Trials of the Heart

A new dawn breaks, bringing hope and optimism to Coal Valley. As children play in the street, Abigail prepares for customers at her café. Further down the street Elizabeth arrives for her first horseback-riding lesson with Jack. The two poke fun at each other as Elizabeth attempts to ride for the first time. But their happiness is tempered when they see a mining executive escorting the new judge into Mr. Gowen’s office. While initially thrilled at the early departure of Judge Black, the arrival of Judge Parker, who appears to be a friend of the mining company, has the town on edge.

Hoping to counter the mining company’s efforts is a new and talented prosecutor, Sam Madison. Sam is rumored to be one of the best lawyers around and he’s agreed to come to coal valley to fight for the widows. But hopes are quickly dashed when Sam’s coach arrives and a young woman steps down. It turns out that Sam is short for Samantha. Samantha tries to assure the townsfolk that the she is more than capable of prosecuting the case, but as she enters the judge’s chambers, only to find him chatting with Mr. Gowen, it becomes clear that this trial will be no thing short of an uphill climb.

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