Recap: Rock, A Bye, Baby - Season 9 - Episode 12

Elizabeth worries about her relationship with Lucas, while Bill helps Gowen through the fallout of the mine explosion. Rosemary and Lee receive some news.

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Rosemary finds an offer letter from Arthur Gilchrist. Lee admits Arthur offered him a job, but it would have meant moving, so he put the offer to the side and forgot all about it as Hope Valley is their home.

Gustave shows up at Elizabeth’s door, worried about Lucas. He is not sure how long he needs to clear his head and is concerned. Elizabeth assures him that Lucas is fine, but just in case, she offers to ask Nathan to head up to the ridge in the mountains to check on him.

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Nathan chides Elizabeth for being worried about Lucas, joking she must be afraid he is getting cold feet. She insists that is not the case as he has not even proposed. Plus, its Gustave that is worried, not her.

Later, Nathan finds Lucas at the ridge and invites himself to stay for a cup of tea.

Back in town a prisoner is dropped off. Bill is surprised to find it’s Henry! He turned himself in for collapsing the mine. As he is ushered to jail house the town crowds around giving him a round of applause thanking him for what he did – making sure the mine will not reopen anytime soon.

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Allie takes a break from helping at the pharmacy to ask Elizabeth for help finding a wife for Nathan. She thought he wanted to marry Elizabeth, then she thought he liked Mei but lately she has wondered how he feels about Faith. Elizabeth assures Allie does not need to worry about her father finding love. When Nathan is ready to get married, he will let Allie know.

Minnie and Joseph take the day off and head out to a picnic in the hopes to quell their recent fussing over her father’s financial support. They have a much-needed laugh battling the wind to put down their blanket.

They retreat to the church and Minnie admits she understands Joseph wants to prove he can be successful in business on his own. However, she reminds him that pride should not get in the way of him accepting help. Joseph agrees to speak with her father.

Back in town at the jail house, Bill isn’t hopeful he can keep Henry out of prison. Elizabeth arrives and asks Henry there is anything she can do to help him. He hands her cash to give to Joseph as he does so much good work for the church and the town. He adds, Elizabeth does not need to let him know where the money came from, but he would like Joseph to come by and see him.

Rosemary asks Faith how to tell if she is pregnant as she no longer has morning sickness. Faith explains she will feel the baby move - a fluttering in her stomach.

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Faith admits to Molly she has feelings for Nathan. She is conflicted by her emotions, believing it's inappropriate for a doctor to having feelings for a patient. Molly says sometimes rules are meant to be broken.

Elizabeth finds Nathan has returned. He shares that Lucas is fine and will return tonight. Elizabeth thanks him for being there for her. Nathan jokes that she better not lose Lucas like she lost him.

Faith sees Nathan has returned and starts to approach him but stops as he’s in not the only one back in town. Mei has arrived as well. She apologizes to Nathan for misleading him. However, Nathan is just happy she is clear of trouble. Molly, witnessing Mei’s return, asks if Faith is sad. Faith says it’s quite the opposite; she is a bit relieved.

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Joseph comes by the jailhouse and thanks Henry for his anonymous donation. Henry admits he asked Joseph to come by to teach him how to pray. Joseph is happy to oblige.

As Rosemary and Lee wrap up at the office, they hear someone shout, “fire!” The saloon is ablaze, and Lee runs in to help. Elizabeth arrives, having heard the news of the fire and wonders if anyone has seen Lucas, fearing he may be in the saloon. Lee emerges from the flames alone. No Lucas. Suddenly, Lucas rides up on his horse and quickly dismounts to help get the fire under control.

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Rosemary and Lee settle into bed after a long night. She gives him a kiss for bravely battling the fire to protect the town. He couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Rosemary agrees, adding that Hope Valley is a great place to raise a child. Just then, she feels fluttering in her stomach and tells him she is pregnant.


After assessing the damage to the saloon, Elizabeth tells Lucas even if the saloon had burned down completely, he’d still have love. Lucas adds that would make him the richest man alive.

Later as they walk with Little Jack, Elizabeth hopes Lucas will come to Hamilton for Christmas. Lucas admits he already had a trip planned to ask her father for her hand in marriage. Little Jack hands Elizabeth what she thinks is a rock.

Before she places it her pocket she looks down and realizes it is a ring. Lucas adds that he ended up just calling her father instead, and takes the ring and gets down on one knee to propose. Elizabeth says yes!