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Recap: Run to You - Season 11 - Episode 11

Nathan and Bill take charge when a notorious gangster threatens the town. Rosemary teams up with her competition to uncover the truth. Elizabeth and Nathan take a leap of faith.

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Outside of the café, Molly and Florence read the news in The Valley Voice about Governor Bouchard canceling the resort project. They both agree that the co-mayors’ statement swayed them. As Minnie refills coffees at the table, she comments that this also means the end of the towns being merged.

At a nearby table, Elizabeth mentions to Rosemary how her article has caused quite a stir. Elizabeth spots Nathan speaking with Henry from afar and notes that they seem preoccupied. Rosemary says Bill seems that way, too, and she thinks something else is going on. Nathan and Elizabeth wave, and Rosemary says that what’s going on between them is beyond slow and steady; it’s trepidatious. Elizabeth tells her that there’s been a lot going on recently, but Rosemary wants to know what’s holding Elizabeth back now. She says nothing is holding her back now and shares another look with Nathan.

At the Mountie office, Nathan enters as Bill frantically tries to get the phone to work. The phone and telegraph lines are down and they need a repairman from Buxton to come help. Bill asks after any more news on Casimir Shaw, and Nathan relays that headquarters have issued a warrant for his arrest. Bill can’t believe there’s not so much as a photo on this man, and they only have Lucas’s description of Shaw from the night he was shot to go on. Nathan wishes Lucas would let him bring in reinforcements to investigate it further. Bill thinks Rosemary should know about this, but Nathan disagrees. Bill wonders if Nathan hasn’t told Elizabeth, and he confirms he hasn’t. Bill tells Nathan that he really does move like molasses in January with this whole Elizabeth situation. Nathan says that he’s letting Elizabeth take the lead.

Outside the Mountie office, Elizabeth runs into Nathan, who apologizes for being so busy. Elizabeth stumbles over her words and mentions that since Allie’s watching Little Jack and she needs to exercise Sergeant anyway, would Nathan like to join her a horse ride? He says he can get away from work and would love to keep her company. They agree to meet at the stables later.

In town, Henry sees Edwin leaving for a job interview in Capital City. For Edwin, it’s not personal, but he is leaving since Lucas stopped listening to him a while ago. Henry notes that Edwin’s leaving when things are getting hard, but Edwin says Lucas’s ratings will tank. Edwin says there are no hard feelings and goes to shake his hand, but Henry doesn’t shake it.

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At the saloon, Rosemary talks to Lee about the mystery of Lucas’s shooting and Bill’s seeming decrease in interest around it. Lee says that Lucas has barely been out of his office since calling off the resort project. Rosemary requested a follow up interview from Henry who turned her down flat. Henry enters and heads straight to Lucas’s office.

In Lucas’s office, Lucas tells Henry that he’s happy Edwin quit as he was always too focused on the next election. Lucas should have abandoned the resort project sooner, but Henry reminds him that there was no way for him to know it was going to become hijacked. Lucas asks if he can count on Henry to help him rebuild confidence in his administration and Henry says yes.

In the saloon, Elizabeth excitedly tells Rosemary that she can’t walk home later with her anymore as she’s going on a horse ride. Lee and Rosemary know that this means time with Nathan. Elizabeth asks that Rosemary tell Allie that she will be home late to get Little Jack.

Outside of the café, Lily draws a picture of her Grandma’s house and tells Faith how she used to count the stars out of her window there. Faith realizes Lily’s room here doesn’t have a great view of the sky. Minnie overhears and offers Faith a nightlight that Joseph built for Cooper that projects stars.

At the pharmacy, Mei reads a letter from her brother, Bo, who’s coming to Cape Fullerton. Mike asks if he can come with her to see Bo, too, as he’d love to meet him.

In town Rosemary spots Bill; she tells him that they both know Lucas’s cancelling of the resort had nothing to do with it being financially feasible or not. Bill says not to concern herself with it, but Rosemary doesn’t think they should be keeping things from one another as they’re a team. Bill says a team has trust and she’ll need to trust him on this one. Bill points out that Randall Rockwell from the Benson Hills Beatle is here for her, and in that distraction, Bill gets away from Rosemary’s questioning.

In Rosemary’s office, Randall congratulates her on scooping him with a statement from Governor Bouchard about the resort cancellation. He noticed that it was vague and believes there’s more to the story. Randall suggests that they work on this exposé for print together.

At the café, Rosemary and Randall sit with Lucas to discuss his shooter. Lucas says he’s happy to discuss any issue but that one, as the dark days are behind them. Lucas pays and leaves. Outside, Lucas spots Jeanette’s car. Lucas enters his office to find Jeanette there; she tells him that he needs to listen to her.

As Mike and Mei walk, Mike asks if Bo could perhaps come to Hope Valley instead of them going to Cape Fullerton. Mei agrees and Mike tells her it might be years before her whole family is in town again. He gets down on one knee and tells Mei how much he loves her. Mike asks Mei if she will marry him and she says yes.

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Elizabeth meets Nathan at the stables for their horse ride. As Nathan comments that they seem to get interrupted a lot and their timing isn’t always the greatest, Henry asks for Nathan to come with him as the governor needs him. They need to find Bill and there might be trouble.

In Lucas’s office, he asks Jeanette why she’s here and not hiding from Shaw. She says there’s no place he can’t find her and that he did. Jeanette says they need to cooperate with him and he’s on his way to Hope Valley. Nathan calls in Mountie backup and Bill recruits Lee and Mike to help.

At the mercantile, Joseph gives Faith the starry nightlight for Lily. Nathan arrives wondering when the phones will be back up, but Ned isn’t sure.

Through a spyglass, someone observes people in town; it’s Casimir Shaw. Bill catches Lee and Mike up on what’s happening as they meet up with Nathan and Henry to devise a plan. Lee wants to tell Rosemary but they tell him not to and that it’s Governor’s order.

Rosemary sees Elizabeth in town and wonders what happened to her horse ride. She informs Rosemary how they had to reschedule as Henry needed Nathan, and Rosemary wonders what is going on around here. Rosemary asks if something happened with Elizabeth and Nathan but Elizabeth doesn’t know. She needs to talk with him and Rosemary agrees.

In Lucas’s office, Jeanette tells Lucas to negotiate a cut with Shaw to avoid danger. Lucas tells Jeanette that doing business with Shaw goes against everything he stands for. Jeanette tells Lucas it’s just business and that he should be more flexible. She reminds him that when they hit rock bottom in New Orleans, he told her they can be anyone they want. Jeanette leans in to kiss Lucas and he rejects her; what he wants is to be a good and honest man. Lucas is no longer the person she used to know.

Shaw watches town from afar; he sees a signal from Jeanette with a mirror and light. Jeanette sees Rosemary and Randall head into The Valley Voice. Nathan and Bill meet up on horse and discuss that they haven’t found anything or anyone despite Jeanette’s information. Lucas joins them even though he was supposed to stay put in his office.

At The Valley Voice, Rosemary and Randall discuss their mutual findings in Lucas’s case. Rosemary learns that Randall never met his alleged “source” but he did vet the information through the Mounties, who were duped just as he was. Rosemary wonders if the source could be the shooter trying to throw them off the scent. Randall reveals that his source sent him a letter the other day urging him to keep his mouth closed. Rosemary realizes that Randall came here so he could expose his source in her paper under her byline because he was worried about his and his family’s safety. As Rosemary leaves to warn the governor that he’s still at risk, Randall notices that Jeanette’s handwriting matches that of the letter he received from his source.

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Rosemary sees that the saloon has a “closed” sign up; she enters the saloon anyway looking for Lucas and finds Jeanette at the bar. She asks Rosemary if everything’s alright and tells her that Lucas is busy. As Rosemary turns to leave, Jeanette asks what Randall has been telling her. Rosemary asks if she really was his source and Jeanette confirms; she asks if she can explain.

At Elizabeth’s house, she finishes making dinner for Little Jack. Allie enters with Goldie and tells Elizabeth that she hasn’t heard from Rosemary and the phones are still down. Elizabeth asks Allie and Goldie to stay for dinner.

Back at the saloon, Jeanette reveals to Rosemary that she was there the night of Lucas’s shooting and was forced to lie to Lucas by Shaw. She tells Rosemary that Lucas regained his memory from the night and recalled Jeanette being there. Rosemary is shocked to hear this and Jeanette is surprised she didn’t know. Jeanette says she would never do anything to hurt Lucas and that Shaw made her do all of it. Rosemary says the note to Randall came from her, not Shaw; just then, Casimir Shaw enters the saloon.

Randall leaves The Valley Voice and runs into Elizabeth who asks after Rosemary; he tells her that Rosemary went across to the saloon to find the governor.

Back inside the saloon, Shaw holds Rosemary at gunpoint and makes her sit down. Jeanette tells Shaw that the governor has failed to see reason. Shaw wants to “take care” of Lucas, but Jeanette says to leave that to her. Elizabeth enters the saloon and Rosemary tells her to run. Shaw saw her coming and hid behind the door; when she makes to leave, he locks Elizabeth inside the saloon as well and holds her at gunpoint.

Outside in the woods, Nathan, Bill and Lucas discuss their next moves. Randall approaches in his car and tells them that he and Rosemary believe Jeanette was his attempted assailant.

Back at the saloon, Shaw asks what to do with Rosemary and Elizabeth; Jeanette wants to keep them hostage. Rosemary and Elizabeth plead to be let go. Jeanette pulls out a gun which she holds to Rosemary. Jeanette says her hands are tied and she’s following Mr. Shaw’s orders.

Randall tells Lucas, Nathan and Bill that he believes his source was Jeanette Aucoin and he doesn’t think she was being forced by anyone. They all wonder if Jeanette isn’t Shaw’s victim but rather his partner.

At the saloon, Rosemary tells Jeanette that it’s fairly obvious who’s in charge here. Rosemary tells Jeanette that she has to hand it to her and she’s very brilliant – there is no Shaw. She is Shaw. Jeanette tells Rosemary, “Bravo.”

Lucas realizes that he once told Jeanette they can be anyone they want to be, and he never realized that she’d take it so literally. Jeanette is Shaw.

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Bill, Nathan and Lucas approach the saloon carefully; they spot Rosemary and Elizabeth being held hostage inside. Bill relays the scene to the others and they work on a plan.

Now that it’s dark outside Jeanette wants to leave with her and her accomplice. As they prepare to bring Elizabeth and Rosemary out of the saloon at gunpoint, Lucas enters. He’s held at gunpoint and searched by Jeanette’s accomplice as she greets him. Lucas pleads with her and reminds her that she didn’t shoot him, her accomplice did, and Jeanette saved him. Over a flashback to the night of Lucas’s shooting, Jeanette tells Lucas that if it wasn’t for her pushing her accomplice’s arm, the second bullet would have hit his heart. Lucas says he owes her for that and she agrees.

Nathan quietly sneaks into the saloon from Lucas’s office in the back. Lucas asks Jeanette to let Rosemary and Elizabeth go as they aren’t involved, but she notes they’re all involved now. Nathan enters the room with his gun drawn as an armed Bill barges in from the front door, telling them to put their guns down and their hands up. Nathan tells Jeanette that it’s over, but she says not unless they want their governor in one piece. Jeanette’s accomplice grab’s Bill’s gun and knocks him to the ground; he takes Lucas at gunpoint, but soon directs his gun at Elizabeth. He takes Elizabeth up the stairs and Jeanette keeps her gun on Lucas and Bill.

More Mounties arrive at the scene for backup. Rosemary grabs a gun on the floor and throws it to Bill. Rosemary makes a run towards Nathan and they head up the stairs. Lucas steps between Bill and Jeanette’s drawn guns and tells Jeanette he knows she won’t shoot him. She asks Lucas not to make her do this.

Jeanette’s accomplice drags Elizabeth outside on the balcony; the Mounties and Nathan have him surrounded. Nathan puts his gun down and asks to speak with the accomplice. Nathan asks that he give them information on Jeanette and he can go.

Lucas tells Jeanette that he underestimated her, everyone did; no one would take her seriously and that’s why she had to become “Shaw.” Lucas tries to reason with her and is able to get close enough to grab Jeanette’s gun from her. Bill heads upstairs for backup and Lucas holds Jeanette as she cries.

Outside on the balcony, Nathan and Elizabeth make eyes at a potential exit. As Bill enters the scene, Jeanette’s accomplice shoots towards him but misses. Nathan grabs Elizabeth and they jump off of the balcony onto a haystack in a truck below. Bill tells him to drop his gun and he does.

Elizabeth and Nathan open their eyes to one another in the haystack. Nathan helps her down and Rosemary and Elizabeth hug. Lucas stops the Mountie who has Jeanette and asks her why she came back here as she could have continued to hide behind “Shaw.” She tells him that they all have their weaknesses.

Later, Elizabeth reads with Little Jack as we hear her say that after a night like tonight, all she wants to do is count her blessings because everyone she cares about it safe. Meanwhile, Nathan returns home and Allie gives him a big hug. Mike and Mei cuddle together on their couch. Minnie and Joseph share a dance and a laugh. Faith and Lily turn on her new star nightlight together. Lee, Rosemary and Goldie hug and smile.

As Elizabeth journals on her front porch, Nathan walks up and lets her know they’re taking Jeanette and her accomplice away to Capital City. He doesn’t know what he would have done if something happened to her today. She brings up his comment earlier about their bad timing. Elizabeth is so sorry for hurting him in the past and letting fear get in the way. Her heart lifts when she thinks of him, and he feels like home to her. She couldn’t say it before because she wouldn’t let herself, but she tells Nathan that she is in love with him. She asks him to please say something; Nathan comes closer and kisses Elizabeth. He tells her that he has never stopped loving her and kisses her again.