Recap: When Stars Align - Season 11 - Episode 1

Elizabeth turns over a new leaf. Nathan returns home from an investigation, and Bill questions its outcome. Rosemary chases a scoop. Lucas makes a surprise announcement.

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It’s election night in Capital City, and Governor Lucas Bouchard walks outside into the rain from his office. Someone turns their car headlights on, and Lucas when asks them what they’re doing there, gunshots ring out.

The next day, Elizabeth is speaking with Nathan as Bill arrives. Bill tells them that Lucas has been shot and he needs the both of them. The three of them ride off on horses into town, where Rosemary and Lee are on the phone inquiring about Lucas. Elizabeth takes the phone from Lee and speaks to Edwin at the hospital, who relays that Lucas lost a lot of blood from two wounds. No one knows who did it, and the group wonders about a motive. Elizabeth says she needs to go to Capital City, and Bill goes with her.

In Capital City, Elizabeth and Bill arrive at the hospital. Edwin tells them it’s touch and go as they had to do a blood transfusion; Lucas is very weak. Elizabeth tries to speak to Lucas, but he is unresponsive in bed. Elizabeth falls asleep at his bedside, and Bill brings her coffee. Bill tells Elizabeth that life isn’t fair, and they might have adjust to the reality that Lucas could pass from this. Lucas rustles in bed and opens his eyes, to Bill and Elizabeth’s relief.

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Four months later, Elizabeth journals about Lucas’s shooting and the unanswered questions they are still facing around it. She recounts that Nathan was assigned to a special investigative team to find Lucas’s assailant, so they haven’t been able to talk since that day. Elizabeth recalls that the event taught her that every moment hangs on a thread, and it’s up to us to find all the joy we can in this life.

In town, folks react to the news in the paper of the finding and convicting of Lucas’s assailant, Clayton Pike. He apparently admitted to the attack and is being held without bail. Rosemary is upset that Randall Rockwell at The Benson Hills Beatle paper scooped their story before she could report on it, and that the writer Randall Rockwell wrote it poorly, at that. Elizabeth reads on in the article and sees a quote from Nathan, stating that Lucas took a hit to the head and doesn’t remember anything that happened.

At Elizabeth’s home with little Jack, she sees Nathan arriving from afar back into Hope Valley on horseback. Nathan rides through town as townsfolk call him a hero, and he greets Allie.

Elizabeth and Rosemary beat their rugs outside, and Rosemary’s spirited efforts lead Elizabeth to inquire if she’s still angry about the article in the paper. Elizabeth is also a bit restless cleaning house, desiring a fresh start for the spring. She tells Rosemary that she’d like to change her hair, and Rosemary suggests a bob style. Rosemary sees Nathan looking for Scout and asks their “hometown hero” about being interviewed in the competing newspaper. Elizabeth and Nathan exchange pleasantries as Rosemary insists on an exclusive interview with Nathan for The Valley Voice; he says they’ll set it up.

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At the café, Joseph asks Minnie if something’s wrong. She explains how Fiona isn’t coming back, and Faith seemed upset by this. Minnie doesn’t know what to say to comfort her friend, and Joseph reminds her that her presence can be comforting enough when words are hard to find.

At the hospital, Lucas takes a picture with Edwin and the doctors. Edwin tells Lucas that an attempted assassination will certainly boost popularity for the Governor. Lucas asks Edwin about Henry Gowen, who enters just then. Henry brought Lucas apples, and he tells Lucas that he’s been traveling since the elections. Lucas asks Henry if he’d like to join his team, but Henry turns it down.

At the schoolhouse, Elizabeth talks to her students about their homework last night, which was to watch the western sky near the moon. The students talk about seeing stars and planets, and Elizabeth tells them how Venus and Jupiter are going to align in a few days for a special night at twilight, making them extra bright.

At the saloon, Nathan tells Bill he has a gut feeling about Montague, who went from prime suspect in Lucas’s shooting to free and clear. Montague hated Lucas because he cancelled the water diversion project, but since Pike confessed and Lucas doesn’t remember anything, Montague’s been let off the hook. Investigators found a gun later that pointed them to Pike which seemed too easy. Rosemary enters and wonders what seems too easy. She sits down with Nathan to get her exclusive for the paper, but Nathan doesn’t want to say much. Bill warns that it’s sensitive information right now, and Nathan tells a frustrated Rosemary that he doesn’t know anything.

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In town at the salon, Elizabeth asks Robert for a hair appointment with Fiona when she’s back. Elizabeth learns then that Fiona is staying in Nashville, and Robert offers to cut Elizabeth’s hair for her. Elizabeth declines.

At the doctor, Faith greets a patient, Mrs. Watson, who is there with her granddaughter. Mrs. Watson has a bad cough, so Faith examines her. She asks Molly for medicine and a steamer to help the cough.

At the salon, Mei hectically caters to customers as Mike brings her lunch. Molly asks Mei for medicine for their patient, and Mike offers to help an overwhelmed Mei by stepping in with customers at the salon.

At Bill’s office, Rosemary arrives and peppers him with more questions around Lucas’s shooting, writing down everything he says. Bill gathers his items and leaves.

Later, Lucas calls Rosemary and Lee. He’s going to be announcing a grand vision for the town and land, and that Rosemary will get the exclusive. Rosemary works in a few questions about Clayton Pike’s arrest and if Lucas has jogged his memory at all. Lucas still can’t remember anything from that night, but with Pike’s arrest, they can all move on.

In town, Mike gives Mei a new bike so it’s easier for her to get mud from the hot springs. She thanks him as Bill walks by, noting that they look like an old married couple.

Bill runs into Nathan and asks about Nathan’s doubts around Lucas’s shooting. Pike has no motive, and if Lucas’s assailant is still out there, he is in danger. Bill encourages Nathan to look at Montague again, but Nathan knows there’s nothing linking him to the shooting. Bill reveals that Madeline came to warn him about Montague the day that Lucas won the election. She said Montague wouldn’t accept defeat and would stop at nothing until he got what he wanted. Nathan made a request to keep this case open, but Hargraves killed it. Nathan suggests that if someone like Bill – a retired Mountie – were to request the case file out of professional interest, they might agree to keep it open.

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At Elizabeth’s house, Rosemary prepares to give Elizabeth a haircut. She tells Elizabeth that she and Lee spoke to Lucas today and he sounds great. Elizabeth says she knows that she made the right decision about Lucas, and she’s happy that everyone that matters to her is safe. Rosemary wonders if Elizabeth is still speaking of Lucas, and Elizabeth wonders if Nathan even still has feelings for her.

At the Café, Minnie asks Faith why she seems down. Faith tells Minnie she’s lonely without Fiona; she loves her job and life, but it’s hard seeing her friends find their way and make huge changes. Minnie reminds her that despite loneliness, she isn’t alone.

In town, Mr. Watson ushers Faith in, as Mrs. Watson has collapsed. They call the hospital and Faith and Molly tend to Mrs. Watson. Faith knows it’s a cardiac event, and Molly goes to watch Lily, her granddaughter, at the playground. Faith gets on the phone with the hospital and tells them she needs to transfer a patient to the cardiac unit.

At the saloon, Nathan, Bill, Lee, Mike, Rosemary, Minnie and others gather as Elizabeth shows off her new haircut. They all sit to listen to Lucas’s radio address as he describes a proposal for a grand vision for a better future: a territorial fund to build popular tourist attractions across the region, the first of which will be in Hope Valley. They will be constructing a hotel and resort with Lee at the core.

At Minnie and Faith’s house, they watch over Lily while her grandmother gets care at the hospital. Faith distracts Lily with a story about a special little girl who has a magical stethoscope.

At Rosemary and Lee’s, Lee plays with Goldie before they leave for the planet alignment viewing in town. They recount how the land transfer is complete and Lee can focus on other things now. Goldie then stands up and walks for the first time, to Rosemary and Lee’s delight.

Back at Minnie and Faith’s, Lily has fallen asleep on the couch. Faith says that Mrs. Dora Watson’s surgery went well, but she’s in for a long recovery that could take weeks to months. They decide to set Lily up in Fiona’s room for now, and long term, they must think about someone that can take care of her. Mei gives Faith clothes that Florence collected for Lily, as well as a telegram from Dora Watson. She asks for Faith to look over Lily, for as long as it takes.

Outside, Elizabeth and little Jack watch Jupiter and Venus light up the sky next to the crescent moon with Rosemary, Lee, Goldie, Nathan and Allie. Nathan sits next to Elizabeth, and they observe the beauty in the night sky while stealing glances at one another.