Recap: Truth Be Told - Season 11 - Episode 9

Rosemary’s newspaper article creates waves when she questions Lucas’s judgement. Allie discusses her birth father with Nathan, and Elizabeth realizes Little Jack is growing up.

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Elizabeth and Rosemary discuss that Tom left this morning on a train. Now that he’s gone, Rosemary brings up Elizabeth and Nathan, telling her that it’s plain as day how they feel about one another. Elizabeth tells her that she wants to take the time to get it right and that Nathan feels the same way. Rosemary tells Elizabeth not to wait forever looking for the perfect moment.

At the café, Nathan and Faith talk about the effort that goes into caring for children. Faith remarks that it must be hard for Allie having lost her mother and father like Lily. Nathan notes that Allie’s father is still around although he might as well not be, and Allie overhears them. Nathan tells Faith that it gets easier.

At Lucas’s office, Edwin and Henry enter with news that Montague is on his way to Hope Valley. Lucas specifically told Montague not to come and that this business can be handled over the phone. Henry wonders to Lucas if Montague’s money is worth all the trouble that comes along with it. Lucas tells them that he feels pressure to create new jobs with the failure of the water project and with Benson Hills Oil filing for bankruptcy. Edwin notes that calling off the resort project isn’t an option and would mean professional ruin for them all. Lucas says they aren’t calling it off and he has faith that Montague’s bid will be a success. They just need to keep it quiet until the paperwork is signed.

At the doctor’s office, Faith gets a call from Mrs. Watson; she’s being discharged and will come by to pick up Lily at the end of the week. As Faith tells Molly the news, she starts to cry. She doesn’t know how she’ll say goodbye.

At the saloon, Montague arrives and asks Mike and Lee for a room. Mike says they’re all filled up, but Montague notices the many room keys hanging on the wall; Mike reluctantly gives him a room. Bill and Rosemary approach; none of them have forgotten about Montague’s trying to steal Hope Valley’s water, but Montague tells them that he wants to let bygones be bygones. Edwin arrives and greets Bernhardt breezily, to the surprise of the others, noting that the governor is expecting him.

At Nathan and Allie’s house, Allie flips through books of pictures. Nathan wonders what she’s doing inside on summer break, and she asks why there aren’t photos of his father in the album her grandma sent. Nathan explains that he was always chasing the next job and he doesn’t have any. Allie reveals that she heard the way he spoke of her father to Dr. Carter and knows Nathan doesn’t like her dad. Nathan says that he wasn’t her father’s favorite person either. Allie just thinks Nathan doesn’t want her to know anything about Dylan, her biological dad.

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At Lucas’s office, Lucas, Edwin and Henry meet with Montague to discuss the resort deal. Edwin notes that they have other offers, but Montague knows that no one else wants to touch this with a 10-foot pole. As Montague leaves, Lucas tells him that it’s in everyone’s best interest if his involvement with the resort is kept quiet for now.

Later, Nathan asks if Elizabeth would like to take a horse ride with him on Sunday and she agrees. Nathan shares that Allie’s been asking about her birth father. Elizabeth reminds Nathan that he told her how Dylan wasn’t ready to be a single father back then, and perhaps that’s changed.

While on a walk, Angela asks if Allie remembers her birth father at all. Allie only remembers that he left after her mom died when she was only four. Allie hasn’t tried to contact him because she doesn’t know where he is, and Nathan won’t tell her anything about him. Angela reminds Allie that she helped them find her Uncle Jacob and it’s been really nice reconnecting with him. Angela has her mom, dad, brother and uncle and knows where she came from, but Allie doesn’t have that. Angela thinks Allie should try to find him.

At the saloon, Rosemary asks if Lucas is planning to accept Montague’s bid and Lucas confirms that it’s looking that way, but it needs to stay quiet. Rosemary believes the townspeople deserve transparency and Lucas says that it’s his hope that Montague will be nothing more than a distant partner. He tells her and Bill to trust him on this.

Elizabeth comes to the library and sees Allie looking at old telephone directories. Allie explains that she just wants to know where she comes from; she never knew her mom, but maybe she could know Dylan. She still loves Nathan and asks Elizabeth why Nathan doesn’t get it. Elizabeth says that Nathan loves her so much and that he’s still processing it. Allie worries that Dylan might think she doesn’t want to know him since she’s never reached out, and she can’t understand why her dad is keeping Dylan from her. Elizabeth urges Allie not to shut Nathan out because he only wants what is best for her.

At the café, Joseph asks Faith if something is on her mind. Faith explains that Mrs. Watson has recovered, but she doesn’t want to say goodbye to Lily. Faith wonders if she’s a terrible person and says she’s trying her best to not let Lily see how sad she feels. Joseph tells Faith it’s best to focus on what she can control, and suggests she give Lily the perfect Hope Valley day.

Bill comes to Elizabeth’s and asks to spend more time with Little Jack, since he’s his godfather. Bill mentions that although he should have asked her first, he bought a pony for Little Jack. It’s in the yard now and Jack runs out to see it; Elizabeth tells Jack he’s very lucky to have such a generous godfather. Jack asks Bill to teach him to ride; he says he will and that Mountie Nathan might help, too. Jack says the pony is his pal, and Elizabeth calls him “Pal the Pony.”

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At Nathan and Allie’s, Allie explains that she wants to meet her biological father and wonders if the Mounties can track him down. Nathan tells her it isn’t a good idea, and their argument over Allie’s wishes escalates. Although Nathan tries to clarify that there’s more to the story, Allie calls Nathan her “uncle” instead of “dad” and storms off.

At the Coulters’, Rosemary wants to write about Montague’s bid for the resort despite Lucas’s request to keep it quiet. Rosemary explains to Lee that everyone deserves to know the truth. She wants to believe in Lucas’s grand vision but Montague only spells trouble. Lee can see why she’s hesitating, as going against the governor is a mighty move, but she doesn’t have a choice.

At Elizabeth’s house as she has coffee on her porch, Nathan approaches. He asks if she told Allie to go find her birth father. Elizabeth tells him no and that she’d never undermine him like that. Nathan recounts his confrontation with Allie, but Elizabeth reminds him that nothing can change the fact that he’s been there for her every day of her life. Nathan tells her how Dylan was in Hope Valley a few years ago and that he wasn’t there to see Allie; it was only to extort. He’s in jail now and Allie doesn’t know, and Nathan’s mom told Allie he left due to a broken heart. Nathan didn’t want to hurt Allie by telling her the truth and he doesn’t know how to tell her the truth now. Elizabeth reminds Nathan that he once told her she would know when the right time was to tell little Jack how his father passed. She gives Nathan the same advice to trust his instincts.

At The Valley Voice, Lucas arrives and angrily tells Rosemary that he can’t believe she would print an article about Montague’s bid. Rosemary declares that the people deserve to know the truth and she had to do what was right. Lucas thought Lee was behind the resort, but Lee says not at any cost. Lucas wonders if Lee is speaking as mayor of the people, or as Rosemary’s husband. Lee answers that it’s both and tells Lucas that nobody wants Montague involved. For Lucas, the choice is simple: it’s either Montague or no resort at all. Rosemary wonders if there are really no other bidders and Lucas says he is trying to protect their home. He hopes that Rosemary hasn’t caused the one man who can make this come to fruition to withdraw his bid. After Lucas leaves, Lee tells Rosemary that maybe that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

At Nathan and Allie’s, Nathan doesn’t blame Allie for being upset with him. He should have listened to her because Dylan is her father, and he knows exactly where her father is: in Granville prison. Nathan explains that Dylan tried to take money that wasn’t his, but Allie wonders if maybe he has changed. Nathan maintains that he hasn’t because he knows Dylan. While Allie now knows the truth, she still wants to meet him. Nathan tells her no, and Allie says Dylan is her family. Nathan says that he is her family, and Allie storms out.

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In town, Ned, Florence, Molly, and other townsfolk gather to read and discuss the news in the paper about Montague as he walks up to them. They shame him for showing his face in Hope Valley after all he’s done. But Montague tells the crowd that it wasn’t his idea to keep his bid secret and he has nothing to hide.

At the stables, Bill gives Little Jack a horseback riding lesson as Elizabeth watches on. Nathan joins and meets Pal the pony, and Elizabeth tells Nathan they were hoping he could help out with some lessons. He wonders if she’s had a change of heart about letting Jack ride, and Elizabeth notes that he and Bill are very persuasive. Elizabeth wonders how it went with Allie today, and Nathan recounts that it was rough and Allie is really hurting. He wishes he knew how he could help, and Elizabeth says that all he really can do is be there for her. Nathan notes that their kids are ready for more than they think they are.

As Montague reads the paper outside the saloon, Lucas joins him. Montague tells him that if the people of the town are this against him being involved, perhaps he should withdraw. Edwin told Montague that they have another offer and he wonders if it’s true; Lucas notes that it’s a less attractive offer than Montague’s. Lucas tells Montague that he’s confident they can ride out this storm and wants to know if he can count on him; they shake hands and Montague says that they have a deal. Someone from afar watches them and sees the two shake hands through binoculars.

Outside as the children play, Faith looks on sadly, dabbing her tears. Joseph approaches and comments how this was supposed to be the perfect Hope Valley day, but Faith doesn’t know if she can handle losing Lily. Joseph asks Faith if she’s considered asking to stay involved with Lily’s life, and Faith says she plans to ask Mrs. Watson. Joseph reminds Faith that Lily has one more person who loves her, and that’s an immense blessing.

At The Valley Voice, Rosemary apologizes to Lee as she never wanted her article to make things awkward between Lee and Lucas. Lee reveals that he’s not sure about the resort anymore. As mayor, Lee has to now think of everyone and at the end of the day, what matters most is the town. Lee doesn’t know what to do, and Rosemary says the only thing they can do is tell the truth.

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At Nathan and Allie’s, Nathan sits down with Allie and apologizes for not listening to her the way that he should. Allie apologizes too, and Nathan says it’s more than fair to want to know about Dylan. Allie reiterates that she wants to meet him, and Nathan says he really doesn’t think it’s a good idea right now.

At the saloon, Bill enters and tells Montague that he’s surprised to still see him here after the article that was published. Montague wonders if Bill put Rosemary up to it, but Bill says that she has a mind of her own. However the two do share the instinct that Montague had something to do with Lucas’s shooting. Montague claims that he has no motive, only cares about making money, and when Lucas was elected, he was ready to bury the hatchet.

As they return home, Lily tells Faith that today was the best day ever. Lily is thrilled when she learns her grandma is better, and asks if they can all have another day like today, together. Lily tells Faith she loves her and gives her a hug; Faith tells Lily she loves her too.

Outside at the stables, Montague hears a noise and asks if anyone is there. Out of nowhere, someone runs and tackles him to the ground. As Bill leaves the saloon, he hears the horses neighing in the stable and goes to investigate. He sees Montague crumpled on the ground in the stables, badly beaten.

The next day outside of the doctor’s office, Nathan, Bill, Lucas and Henry discuss Montague’s attack. Bill says Montague told him it was just one man with no accomplice, and they all wonder if it had something to do with the resort. As Rosemary arrives, Lucas notes that Montague has a lot of enemies. Lucas says this wouldn’t have happened if Rosemary didn’t publish her article, and Bill jumps in to say that that isn’t fair. Molly comes out and tells them that they can see him now; Bill, Lucas and Nathan head in. Henry tells Rosemary not to listen to Lucas, but she thinks Lucas is right.

Inside, Montague says he should have known it was a bad idea getting into business with someone who is wanted dead. He tells them that he is withdrawing his bid; someone was trying to send him a message, and he got it loud and clear.

Elizabeth and Little Jack run into Allie as they walk. Elizabeth asks how she’s feeling about everything, and Allie says she’s okay. She knows the truth of Dylan, but she still thinks he could have changed and he wishes her dad trusted her more. Elizabeth notes that Nathan is just trying to protect her, and that the hardest part of being a parent is knowing when to let your kid fly even if they might fall.

At Lucas’s office, Henry enters and relays that he saw Montague off. Lucas wonders if there’s any possibility of changing Montague’s mind but Henry doesn’t think so. Henry wonders if Jeanette could have had anything to do with this since she was the other bid, but Lucas doubts it. He tells Henry that Jeanette is a grifter but she’s always despised violence.

At Yost’s mercantile, Allie covers for Mrs. Yost while she unpacks mail shipments. Allie wires the phone and calls to be connected to Granville prison; once connected, she makes a request for Dylan Parks.