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Recap: The Heart of a Father - Season 7 - Episode 2

Elizabeth helps Nathan navigate family tensions when his estranged father arrives in town after recently being released from jail.

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Allie is overjoyed to host her first sleepover. Bill and Gustave, the new chef at the saloon, share some friendly banter on who is the better chef. Bill pushes Clara to explore some new recipes at the café to compete with the new menu at the saloon. Rosemary shares her thoughts on Clara’s wedding, including sketches of potential wedding dresses, not realizing Clara seems uncomfortable during the discussion.

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Ned starts to feel sick to his stomach and is worried eating out at the saloon or the café may have caused it. Florence overhears and spreads the word around town. Elizabeth runs into Allie at the store and offers to come to the sleepover to help the girls make cupcakes. When Ned visits Faith at the infirmary, she advises him to return tomorrow when Carson is back, but to drink cabbage juice in the meantime.

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Nathan’s estranged father, Archie, surprises him in Hope Valley. Allie is excited to meet him for the first time, but gets upset when Nathan won’t allow her to spend time with him. Allie tries to talk Nathan into it, but Nathan won’t hear of it and quickly changes the subject. When Allie mentions this to Elizabeth, she recommends having Allie work on a list of reasons to present to Nathan on why she wants to visit with her grandfather. Elizabeth pushes for Nathan to listen and talk to Allie more about the situation. Faith hears everyone talking about Ned getting sick because of eating out, and she shares that he might have an ulcer but is waiting for Carson to officially diagnose him. Later on, Carson confirms it is an ulcer!

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Highlights - Door to Door - When Calls the Heart
Highlights - Dr. Faith - When Calls the Heart

Lucas and Bill team together to host a barbeque for the town. They task Florence with going door to door to spread the word and apologize about spreading false rumors. Carson pushes for Faith to go to medical school, knowing it is a dream of hers. Nathan makes amends with his father and invites him to the town barbecue. Archie is overjoyed and promises he has changed. At the barbecue, Elizabeth joins Allie and Archie as Archie shares stories about Allie’s mother. Later, Nathan gets a call from Benson Hills, learning that Archie is suspected of robbery there. Nathan goes to arrest him. Clara and Jesse ask Rosemary and Lee to be their Matron of Honor and Best Man.