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Recap: The Heart of the Problem - Season 10 - Episode 6

Rosemary and Lee's baby has brought up memories of Rosemary's own mother, and questions about her past. Meanwhile, the kids feel left out of the hot springs with all the tourists.

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Allie, Angela, Cooper, and Toby arrive at the hot springs only to find them overrun by tourists, including a snooty visitor named Edwin Mitchel. The kids ask Mike for advice on what to do and he encourages them to come back later. They are not satisfied with that reply.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen behind the café, Joseph and Minnie plan a barbecue community dinner.

Back in town, Allie, Angela, Cooper, and Toby pass by Lucas and Elizabeth and complain about the tourists hogging the hot springs. Lucas volunteers to help if the kids find a good solution.

Strolling through town with the new baby, Lee and Rosemary run into Florence, Molly, and Nathan outside the mercantile. They share stories about the baby’s name. Still working at the mercantile, the former bandit, Harry, tells Nathan he worries about his family’s farm in Eagle Creek.

At the schoolhouse, Elizabeth lectures on problem solving, using the hot springs as an example. She tasks them with an assignment of finding a fair compromise for all parties.

Minnie gets Florence and Molly’s feedback on her barbecue sauce, who suggest she host the community dinner at the café.

In the saloon, the kids brainstorm a solution for the hot springs. They ask for Lucas’ thoughts on dividing the two pools into a children’s pool and an adults’ pool. Mr. Mitchel overhears and insists children shouldn’t have access to the pools at all and he shows he is not willing to compromise. Lucas suggests they discover what the tourists would be willing to agree to before proposing their own ideas. He encourages them to find out what the tourists want.

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On the road outside Eagle Creek, a concerned Nathan finds barren fields next to a worn-down sign.

At the mercantile, Ned fawns over Rosemary’s baby as Elizabeth enters and hears about Rosemary’s plans for the day. Rosemary notices a music box in the store, and playing it makes her emotional. She dodges a concerned Elizabeth’s questions and hurries out of the store.

Sitting with Harry at the mercantile, Nathan talks with him about Eagle Creek and learns that big city people bought up the town just before it went downhill.

Back at the café, Lee taste tests Joseph and Minnie’s barbecue sauces. Minnie informs Joseph that Eagle Creek lost their pastor. She implores him to find a way to help.

In town, Allie struggles to get tourists to negotiate with her about the hot springs. She rants to Nathan, and Elizabeth and Lucas stop by to hear about the progress. She tells them tourists refuse to compromise and shares a little bit of the advice that Lucas has been giving her.

Bill meets Madeline at the saloon and delivers the property contracts for her to sign. He invites her to Joseph and Minnie’s community dinner, but she unexpectedly refuses his offer, simply thanking him for his help with the land purchase.

Highlight - Faith Comforts Rosemary - When Calls the Heart

At Faith’s office, Rosemary opens up about longing for the support of her own mother. Faith comforts Rosemary and reveals that she too was raised without a mother. Rosemary holds her daughter and tells Faith more about the loss of her mother. Faith suspects Rosemary is newly grieving the loss since becoming a parent herself.

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Elizabeth joins Rosemary at her home, and she invites Rosemary to confide in her. Rosemary admits she may be mourning her mother and shares with Elizabeth that the music box had triggered a memory. She questions how her mother could have abandoned her.

Bill asks Nathan for help fixing up his cabin on the land he’s selling to Madeline. Nathan encourages Bill to put himself out there because it is obvious that he likes Madeline.

Joseph stops by Elizabeth’s while Minnie checks on Rosemary. Lee joins them, worried about his wife. Joseph assures them through Bible scriptures that the best thing they can do is support her through her grief.

Inspired by Elizabeth, Lee and Joseph retrieve the trunk that Rosemary had Lee get rid of, which is filled with her mother’s belongings. Lee presents it to Rosemary, and they open it together. They find a framed picture alongside a stack of letters addressed to Rosemary from her mother. She begins to read them as she watches over her daughter.

In the morning, she shares the letters with Elizabeth, reassured that her mother did love her. Rosemary explains that her father had claimed full custody over her when he and her mother split. Her mother passed before Rosemary turned eighteen and would have been able to see her again.

Outside the schoolhouse, Lucas and Elizabeth discuss the hot springs. Joseph praises Henry’s community service garden and invites him to the community barbecue. Jamie waters some of the garden beds, and Madeline comes by to tell him they are returning to the city because her late husband’s affairs have been sorted. Jamie tells her that he likes it in Hope Valley and doesn’t want to leave.

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Highlight - Sharing Hope Springs - When Calls the Heart

At the saloon, Elizabeth, Lucas, and Mike meet with the kids to brainstorm how to share Hope Springs. They decide to offer additional activities for the tourists and share the idea with Mr. Mitchel, who says he will entertain the idea. They are satisfied with making some kind of progress.

Minnie and Joseph welcome their guests to the community dinner, and Minnie gives an opening toast, encouraging everyone to vote for their favorite barbecue sauce.

Madeline and Jamie arrive late and join the festivities. Jamie grabs food with Cooper, while Bill joins Madeline. Lucas and Elizabeth invite Mr. Mitchel and his wife to join their table.

Lucas formally welcomes Madeline to Hope Valley as she watches Jamie play touch football with Bill.

Elizabeth welcomes Henry to the barbecue; he was invited by Joseph. Bill congratulates Minnie and Joseph on their delicious food and a successful event.

Everyone breaks off to play some party games, and even Mr. Mitchel enjoys himself. He accepts the children’s proposal to substitute some of the time spent at the hot springs with other activities. A victory for the kids.

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Nathan and Bill bond over the physical demands of being a Mountie, and Bill encourages him to make a move with Faith, so Nathan invites her to dance.

Highlight - Introducing Goldie - When Calls the Heart

Allie and some of her classmates invite Little Jack to join them at the library, and Rosemary and Lee arrive with their daughter. They finally introduce her as Goldie, short for Marigold, after Rosemary’s mother.

The next day, Bill bikes past tourists doing kinesthetics. The kids enjoy their time at the hot springs, and Elizabeth and Lucas look on as Toby splashes Mr. Mitchel, who arrived early.

At home, Rosemary finishes reading a story to her daughter from Grandmother Goldie, and warmly reflects on her mother while letting the music box from the mercantile play.