Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C

The Heart of the Community

Season 4 - Episode 4

It is a new day in Hope Valley and Abigail begins to question the decision she made about rejecting the Pacific Railroad contract. She meets with Ray and tells him she is willing to compromise on the deal, selling him the vacant property north of town at half price. He tells Abigail she drives a hard bargain, but agrees to the purchase under one condition… the railroad must not pay any taxes on the purchased property.

As the railroad starts construction, Hope Valley starts seeing new faces move in and Elizabeth gets new students filling her classroom. One of those new faces is a single father, Shane Cantrell, who walks his son Phillip into the class to meet Elizabeth. Elizabeth introduces her new student to Opal as his reading partner and the two form a friendship.

Back at the cafe, Rosemary is adjusting to doing actual work, like serving food and washing dishes. While at work, she catches Bill and Dottie in an intimate conversation and is immediately intrigued. When Bill leaves, Rosemary starts pressing Dottie for details. After swearing her to secrecy, Dottie reveals she is going to open a dress shop in town.

Back at the railroad construction site, Lee gets bad news that his men are falling behind from their intended schedule, which means they will have to start working overtime. This results in more men being treated for injuries by Faith at the infirmary.

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