Recap: Smoke on the Water - Season 9 - Episode 11

With the mine reopening imminent, Gowen decides to take drastic measures to make sure it stays closed. Elizabeth and Lucas struggle to communicate with each other. Lucas gets out of town to clear his head.

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Elizabeth checks to see how Rosemary is doing. Rosemary did not think it possible for her and Lee to conceive. Until she knows for sure she is pregnant, Rosemary is going about life as if nothing has changed.

Florence finds signs seeking miners posted around town and tears them down. She runs into Lucas and states he could have stopped the mine re-opening and is just as guilty as Henry.

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Nathan stops by the pharmacy and hears rumbling in the back. He calls out to Mei, thinking she has returned, but it is Faith who is there getting cough syrup for Bill. Faith wonders if Nathan has heard from Mei. He has gotten letters but admits she is still a mystery to him.

Elizabeth asks Lucas if he wants to talk about what’s going on with the mine as he has not been himself lately.

She thinks a horse ride together may cheer him up. He agrees a ride would be good for him but insists on going alone as she has plans for a rescheduled day of beauty with Rosemary at the salon.

Florence asks Ned to close early to spend some time with her as the mine news has made her quite upset.
Ned agrees and suggests Florence take her mind off things by resuming her dancing.

Minnie and Angela arrive home. She tells Joseph her family back home missed him, even her father. She has a letter from her father for him. Joseph already knows it’s about money. He assures Minnie he is the sole provider of this family and does not want her father’s help.

At the old mine, Jerome expresses a concern with Henry. He does not think Fiona can run the oil business on her own and wants to bring in someone else who can until she learns the ropes.

At the salon, Elizabeth finds it hard to enjoy the day of beauty with Rosemary. She thought Lucas was planning to give her an engagement ring for her birthday. However, he has not given it to her yet. Does it mean he changed his mind?

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Nathan gets a check-up from Faith regarding headaches he has been having. She finds it hard not to get lost in Nathan’s eyes as he describes his symptoms. She recommends Nathan slow down and try to relax. He appreciates Faith taking care of him and notices the poster of a nurse tenderly helping a wounded soldier.

Rosemary comes home from the office early. She is getting ready for a date with Lee and invites Elizabeth to come over for a makeover as their day at the salon was a bust.

Jerome, Henry, Fiona, and Arthur listen to an expert on the safety of the mine reopening. Henry is shocked to hear his expert – who once said the mine could not safely open – now state it can be done. Henry realizes Jerome paid him off.

At the saloon Rosemary reveals Elizabeth’s makeover. She is wearing a beautiful red dress and lipstick – nearly identical to what Rosemary is wearing. Lucas and Lee are both impressed. Lee wonders how they’ll tell the two apart.

Lucas tells Elizabeth his horse ride was good. Getting away from town helped him clear his mind and reminded him of how much he misses traveling to distant places like Paris and Madrid. Elizabeth is nervous he is thinking about leaving.

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Molly takes a call at the mercantile – it’s Carson for Faith. Molly is happy to connect the call as it’s about helping Bill. She explains to Florence that Bill has not been well, as they watch a gravely ill looking Bill return to town on his horse coughing up a storm.

Elizabeth confronts Lucas at his office about her fear he was going to propose and has changed his mind. He pulls out her belated birthday gift. She opens the box and finds earrings. He apologizes if it was misleading. Elizabeth loves the earrings and Lucas.

Arthur visits Lee alone at the office with an offer. Hearst wants Lee to work for them writing opinion pieces. He can pick where he works whether its Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles. He is leaving tomorrow and needs Lee’s answer soon.

At the coal mine, Henry decides to take matters into his own hands and blows up the mine. The explosion can be heard throughout the whole town.

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Bill suggests Henry lay low as Jerome Smith will hold him accountable for collapsing the mine and he needs time to figure out how to help Henry. Bill can’t condone what was done but does thank Henry.

Later, Molly and Faith discuss feelings of love and thoughts of marriage. Nearby, Bill and Nathan discuss the same: the idea of finding someone to love and take care of them. Bill and Molly both advise Faith and Nathan, if love comes your way reach out and grab it.

Fiona says goodbye to Jerome and Arthur. Jerome assures she will soon hear from her replacement to run the oil company. Just then, Hickam returns, much to Fiona’s pleasure. She has so much to tell him.

Elizabeth stops by Lucas’s office and finds he’s gone. Gustave passes a letter to her from Lucas and confirms he has left town.