Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C

When Calls the Heart - New Year's Wish

In the forest outside Hope Valley, Jack busies himself splitting wood for the church fireplace. As he swings the axe Elizabeth approaches and casually asks Jack about the ride he was supposed to take her on after school. Elizabeth is unaware that moments before, Jack saw Charles proposing to Elizabeth in her classroom. Elizabeth tells Jack that she rejected the proposal and holds no romantic feelings for Charles. Jack remains unmoved so Elizabeth tries to show her true feelings with a kiss. The kiss does nothing to change Jack’s feelings and, sensing his cold response, Elizabeth pulls away and walks off, leaving Jack standing alone in the wood.

Meanwhile, at the Mercantile, Rosemary skims thorough a magazine while bemoaning her less than exciting plans for New Years eve. Before she leaves, Mr. Yost remembers that he’s received a letter for Rosemary. When she opens the letter, Rosemary becomes instantly excited. She tells Mr. Yost that she’s been waiting for the letter and that it’s contents will ensure that this year is going to be the best New Year’s in the history of Hope Valley. She kisses Mr. Yost on the cheek and before gleefully running off.

At Abigail’s Cafe, Elizabeth fills Abigail in on Charles’ proposal and Jack’s response to what he overheard. Abigail is shocked by all the news and does her best to help Elizabeth work through the situation. She tells Elizabeth that it’s not her fault Charles misread their friendship. She also says that it’s smart to give Jack some time to think things over. Then, as she watches Elizabeth move through the kitchen, Abigail remarks that since returning fro Hamilton, it’s clear that Elizabeth now knows who she is. Elizabeth smiles and tells Abigail “I know who I’m not.” Abigail smiles in agreement and then turns to retrieve a pie from the pantry. But when she opens the cupboard, the cupboard is bare. Elizabeth assumes that Abigail probably served it at lunch. Abigail agrees and the two casually move on with their day.

Back from chopping wood, Jack stops off at the jail to change his clothes. As he enters the jail Bill Avery stirs in his cell. Bill tries to plead with Jack and convince him that things are not what they seem. Jack reminds him that even after Bill was pulled off the case, the counterfeit money and printing plates were found in his hotel room. Jack informs Bill that Inspector Huston is arriving on the next stage to take Bill back for trial.

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