Recap: Two of Hearts Season 6 - Episode 9

At the Founders' Day Festival, Elizabeth makes a move that might affect her future.

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Hope Valley is bustling with excitement for the Founder’s Day Festival, the opening of the library and the christening of baby Jack just around the corner. Nathan visits Elizabeth to give her a plaque he made for the library. Elizabeth is touched by the gesture. She runs into Lucas at the library and expresses her anger at him for putting her in a dangerous situation that could have taken her away from her child. .

Julie, Elizabeth sister, arrives in town for baby Jack’s christening and surprises Elizabeth with a present from her parents, the baptism gown she wore. Jesse and Lee celebrate the completion of a project and he tell Jesse he can now give him a promotion. Overjoyed, Jesse rushes to share with Clara.

Friends and family gather for baby Jack’s baptism and celebrate after at the saloon. Nathan and Elizabeth swap stories about raising kids as single parents. Rosemary calls Elizabeth away and Nathan offers to watch baby Jack. Elizabeth is impressed at how at ease Nathan is with Jack.

Lucas and Elizabeth officially open the library. Allie is excited to show Nathan the shelves she built. Lee and Jack celebrate their roles in Jack’s life over a mug of beer. Lee takes Grace and Spencer around at the fair. Lucas wins a teddy bear for baby Jack. Bill discovers a note going through old drawers.

Highlights - Fishing Pole - When Calls The Heart

Nathan tries to win Allie a fishing pole, after a few failed attempts, Lucas comes by and tries but also doesn’t succeed, Lee comes by and wins it for Allie. Grace comes running over to say that Spencer has run away. Everyone fans out in search of him. Lee discovers him in his office. He opens up to Lee that he misses his Mommy and Daddy. Grace comforts Spencer and shares her story with him about how she lost her parents around the same age as Spencer.

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Bill confronts Henry about the letter which reveals that Henry knew about the mine being unstable before it collapsed six years ago. Henry defends his decision to not say anything. He was told to be quiet, and he followed orders. He tells Nick to do what he wants with the information.

The children proclaim to Rosemary that today was the best day ever. Lee expresses that these may not be their children, but, they are all special parts of their life. Elizabeth heads out to the dance. On her way she returns the mine letter to Henry. Elizabeth tries to make him feel better, saying it was not his fault and tells him that he is the man people think he is. She encourages him to stop living in the past and move on from that tragedy.

Highlights - She Said Yes - When Calls The Heart

The dance is in full swing when Jesse enters and surprises Clara by asking her to marry him. She happily says, yes! Rosemary and Fiona announce the next song is ladies choice, and that the ladies of Hope Valley can as gentlemen of their choice to dance.

Highlights - Ladies Choice - When Calls The Heart

Elizabeth asks Lucas to dance. As they are on the dance floor she looks out and see Nathan and the two lock eyes.