Recap: Turn the Page - Season 9 - Episode 3

Elizabeth's book is finally published and it's the talk of the town. Lucas plans a surprise party to celebrate the event, but some bad book reviews have Elizabeth in a less social mood.

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Elizabeth’s book, “A Mother on the Frontier,” arrives in Hope Valley.

Nathan approaches Elizabeth in the library during her book signing and asks her to make his copy out to, “the one that got away.” Elizabeth is happy to see Nathan is doing well enough to joke, though his arm is in a sling as he continues to recover from the accident. An excited Rosemary arrives to cover the book signing for The Valley Voice. She wanted to bring a camera man, but they cannot afford one yet. However, she has a new employee: managing editor Lee!

Nathan takes his signed book outside. He opens it to and reads the message, “For Nathan, an impeccable Mountie and treasured friend.” Just then Faith approaches him, not too pleased he is up, and insists he has not healed enough yet.

Bill runs into a familiar foe – Wyman Walden. He is back to inquire about doing business in Hope Valley as the foundry construction outside of town has begun. Bill wants no part in it and even takes Wyman’s gun for the safety. One way or another, Wyman warns they will be doing business together.

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As Angela and Cooper rush out for school, Joseph laments the missed time with Cooper. Minnie suggests he take him to work one day.

In town, Nathan tries to wrangle Newton, to no avail. Bill shares that the only person able to get close to Newton recently is Mei. Nathan heads to Yost’s Pharmacy and Soda Fountain to speak with her. He asks how Mei was able to help Newton. Her answer is patience. It’s something Nathan is struggling with himself.

At the office, Lee shares a story he has written for the paper with Rosemary. The piece is unlike anything she has ever read. It’s bold, brazen and unfortunately not the right fit for her to publish.

At the Saloon, Lucas argues with Gustave over the menu for Elizabeth’s surprise book launch party. Henry arrives as Lucas fumes that Gustave is only still employed at the saloon because they are cousins. Meanwhile, Henry has come to talk about the sale of the oil company. Lucas wants to know if Henry will stay on with the company if the sale goes through with Jerome Smith. As Lucas walks Henry out of his office, they see Wyman dining with Hickam. Lucas notes the Wyman’s foundry has begun construction, so he may need a new partner.

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Back at the office, Rosemary has decided to publish Lee’s article. Like it or not, the world is becoming more brazen and blunter, especially with tough critiques of Elizabeth’s book. Just then, Elizabeth arrives. She reads some of the harsh opinions. What hurts most is the attack of her book’s characters.

Mei approaches Nathan as he tries to work with Newton. Nathan admits he is not quite over the accident and wonders if it was his fault, hence Newton not responding to him. Mei assures him it is not his fault. Nathan may not remember what happened that day as he been through a traumatic experience, but with time, both he and Newton will heal.

Cooper helps Joseph install a window for Rosemary at the office. Rosemary says, “Nicely done, Mr. Canfield,” to which Cooper takes credit saying, “thank you.” Lee notices the window is in backwards. Joseph tells Cooper they will need to come back tomorrow to fix it. As Cooper heads home for dinner, Joseph admits to Lee the window being backwards was no accident; he wants to spend more time with his son. Rosemary and Lee find the gesture admirable.

As night falls, Lucas distracts Elizabeth outside of the saloon as the town arrives for her surprise book launch party. She tells him about all the unkind comments about her book and how some were about herself. Lucas cheers her up with a surprise. He gives her a letter from his mother that includes a gift: the red pencil she used to edit her book. Elizabeth is hesitant to go inside for dinner and prefers to look up at the stars. As she does so, Lucas notices more guests coming and distracts her with a kiss.

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Inside the saloon, Bill approaches Hickam and asks about his meeting with Wyman Walden. He warns Wyman is crooked and as Mayor it’s not a good idea for Hickam to do business with him. Hickam says he’d be a fool to just ignore Walden’s business, which could be good for the town.

Faith finds Mei enthralled by Elizabeth’s book. Mei wonders who the Mountie is in the book, prompting Faith to share with her that Nathan and Elizabeth courted.

Outside, Lucas finally comes clean about the surprise party waiting inside the saloon. His grand gesture has gone wrong. Elizabeth agrees to go in and assures him she can act surprised.

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The next morning at the mercantile, Florence asks Nathan if has read Elizabeth’s book. He says no, but he does wonder how things are going with Mei. Florence admits things started a bit curiously. She suggests that he just got his heart broken so he should not rush into courtship. Nathan says he is not looking to court anyone.

At the row house, Elizabeth explains to Rosemary she wrote the book as a love letter to her son, friends like Rosemary, and everyone in town who has been a source of strength and comfort to her since she arrived almost a decade ago.

After work, Joseph walks home with Cooper. He sees Cooper is a bit down and agrees to let Cooper decide whether to go to church. However, Joseph can tell something is still weighing on Cooper’s heart. Cooper wonders why the measles caused Angela to lose her vision and not him. He feels it’s not fair.

At the saloon, Lucas asks Wyman what he is doing in town. Wyman is tight lipped making it clear his business is of no concern for Lucas. Lucas makes something else clear: Wyman needs a partner.

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At the pharmacy, Nathan asks Mei to work with Newton. As Mei insists, she would work better with Newton alone, and she can tell Nathan is a bit hurt. She tries to fix things by allowing Nathan to join and will let him know what time. Faith enters with a request and Nathan leaves. Faith feels badly for interrupting. Mei assures there is nothing going on between her and Nathan, and even if there was, she is in no position do anything about it.

Down the street, Rosemary has a letter to the editor for Elizabeth. It is a wonderful, uplifting letter from a widowed mother who found peace in Elizabeth’s book. Rosemary tells her this is the only kind of review that matters.

Joseph admits to Minnie what is bothering Cooper. He did not want to tell Cooper how the doctors refused to treat Angela. He does not want Cooper harboring any hate in his heart over the situation that drove them out of their previous home.

Elizabeth goes to the saloon to visit Lucas and runs into Wyman. He is on his way out of Lucas’s office and tells Elizabeth he admires his business instincts. Elizabeth enters the office and finds Lucas yelling on the phone in French. She leaves to give him a moment alone to finish the call. The call becomes even more intense as Lucas slams the phone, yelling. He needs more time to earn Walden’s trust so he can stop him, but he can’t do it alone.