Troubled Hearts

The next day Abigail and Cody join Elizabeth and Jack for a painting party at Elizabeth’s new house. While the adults paint, Cody tosses a baseball. He tosses the ball to Jack and accidentally smashes the glass vase Jack had given Elizabeth as a housewarming gift. Abigail tells him to get a broom and clean up the mess, but Cody refuses and tells her he doesn’t have to listen to her. Jack tries to step in, but it only makes things worse and Cody runs from the house.

Since coming to Hope Valley, Cody hasn’t made friends and is having a hard time adjusting to school and to life without his sister. He’s lashed out at other kids, gotten into fights, and done none of his homework. Jack knows all too well what Cody’s going through and hopes that he may be able to help get through to him. As Cody dashes from Elizabeth’s house, Jack runs after him, grabbing Cody as he sprints towards the road. As Cody attempts to wriggle free, Jack tells him that he too lost his father and that he understands his pain. He then explains to Cody that his family is always with him in his heart. The heart to heart gets through to Cody and he leaps into Jack’s arms, hugging him tightly.

With Cody reaching a turning point and Elizabeth on her way to getting settled in her new home, hope again surrounds Elizabeth and Abigail. As the two women walk down Main Street something unusual catches Elizabeth’s eye. On the door of the café is a wanted poster. The $500 dollar is for the capture of Matt Landry, better known to Hope Valley as Pastor Frank Hogan.

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