Sunday March 1 11:00 AM / 10:00c

The Greatest Christmas Blessing

Elizabeth sits at home reading to her unborn baby the children’s book, “The Greatest Christmas Wish.” She rubs her growing belly and feels the baby kicking.

At Abigail’s Cafe, preparation is underway for the annual Christmas Eve dinner. Bill is up to his neck in trying to create his mother’s figgy pudding recipe. Abigail takes a bite and questions Bill’s baking ability.

Residents of Hope Valley swing by Elizabeth’s home with gifts for the baby. Elizabeth thanks them and shares that she will bring the gifts up later to the baby’s room. When they leave, Elizabeth goes up to the room, which is not yet decorated or ready for the baby.

Later that day, Elizabeth is at the school having her class work on wishes for the wishing tree. One student asks Elizabeth what she’s wishing for this year, and she responds, “A healthy baby.” The students hears noises outside and see a wagon of strangers arriving into town.

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