and the boys all come together to help him look for his spyglass.

Bill and Jerry take a shortcut through an old mine in an effort to catch up with the men. Along the way they struggle to make the correct turns. While in the mine, Jerry reveals that on his last case he missed the opportunity to track down a murderer and he has been beating himself up since. Bill reveals that he caught the criminal four months later. Jerry never heard that he was finally caught and a sense of relief passes over him. He shows Bill if you start a fire you can figure out which way to go by seeing the direction he smoke goes. They make it through the mine and spot Mitchell and Lance in the distance.

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Elizabeth invites Abigail, Rosemary and Lee over to dinner. She thanks them for all their help with baby Jack. The dinner discussion turns to the noise and late hours of the saloon. Rosemary pushes Lee to say he will support Abigail, but he dodges answering her. Carson finally gets the nerve to talk to Faith about how he really feels. He says she is the one for him and Faith says she’s concerned if it doesn’t work out how that would affect their working relationship. Carson encourages her to take a risk. Faith isn’t sure and runs out.

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Bill tells Jerry to wait while he goes to capture Mitchell and Lance. He confronts the two of them but, is surprised when a third individual turns the table on Bill. Jerry comes to his rescue and the two of them are able to take Mitchell and Lance in custody.

The mail is delivered and Ned asks Fiona to tell Lucas that he has a new trunk that has arrived. Fiona takes interest in his new delivery.

The town council convenes. The council votes and they are split 4-4. As Mayor, Abigail’s vote would count as the tiebreaker. Before she casts her vote, she asks Lucas if he would be willing to compromise and could keep the saloon open late two nights a week. They agree and everyone is happy with the outcome. Abigail says, “We take care of our own” and that includes Lucas, now that he lives here. Henry commends Abigail on finding a truce that benefits everyone in Hope Valley.

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Carson tells Faith they have house calls and Faith goes to pack his bag. The two go out and Faith makes him stop the horse and buggy to say she is willing to take a risk and try out a relationship with Carson. They kiss and he reveals that they actually didn’t have a house call and he was surprising her with a picnic.