Recap: Starry Nights - Season 10 - Episode 12

With Elizabeth at his side, Election Day has the entire town supporting Lucas, hoping he will save Hope Valley. Rosemary and Lee discuss who should be their baby's godfather.

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Elizabeth and Rosemary are in Elizabeth’s house, discussing the wedding that was not to be. It was hard for Elizabeth to say goodbye to Lucas, but she will be fine.

Highlight - Voting for Mr. Bouchard - When Calls the Heart

Later at the schoolhouse, Elizabeth’s class tell her that they feel conflicted about voting for Mr. Bouchard. Elizabeth tells the kids that he is a good man and sometimes people realize they are not meant to be together. She thanks the class for being protective of her.

Highlight - Naming the Godfather - When Calls the Heart

At their house, Lee and Rosemary discuss who Goldie’s godfather will be. Lee tells Rosemary that he selects Henry. He says even though Henry has his troubles, he is wiser because of them. Rosemary is surprised but agrees. When Lee meets Henry at the community garden and tells him that he wants to nominate him as the godfather. Henry doesn’t believe he is the right man. Lee asks him to think about it.

In town, Elizabeth and Rosemary see all the posters promoting votes for Lucas. They run into Mike, who is sympathetic towards Elizabeth. Elizabeth asks for “Vote for Bouchard” fliers to distribute to her students. Mike is surprised how Elizabeth can still participate, providing their separation.

As Rosemary, Goldie, and Elizabeth head to the saloon, Elizabeth wishes that everyone would magically forget that she was meant to get married tomorrow. Elizabeth says although she is sad, she’s also happy for Lucas. She tells Rosemary about her disagreement with Nathan over her true happiness. Rosemary hints at Nathan having a point.

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Bill decides to go with Nathan on rounds after a report of Pinkertons in the area. While on the road, Nathan tells Bill that he hasn’t seen Elizabeth around too much. Bill wonders if that’s on purpose. Nathan changes the subject and asks Bill about Madeline. Bill tells Nathan it’s the life of a bachelor for him and Nathan responds it’s the life of a dad for him.

Joseph finds Henry at the stables. Henry tells Joseph that he doesn’t feel equipped to be godfather of Goldie, but Joseph encourages him; it will be good for him.

Outside the mercantile, as Mike carries a stack of canned goods, Mei rushes over to help. They set a time to meet at the hot springs since Mike would love to come along to help Mei collect clay for her masks.

Highlight - Elizabeth Offers Support - When Calls the Heart

Lucas takes a call from Capital City with Elizabeth. He tells her that campaign run has not been easy. Elizabeth offers him her support.

At the Saloon, Ned tells Rosemary that he believes everyone who votes should get a button. Rosemary shares that the votes are neck and neck but moral clarity and the press are on their side. Ned takes off when Mike approaches. He wonders to Rosemary if Elizabeth must be included in the campaign efforts as she might not be over their separation. Elizabeth overhears this. She interrupts and tells them that Lucas would like his speech broadcast to everyone in the saloon and quoted in the Valley Voice. Mike wonders how she knew that, and she reveals she just spoke with him. Rosemary reminds Mike that everything is perfectly fine between Elizabeth and Lucas. They all tune in to his speech and cheer him on, including Elizabeth.

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Outside the rowhouses, Elizabeth sees Henry. They discuss his potential role as godfather of Goldie, as well as his past. Elizabeth reassures him, telling him he would make a great godfather.

Inside Abigail’s café, Minnie finds Joseph working on his speech for Goldie’s baptism. He also has Henry on his mind. Minnie tells him that he should get some rest; everything will be okay.

It’s Election Day! The voting booths are located inside Bill’s office, where Elizabeth, Rosemary, Bill and Mike look at the ballot with two names: Bixby Balfour and Lucas Bouchard. Rosemary and Elizabeth take their seat behind the desk as Bill and Mike open the doors for voters to enter.

Inside the saloon, Mike is cashing in on Election Day amidst the chaos. His wait staff is out voting, and he is handling business on his own. Lee and Bill enter when Mike remembers he is meant to meet Mei. Bill and Lee offer to take over. When Mike finally arrives to meet her, Mei is no longer there.

Meanwhile, Mei enters the beauty shop and tells Fiona and Faith that Mike stood her up. She takes this as a sign that he is not interested.

Back at Bill’s office, Rosemary tells Elizabeth that the voting line is moving slow. They decide to create more voting booths to not lose any voters. Later, Rosemary is not happy with the number of voters they have. She wants to target the non-voters who aren’t wearing buttons to encourage them to vote, and they head out to do exactly that. Elizabeth notices that Nathan Grant has not voted. She heads inside the jail to find him, but he is not there.

As the last voter leaves the polls, Elizabeth and Rosemary are exhausted. Elizabeth tells Rosemary she can head out to Goldie. Just then, Nathan enters to vote. Elizabeth tells him she was worried he wasn’t going to show up, wondering if he was avoiding her. Nathan apologizes for overstepping and says he had no right to question her. Elizabeth appreciates his words.

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At the saloon, Mike expresses his regret to Bill and Lee about missing Mei. Fiona walks up and says Mei was upset. Mike explains that he simply lost track of time. Fiona tells Mike she’s not getting in between them but feels pity for Mike and gives him some advice.

Elizabeth and Little Jack are on their way to the baptism. Jack wants to wear his dad’s Mountie hat, but Elizabeth suggests he wear it after the ceremony. Everyone gathers to head to the church, and they search for Henry who isn’t amongst the crowd.

As the choir is singing, Henry appears, saying he couldn’t find a tie. Rosemary, Lee and Elizabeth smile at his arrival. As Joseph prepares his speech, with Minnie’s encouragement, he puts his paper away and speaks from the heart. He baptizes Goldie in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

At the saloon, everyone erupts into applause when the big announcement is made: Lucas has won!

Elizabeth finds Henry inside his old Gowen Petroleum offices. Across the way is Abigail’s Café. He confides in her that he is trying to make sense of the troubles of his past from the explosion, as well as his future. Elizabeth’s heart breaks for him but as always, she comforts him.

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During the victory party at the saloon, Fiona tells Mei she should give Mike a break. Mei is tired of mixed messages from him and decides to tell Mike how she feels. She approaches Mike, just as he heads over towards her. They both speak over one another at the same time and learn that they really like each other. Mei forgives him and they dance. Fiona and Faith look on, happy that they resolved it.

Bill spots Madeline as she enters the saloon. She goes outside and Bill follows. She tells him they were in Buxton when they heard Lucas won, and Jamie insisted they drive up to Hope Valley to celebrate. She adds that Bill probably won’t forgive her, but she wants him to know that he and Hope Valley have meant a lot to her.

At Capital City, Lucas exits the campaign headquarters at night thanking everyone inside. As he departs, a shadowy figure approaches him. Lucas asks, “What are you doing here?”

Elizabeth visits Jack’s grave, explaining what’s been happening in her life. She shares that she’s afraid to get hurt again and she can’t risk experiencing that type of pain again. She believes that Lucas deserves to have a great love.

Henry approaches a house and builds up courage before knocking. When he does, the person opens, and he greets her by name: “Abigail.”

Elizabeth is still lost in thought when Nathan approaches. She asks him what he’s doing there. Before they can continue, Bill arrives and urgently shares that something has happened to Lucas and that he needs them both now. They all quickly take off on their horses.