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Recap: What Is and What Should Never Be - Season 10 - Episode 8

Elizabeth encourages Gowen to seek forgiveness from Rosaleen to heal old wounds. Meanwhile Montague continues to raise suspicion.

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At the saloon, Bill is lost in thought in his booth for morning coffee when Elizabeth joins him. Bill tells her that a woman he barely knew bought land from him and she happens to have a fiancé. Elizabeth feels for him.

Lucas walks over and tells them that he checked in Madeline’s fiancé Bernhardt Montague yesterday. Bernhardt walks over to greet them. When Elizabeth mentions Jamie, Bernhardt looks at her blankly, leaving Elizabeth confused and concerned.

At the mercantile, Rosemary and Lee are looking at the Buxon Beagle newspaper as Florence and Ned work at the till and Minnie shops. Rosemary expresses frustration that Governor Balfour’s campaign tour doesn’t include a visit to Hope Valley. Minnie says there must be a reason why. Rosemary suggests that Hope Valley put together an elaborate reception to attract the governor. Lee suggests Fiona broadcast it over the radio and Minnie offers up a choir. They are excited to begin planning.

Back in town, Elizabeth and Lucas take a walk. Elizabeth doesn’t think it makes sense that Madeline didn’t tell Bill about her fiancé. Lucas believes Elizabeth is searching for trouble. Rosaleen approaches and tells them that she has been placed in the nursing program. They congratulate her while she credits Lucas for the scholarship. As she runs off, Lucas and Elizabeth wonder if Henry will ever tell the truth about the scholarship.

At the jail, Jed tells Nathan that he heard loud noises coming from Bill’s old property that he sold to Madeline. He suspects trespassing. As Jed leaves, Allie approaches Nathan about babysitting Little Jack as now she is old enough. He agrees.

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At the saloon, Elizabeth sees Bernhardt and asks about Madeline and Jamie. She also questions him about Jamie’s previous school and Bernhardt doesn’t recall it. Lucas interrupts their conversation and as Bernhardt walks off, he shares with Elizabeth that he doesn’t want him to feel uncomfortable as he is a guest at his hotel. Elizabeth apologizes and wonders if Lucas trusts Bernhardt. He tells her no, but that it is better to keep enemies close.

Nathan arrives at Madeline’s property and approaches Bernhardt, who is flanked by men. Nathan shares that there have been complaints about loud noises, Bernhardt apologizes and says they are building a well. Nathan challenges him and says that Bill put in a well a few years ago but he says it has gone dry. Nathan tells them to keep the noise down.

Outside the mercantile, Elizabeth sees Nathan and tells him that Allie is excited at the prospect of babysitting. They spot Bill and it prompts Elizabeth to bring up Bernhardt. Nathan says the man is eager to whip the land into shape to impress Madeline.

Elizabeth spots Henry walking a horse. He tells her that he has not spoken to Rosaleen. When Elizabeth invites him to join the choir, he laughs off the invite.

Highlight - Choir Practice - When Calls the Heart

At choir practice, while Angela plays the piano, Minnie leads everyone into “Oh, Happy Day.” An already nervous Rosemary shows the most concern as she wants everything to be perfect.

Leaving Allie to babysit Little Jack, Elizabeth and Lucas have a night out. Elizabeth tells Lucas that there’s something about Bernhardt that seems off. Lucas reminds her that she once thought that about him when he moved to town. Elizabeth realizes and apologizes.

Meanwhile at Elizabeth’s, Allie searches for Little Jack during a game of hide and seek and can’t find him. She panics and calls for Nathan.

At the lumber offices, Richard enters and shares with Rosemary and Lee that a big rush order has been placed out of Union City. It is to build a Trestle Bridge with new engineering. Although it will keep a lot of men employed, something seems off about this order.

When Allie and Nathan search the house for Little Jack, Nathan finds him under the chair hysterically laughing. Allie is relieved.

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At the saloon, a concerned Henry sits across from Bill in his booth. Bill tells Henry it would be easier if Bernhardt and Madeline left town and he didn’t have to see them all the time. Henry feels for him. Then, Molly and Roseleen enter, to Henry’s dismay.

Back at home, Elizabeth finds Nathan inside with Allie and is surprised. He tells her that Allie panicked when she couldn’t find Little Jack during hide and seek. Elizabeth tells Nathan she should’ve told Allie that Little Jack does love to hide. Elizabeth promises to still hire Allie again.

Nathan wonders how things have been with Little Jack asking questions about his dad. Elizabeth says she’s been telling him stories to keep his dad’s memory alive. Elizabeth tells Nathan that she saw him dancing with Faith. He tells her that she broke things off before the dance and perhaps maybe he should be done with love. Nathan leaves Allie to sleep and exits.

Highlight - Visiting Jack - When Calls the Heart

Elizabeth spies Jack’s hat, and this prompts her to visit his gravesite. She first apologizes for not visiting him in a while and provides updates on the latest in Hope Valley and Little Jack.

At the church, Joseph finds Henry. He tells Joseph about the burden he has been carrying and that he feels terrible about the disaster. Joseph encourages him with scripture.

Minnie, Rosemary, Mike and Mei are at the café. Rosemary and Minnie assign Mei and Mike to a duet in the choir.

Highlight - Henry Wants to Help - When Calls the Heart

Rosaleen comes face-to-face with Henry. He greets her, but she doesn’t want to talk to him. He tells her that he wants to help. She realizes that he is the one behind the scholarship. She grows more upset and refuses to accept it.

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Elizabeth arrives to Madeline’s land and sees a crew of men working on it. One of the workers inform her that it is private property, assuring her they are building a new well and she should move along. Elizabeth obeys but is suspicious.

As Mei and Mike are practicing, Mike tells Mei she sounds great. He offers her tips on posture and mindset.

Elizabeth visits Nathan at the jail and tells him she’s concerned about what’s happening at Madeline’s land. She is going to get to the bottom of it.

Rosaleen tells Molly that she wants to leave Hope Valley because of Henry. Molly pleads with her to forgive Henry as he is a changed man who has done good things for Hope Valley. Rosaleen struggles with the concept of forgiving Henry.

Elizabeth and Lucas make their way to church. Lucas apologizes to Elizabeth for putting his business first and not going with her instincts about Bernhardt.

Rosaleen sees Henry in the stables and apologizes to him. He tells her she doesn’t need to, and instead apologizes to her for everything. When she invites him to listen to the choir, Henry is overwhelmed.

At church, Minnie and Rosemary are impressed by the choir’s performance. As Henry enters and sits next to Rosaleen, Elizabeth looks on with a smile.