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When Calls the Heart - A Vote of Confidence

Elizabeth and Abigail stroll with Baby Jack. The two catch up with Bill as he heads out of town to testify in the trial of Mitchell Quinn and Lance Walcott, two dangerous criminals. The two also come across more residents of Hope Valley who are up in arms over the noise coming from the saloon at all hours.

Faith confides in Rosemary, that dancing with Carson was really special. Rosemary tries to decipher what this means. She asks about his body language and tells Faith to talk to Carson.

Abigail stops into the saloon to discuss the hours and the noise. She asks Lucas to close the saloon by 10pm every night. Lucas, very careful with his words, agrees to watch the hours and the noise.

Bill is surprised when he arrives to learn the charges were dropped and the alleged felons released. Bill goes to see the judge and questions his motives. He gets rough with him demanding to know who got to the judge to make him to change his mind. The judge seeing the error of his ways, puts out another arrest warrant. Bill decides to go through the Northern Trail to find them.

Lee and Carson talk about Faith. Lee says that communicating directly is the best way, something Rosemary has taught him. Night comes and the saloon is hopping with patrons and lots of noise. Abigail confronts Lucas about staying open and the noise. He apologizes, but says he is not breaking the law.

Bill tracks down Jerry, an old friend, to help track Quinn and Walcott. After some persuading, Jerry agrees to come out of retirement to help Bill.

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