Recap: What Goes Around - Season 11 - Episode 10

Allie makes a daring decision, and Nathan and Elizabeth rush to intervene. Uncovered memories shift Lucas’s plans. Faith takes a big step. Mei cooks for Hickam’s family.

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Elizabeth journals on her doorstep about Little Jack growing up as Nathan guides Jack on the pony that Bill got for him. Elizabeth reflects on how she misses Jack’s baby years, but she feels excited because every day he takes a step towards being who he’s meant to be. Allie walks by and Jack asks her to watch him ride, but she tells him perhaps later and gives Nathan a look. Elizabeth continues to reflect about Nathan’s struggle to tell Allie the truth about her father and how it's painful that sometimes they need to let their children hurt to grow. Elizabeth knows that Allie needs Nathan right now and all she can do is be there for the both of them.

At the Coulters’ as Rosemary plays with Goldie, Rosemary tells Lee she just wants to stay home. Lee wonders if it has to do with Montague; Rosemary feels responsible for him being beaten due to her article. Lee reminds her that the people of the town deserve to know the truth, and if anyone’s to blame it’s Lucas for inviting Montague to bid on the resort. While Rosemary knows printing the article was right, it doesn’t ease her guilt.

Outside of the saloon, Lucas tells Henry he’s thinking about New Orleans when he first met Jeanette. She existed on a plane above everyone else and Lucas wanted that, too. Henry reminds Lucas that everything comes at a price; Lucas realized that and that’s why he got out, or so he thought. Now Jeanette is back in his life and on her way to Hope Valley as the only bidder on the resort. Lucas asks Henry again if she and her investors are on the level, and Henry confirms they are, based on everything he could find.

At the Coulters’, Rosemary tells Bill they couldn’t have been more wrong about Montague being involved in Lucas’s shooting. Bill says someone paid Pike to take the fall and he hopes Rosemary isn’t giving up because he needs her brainpower to figure this out. She tells Bill that someone wanted them to think it was Montague because he had a clear motive, and Bill wonders who else would have a motive.

Outside in town, Allie walks with Angela and tells her that she’s taking the train to go see her biological dad, Dylan Parks, that afternoon at the prison. Allie reveals that the prison didn’t exactly say yes, but they will when she’s there because she’s his daughter. Angela encourages Allie to tell Nathan and offers Allie some money in case she needs it.

Nathan enters the schoolhouse with a delivery of books for Elizabeth. She tells him that volunteers are coming to help with book inventory soon and that Allie offered to help. Nathan says that Allie is barely speaking to him and he doesn’t know if he did the right thing. Elizabeth notes that it’s hard to know the exact amount of protective to be. She struggles to open a window in the classroom and Nathan helps her; they share a moment close together but just then, the student volunteers enter and the window slams shut.

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At the café, Lily asks Minnie and Joseph when her grandma is coming; they tell her tomorrow. Faith arrives with Lily’s stuffed animal so she can take it to daycare, but Lily asks to spend the day at the infirmary with Faith. Joseph tells Faith to cherish today because it’s God’s gift, so Faith says yes to Lily joining her.

At the Mountie office, Nathan takes a call from Florence; it’s the Granville Prison and she patches them through. Nathan says he wasn’t aware of a request made to see a prisoner, and tells them that Allie is his adopted daughter. After listening, he says he understands and will look after it.

Jeanette enters Lucas’s office; they take a seat and Lucas tells her they’ve been reconsidering her bid. She heard about the attack on Montague and thinks that she should perhaps advise her investors to pull out if people are being beaten over his resort. Lucas asks her not to be so hasty. She knows she is all he has left.

At the saloon bar, Mike and Mei share coffee as Maisie walks in. She’s early for a meeting with Mayor Coulter over the alleged “surge in crime” in town. Mike tells Maisie that there hasn’t been any connection to Montague’s attack and the resort, but Maisie said she read the newspaper report and knows he was in town on resort business. Maisie says to Mei that she’s been telling their mother all about her, and Mike mentions Mei is a great cook. Maisie wants Mei to cook dinner for them tomorrow night, as Maisie promised their mother she’d bring her to meet Mei.

At the schoolhouse as the volunteers and Elizabeth work, Nathan enters asking where Allie is. They all thought she left to get their sandwiches for lunch. Elizabeth and Nathan ask Angela if she knows. Angela stammers, and Nathan tells her that it’s important as he needs to speak to Allie. Angela says she promised Allie she wouldn’t tell, but she reveals Allie’s plan to take the train to Granville Prison. Elizabeth leaves with Nathan and Nathan fills her in; on top of it all, the prison told Nathan that Dylan is refusing to see her.

Nathan and Elizabeth get to the train station but the train to Granville just left; the next one isn’t for another two hours. They wait on a bench and Nathan considers that he should have told Allie the full truth: that Dylan was in Hope Valley a few years ago and didn’t care to see Allie. He thinks there is nothing redeemable about Dylan, and Elizabeth wonders if there’s at least something, since he had a daughter like Allie. Nathan hopes Elizabeth is right, and she takes his hand and tells him not to worry. Allie is smart and resourceful and she’s going to be okay.

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At the saloon, Jeanette asks Lucas when he intends to announce that they won the bid; he tells her all in due course. Lee introduces himself to Jeanette with Bill who asks her why she’s in town. Jeanette teases that she hopes the governor will be making an announcement soon. Lee asks Lucas if Jeanette is bidding on the resort, which Lucas confirms. Back at his desk, Lucas sits down and has another flashback to the night of his shooting. He sees an umbrella and more tussling with the gun.

At the pharmacy, Faith and Lily have ice cream as Mei asks Lily if she wants more. Faith says she can have more than one scoop today because it’s a special day. Ned enters with a delivery and asks Faith and Lily why the long faces. Ned tells Lily he’s glad her grandmother is feeling better, and Lily says she’s happy, too, but asks them how she will feel better. Faith tells Rufus, Lily’s stuffed animal, to remind Lily every day how much Faith loves her.

At Lee’s office, Maisie complains about Montague being invited here in the first place. Maisie also thinks the process of the resort has been shrouded in far too much secrecy, and Lee agrees with her that there’s been a lack of transparency. Lee tells Maisie that he’s having doubts about the resort moving forward.

At the Granville Prison, Allie wanders around and asks a guard to see her father. She tells the guard her and her father’s name; he makes a phone call to another guard as she waits.

At Lucas’s office, Lee tells Lucas that he wants to talk about the resort. Lucas is concerned about the recent happenings, but notes that there still isn’t proof connecting Montague’s attack to the news of the resort bid. Lee thinks it’s related, and Lucas is doing everything he can to keep this clean. Lee wants to cut their losses but Lucas says this isn’t about them, it’s about the town. Lucas calls Lee small-minded, and Lee retorts that he and Maisie can no longer offer him their support. Lee believes nothing good is going to come of this, and Lucas dismisses him. As Lee leaves, Lucas has another flashback to the night of his shooting; it’s the same fuzzy images as before.

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Outside of the prison, Allie sits on a bench crying as Nathan and Elizabeth pull up. Allie tells Nathan that she should have listened to him because Dylan didn’t want to see her. Nathan hugs her as Elizabeth watches. Allie asks if they can go home.

At the Coulters’, Rosemary tells Lee that it was lovely being at home with Goldie but tomorrow she’s getting back at it. Lee gives Rosemary a joint mayor’s statement to print in the paper tomorrow. Rosemary wonders if he’s sure about it, but Lee says the obvious conclusion is usually the right one, and he believes that the resort is taking Hope Valley in the wrong direction.

At the saloon, Mike tells Mei the kinds of foods his mom likes. Mei says she really wants his mom to like her food and her. Mei wonders what it was like to raise six kids, since she just had her brother. Mike notes it was noisy and sometimes annoying, but they did have their fun times and never lacked for company. Mei says she likes the sound of that, and Mike says that’s a relief because Maisie is bringing his other four sisters as well.

Elizabeth thanks Rosemary for looking after Jack yesterday. She fills Rosemary in on Granville and how Dylan refused to see Allie. Rosemary says it’s so good that Elizabeth was there, and Elizabeth notes that she really cares for Allie. Rosemary says that Nathan needs her just as much as Allie does, perhaps even more. Elizabeth tells Rosemary she needs him, too.

At Nathan and Allie’s, Nathan asks her if she wants to talk about it. Allie tells Nathan she was right there and he couldn’t even be bothered to meet her. Nathan tells her it’s his problem, not hers, but she just doesn’t get it. He says maybe Dylan was embarrassed, or shamed, because he knew that he let Allie down. Meanwhile, Nathan can’t imagine his life without Allie in it. Watching her grow up has been the greatest joy of his life and he’s so proud of how smart, thoughtful, and fearless she is, which he says she gets from her mother. Allie says it sounds a lot like her dad. Nathan leans over to touch her hand; he tells her “forever.”

At the saloon as Mike cleans up, Bill enters with the newspaper wondering if Lucas has seen it. Edwin asks what they’re talking about and Bill hands over the paper with the note from the co-mayors. Lucas walks over and sees; he grabs the paper and storms back into his office, tearing the paper to shreds. He has another memory of the night of his shooting. The figure he sees in the rain under the umbrella is Jeanette, there to congratulate him for winning governor. There’s another shadowy figure with her, a Mr. Shaw, whom she claims has some business he’d like to discuss. Lucas says this isn’t the place or time and turns away, but then Mr. Shaw pulls a gun on Jeanette. As Lucas attacks him trying to get the gun, the gun fires and shoots Lucas. Jeanette enters Lucas’s office then, and he tells her that she was there when he got shot. She says that in a way she’s relieved he remembered. She tells Lucas that Mr. Shaw forced her to take him to Lucas. She says that once Shaw found out about her personal connection, he threatened to kill her if she didn’t help him in pressuring Lucas to let him run rum through the territory. Jeanette tells Lucas that the publicity around the shooting sacred Shaw off, but when Lucas announced the open bidding for the resort, Shaw became interested as a way to launder money. Lucas realizes then that Casimir Shaw is behind her bid, one of the world’s most wanted criminals; he had Montague beaten to eliminate competition. Jeanette says that Lucas has to cooperate with Shaw because if not, they’re both as good as dead.

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Outside in the town, Elizabeth and Nathan greet each other and Elizabeth asks after Allie. Nathan doesn’t know how they would have done this without her. Allie needs the two of them right now, and Elizabeth explains she’s here for them. Nathan departs to speak with Lucas but asks for her and Little Jack to join them for dinner that night.

At the saloon, Edwin, Lee, Rosemary, Bill and Nathan gather to see Lucas. Lee announces that before Lucas says anything, he did give him fair warning on the mayor’s statements. Lucas agrees, and appreciates that, and he says it’s in these moments you realize who your true friends are. Lucas apologizes to Rosemary for his reaction over her article about Montague, and they all ask Lucas what’s going on. He tells them he’s cancelled the resort. Edwin is shocked but the others are relieved. Lucas reveals that certain information has come to light and that’s all he can say at the moment. Rosemary wants an exclusive for the paper and he says he’ll prepare a statement. Henry asks if Bill and Nathan can speak with them in Lucas’s office.

At the café, Lily shows her grandma around where she’s been staying. Faith hopes Mrs. Watson might let Lily stay overnight sometimes, and she agrees. Lily starts crying and says she wants to stay with Faith. Mrs. Watson tells Faith she’s worried about what is best for Lily; with her heart the way it is, her energy isn’t what it was. Mrs. Watson wonders if Lily can stay with Faith. Faith says yes, of course, and hugs Mrs. Watson. Faith tells Lily she can live here if that’s what she really wants, and Lily thanks her grandma. They agree to a standing Sunday dinner date.

Lucas reveals to Henry, Bill and Nathan that his assailant was Casimir Shaw. Bill says that now that they have Lucas as a witness, they can put Shaw behind bars. Lucas says not so fast - there are other things to consider, like Jeanette’s safety. Bill is worried about Lucas’s safety and Nathan says he can talk to Jeanette to see what she knows. Lucas asks that they leave that to him and that this news stay amongst them for now.

At the saloon, Maisie, Mrs. Hickam and the other four sisters enter. Mike introduces Mei to his mom and the group helps themselves to dinner. At the table, Mei looks on worried how they will like her food. Mike comments that they love her food and her, and so does he. Mei says she loves him, too, and they share a kiss.

At Elizabeth’s house, she, Nathan, Allie and Little Jack have dinner. Jack asks Nathan for another riding lesson tomorrow, and he says he’d love to but it’s Bill’s turn tomorrow. Allie asks if she can come watch and then after they can get ice cream.

Jeanette drives herself and Lucas to the edge of town. He tells her that this is where they say goodbye and that he’s cancelled the resort. Jeanette says that he doesn’t want to mess with Shaw. Lucas says he’s trying to protect her and she needs to go someplace and disappear. It’s either that, or he will have her arrested as an accomplice in his shooting. He says she needs to leave, find someplace safe and stay there. She tells Lucas she only offered to front for the bid on the resort because she was looking out for him like she always does. He tells her to consider them even and says goodbye.