Recap: Tomorrow Never Knows - Season 11 - Episode 2

Elizabeth and Allie plan a birthday party for Nathan. Lee and Rosemary weigh business responsibilities against family time. Lucas settles into his role as governor.

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Lucas speaks on the phone to Bill, Mike, Lee, Ned and Rosemary, who all begin peppering Lucas with questions. Lucas tells them how it’s about Hope Valley, but if they have doubts, Hope Valley doesn’t need to be the location of the resort. They all protest this, and he relays that he is selling The Hotel and Saloon as it’s a conflict of interest. Lucas assures Mike that he will encourage the new owner to keep Mike on, and asks if Bill can handle the legal end of the sale. Lucas asks Rosemary for an ad in the paper, and she also squeezes in a question about Clayton Pike’s arrest, but Bill changes the subject. Rosemary tells Lee he should be excited about all the lumber that’s going to be needed to build the resort, and he’ll have exciting challenges ahead. Rosemary reminds Lee that they have a breakfast date. Lee forgot about it, and he promised Richard he’d go over numbers, but he promises Rosemary that they will do lunch later at the café.

As Rosemary and Elizabeth leave the house together, Rosemary wonders if Elizabeth is happy to have Nathan home. Rosemary brings up that Nathan’s birthday is this weekend and that someone should throw him a birthday party. Elizabeth says she doesn’t think he’d like that, but Rosemary suggests a small dinner gathering, which Elizabeth thinks he’d appreciate. Elizabeth says that she’s so happy that Nathan is home.

At Minnie’s, her son Cooper helps Toby work on math fractions at the kitchen table. Toby has a hard time understanding and says he will just memorize the answers from the homework for the quiz. Cooper tells him that math is different than geography because you have to solve the problem. Toby thinks that as long as the answers are right in the homework, he’ll be good.

Nathan and Allie walk to school together and discuss his upcoming birthday. Nathan doesn’t want to make a big deal about the day. Allie brings up a fishing trip for the two of them to celebrate, which he likes the sound of.

At the schoolhouse, Elizabeth rings the bell, beckoning the students in as she reminds them about their math quiz. Nathan drops Allie at the school, and Elizabeth brings up his birthday and Rosemary’s small, casual party idea at the Saloon. Nathan believes that Allie is surprising him with a party via Elizabeth. Despite Elizabeth’s refusal that that is happening, Nathan says he’s going to play along with the surprise party.

At the Café, Bill relays to Mike that Lucas wants to talk to him along with Lee. Lucas needs to consult town leadership about the resort before making big announcements. Ned Yost approaches and says he also wants to be on the call, since he set up it up.

As Mei leaves the pharmacy with prescriptions to deliver, Mike sees her and asks if they can do the crossword together. Bill approaches and asks Mike and Mei how the “newlyweds” are doing. As Mei leaves, Mike tells Bill that it’s going swell between the two of them. Mike asks if he should be looking for a new job, and Bill tells him he might be getting ahead of himself.

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At the schoolhouse, Allie asks Elizabeth if little Jack would want to collect worms with her tonight, as she’s going fishing with Nathan the next day. Elizabeth asks if she’s planning something else for Nathan, or if they’re really going fishing. Allie confirms it’s the latter, debunking Nathan’s theory of a surprise party.

At the hotel, Bill and Lee discuss Lucas selling the Saloon, and Lee reminds Bill of how he’d been interested in buying it. Bill just wants to keep things simple now, despite being interested in Lucas’s assailant case. Mike joins them with the papers on the Saloon and talks about how great business is going there.

As Elizabeth walks through town, she comes across Henry; they hug hello. She asks after Abigail, who Henry says is fine. Elizabeth wondered if he’d ever come back. Henry says Abigail wanted him to be happy, and he’s working towards that. Elizabeth tells him she’s glad to have him back.

At the Mercantile, Molly, Ned and Florence read an article from Randall Rockwell in The Benson Hills Beatle: “Exclusive! Governor’s Shooter Unabridged Confession.” They note how people have to be quick if they want to scoop Randall. Rosemary enters, reading the article behind them. She notes that Randall just quoted Clayton Pike’s confession word for word and that it isn’t really journalism. Ned encourages Rosemary to get a source so she can beat Randall to it.

At Nathan’s house, Allie sees him reading the same article in the paper. The two discuss Nathan’s birthday fishing trip, and Nathan winks at Allie, thinking it’s a cover for a party.

At the café, Elizabeth joins Rosemary at a table outside as she reads Randall’s article. Rosemary isn’t upset at being scooped so much as she is about this all seeming a bit too easy. Bill seems to think it’s pretty convenient, and Elizabeth worries that Lucas may still be in danger. Rosemary needs a source like Randall, and Elizabeth reminds her that if anyone can make something happen, it’s Rosemary. Allie walks by and tells Elizabeth how she and Nathan are both acting strange about his birthday. Elizabeth reveals Nathan’s belief about an impending surprise party, and Rosemary encourages the two of them, saying that Nathan does want one… even though he said he didn’t. Rosemary offers Elizabeth up to Allie to help plan it, saying the whole town will want to celebrate. Allie leaves to make invitations.

Outside the Saloon, Mike waves to Mei as she rides her bike past him; she doesn’t wave back. Mike walks over to Mei to speak and she’s startled. She heads inside, and Mike asks her if he’s done something wrong. She says he hasn’t, she’s just been busy.

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Elizabeth sees Rosemary outside at the Café waiting for Lee for their lunch date. Lee is late, and Rosemary believes he’s forgotten about it. Elizabeth and Minnie try to calm Rosemary down and remind her that forgiveness is to be humble in trying times. Inside the café while Joseph cooks, Minnie complains that people keep expecting her to be a fountain of wisdom because she’s married to him, and she finds it challenging. Joseph thanks her for all she does, and they share a kiss.

At the Saloon, Rosemary enters to see Lee working away; he forgot about their lunch date. He’s been going over Lucas’s books and the hotel has been very profitable. Lee suggests to Rosemary that they should consider buying the hotel, but Rosemary is upset with him as she barely sees him as it is.

In town, Rosemary stops Bill with the paper in hand; she presses him about whether finding the killer was too easy or not. She suggests they work together to get to the bottom of it, but he tells her that she knows as much as he does.

Joseph approaches Henry, who’s working on the trees in the fields. Joseph tells Henry he wishes he had more time to tend to the trees, and Henry says that he has the time. Joseph tells Henry he seems different, and Henry says that maybe he is.

At the café, Minnie pours Elizabeth more coffee while she grades math tests. Elizabeth notes that Cooper got another perfect score. Minnie relays that Cooper’s actually been helping Toby with fractions. She tells Elizabeth that Toby intended to memorize his homework for the quiz instead of learn the problems. Allie and Angela approach, talking about Nathan’s birthday party invitations; they ask Elizabeth for the party details. She says it’ll be tomorrow at 6pm; Minnie says she’ll bake a cake and Molly asks to be put to work to help.

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At night, Faith makes Lily a sandwich and Mei looks distraught. Mei tells Faith that things with Mike were going well, but she’s confused and finds herself pulling back. Mei feels like a terrible person, but Faith knows Mei cares about Mike; things get scary when they get serious. Lily descends the stairs dressed up in adult clothes and “ready for dinner.”

At Elizabeth’s house, she makes a banner for Nathan’s birthday party as little Jack makes a card for him. Elizabeth asks to see his card, and it’s a drawing of Mountie Nathan with Elizabeth, little Jack, Allie, and Scout.

As Ned closes up the Mercantile, Nathan rushes in asking for some eggs. Ned notes that Allie’s been in every day waiting for Nathan’s new tackle box. Nathan says he’ll act surprised about the tackle box gift, and at the party. However, Ned and Florence don’t know of any party, and Nathan leaves.

At the Coulters’, Lee asks to talk with Rosemary about buying the Queen of Hearts Hotel. Rosemary believes it will take more time from them, but Lee wants to keep Mike on so that it continues running smoothly. Lee also wants Richard to take on more responsibility at the mill, which means Lee will get more time with Rosemary and Goldie. Rosemary reveals that she’s had a most frustrating day, and Lee offers to help. He creates a board for her to track the story of Lucas’s assailant and connect the dots.

At the Saloon, Bill tells Henry that the clues about Lucas’s attack were like dominoes in a perfectly straight line. Simultaneously, Rosemary and Lee try to connect the clues on her board at home. They note that Pike was someone without a motive who lived an honest life. Bill continues to question why someone who got their life on track, Pike, would commit this crime without a motive. He doesn’t think it adds up and believes that Montague is still involved.

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In town, Minnie, Ned, Florence, Elizabeth, and Rosemary discuss the details for Nathan’s party. Nathan walks out and sees them, and the group scatters. Nathan tells Elizabeth he knows there is a party, but there wasn’t supposed to be. Elizabeth confirms that Allie did just want to go fishing with him, but the party is happening and Allie really wants him to enjoy it. As he leaves, Nathan tells Elizabeth he’ll act surprised at the party; she wishes him a happy birthday.

As Nathan and Allie come back from fishing, he tells her he loves his new tackle box. Allie asks if he’s disappointed about not having a party, and she wonders if her mom disliked parties, too. He tells her that her mom loved to dance and sing, like she does. Allie suggests they have dinner at the Saloon.

Faith reads a book to Lily, who asks about the character’s parents. Lily asks about her grandma, and Faith tells her that she’s getting better. Faith explains that when she’s missing someone, she closes her eyes and tries to picture them. They both do this, and Lily sees her grandma while Faith sees Fiona, the friend that she misses.

Nathan and Allie walk into the Saloon to his surprise party, and the group sings happy birthday to him. Later at the party, Nathan tells stories as Rosemary notes to Elizabeth that Nathan looks happy. At the bar, Bill and Lee tell Mike that there’s going to be a new owner soon. They reveal that they’re going to buy the Saloon, and Mike is staying on board. Mike approaches Mei, who apologizes for being cold toward him. He asks Mei if she’d like to dance, and she says yes.

Outside the Saloon, Elizabeth runs into Nathan getting some fresh air. Elizabeth thanks Nathan for being a good sport. Nathan says he thought he had her and Allie all figured out, but he doesn’t. Nathan says there is something, and he touches her hair; they share a moment. But Nathan is summoned inside with a song, and as Elizabeth and Nathan re-enter, they see that the group is singing to a recovering Lucas, who descends the staircase with his cane.