Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C

Troubled Hearts

Walking arm in arm, Elizabeth giggles as she leads Jack toward her big surprise.
Half humoring her, Jack hardly notices when they stop in front of Abigail’s old house. Just as he realizes where they are, Elizabeth announces that she’s considering renting the home. With Clara and Cody now both living with Abigail, the apartment above the café is starting to become crowded. And, now in her third year in Hope Valley, Elizabeth is ready to begin putting down roots. The news puts a wry smile on Jack’s face. He gives Elizabeth a peck on the cheek and they both look toward the home with a sense of hope for what this move means for both of their futures.

Later that night, Elizabeth sits working at the table in Abigail’s apartment. As she does, Clara barges in and nervously asks for fashion advice. Immediately behind her comes Cody, bounding down the stairs in search of his baseball glove. And right on his heels is Abigail, who rummages through papers before hurriedly hustling Cody and Clara out of the room. Not a moment after Elizabeth gets back to her work, in walks Rosemary looking for her help with her column. As Rosemary rambles on, Jack arrives and tells her that Elizabeth has plans. Unsure about the plans, Elizabeth takes the hint, grabs her coat and leaves with Jack.

In desperate need of some privacy, Jack escorts Elizabeth to the one place they can be alone: the jail. Jack had already laid out a romantic meal for two but just as they begin to eat, the door swings open and Bill Avery walks in. He apologizes for interrupting and asks Jack if he can borrow some shoe polish. Bill, who is still on leave from the Mounties, has a meeting with the Pinkertons about a possible position. He grabs the polish and prepares to leave, but not before noticing the plate of fresh dinner rolls sitting between Jack and Elizabeth. Not wanting to be rude, he grabs all but two rolls and promptly leaves.

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