Recap: Oh, Baby - Season 10 - Episode 3

Tourists start arriving, including the St. Johns, who may prove to be trouble for Bill. Meanwhile, Elizabeth rallies all Rosemary's friends to plan the perfect baby shower.

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In town, Bill catches Ned renting bikes to tourists and laments Rosemary’s article promoting the hot spring. Bill makes his way to the saloon and complains to Lucas of a tourist’s car blocking the hitching post. The tourist in question, Mrs. St. John, turns to apologize, catching Bill off guard before sitting at a booth. Lucas pleads with Bill to sympathize with the tourists. Bill orders his coffee and goes to sit in his usual spot, only to find Mrs. St. John and her son Jamie already there.

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Elizabeth drops by Rosemary and Lee’s home with muffins. Lee is preparing the nursery by clearing the upstairs room. Rosemary discusses her vision for the nursery and her baby shower with Elizabeth while admitting she’s nervous. Elizabeth leaves quickly to avoid furthering the discussion about the surprise shower. When Lee comes downstairs with a mysterious trunk, Rosemary frowns, suggesting they just toss it out. Overcome with excitement, Lee misses the odd look on her face.

At the schoolhouse, Elizabeth gives the kids an assignment to team up and research a scientific question. Allie, Cooper, and Toby join forces to examine the formation of the hot spring. Elizabeth advises them to get a mentor to help guide them. They consider Judge Avery.

Nathan catches Faith outside her office to see if she needs him to accompany her on rounds. To his disappointment, she insists on asking someone else.

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In the café, Elizabeth secretly gathers with Minnie, Fiona, Molly, and Florence to discuss the surprise baby shower. Mei spots Rosemary approaching the building, and the ladies quickly scatter to avoid suspicion. Rosemary enters, only for Elizabeth to redirect her to Fiona’s salon.

Bored at the saloon, Jamie befriends Henry who is eating at the bar alone. Henry reveals to Jamie that he’s going to prison and sends Jamie off to the ice cream shop. Henry departs as Jerome enters. Lucas attempts to persuade Jerome to drop the charges against Henry, but Jerome covered his nefarious tracks well, and Lucas fails to convince him.

Mrs. St. John comes into the café, seeking the mayor’s office, only to find Bill serving a customer. He reluctantly agrees to have coffee with her. She shares that her husband recently passed, and she came to visit the hot spring. She offers to pay him for a tour, assuming Bill is short on money, only to find out he is part-owner of the café.

At Fiona’s, she and Mei pamper Rosemary, while Elizabeth sneaks off to set up decorations.

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Faith starts loading her wagon only to find Scout in the back and Nathan seated up front, insisting he accompany her. Nathan believes it is his duty to protect her as the bandit is still at large. She grants him permission.

Jamie runs into Bill in town and invites himself along for Allie, Cooper, and Toby’s project.

On the road, Faith and Nathan admire a flowering field. Scout runs off, barking, and Nathan takes off in Faith’s wagon, convinced Scout found a bandit. Faith is left behind, by herself.

At the spring, Cooper dives to discover if Jamie’s hypothesis about a fissure is true. They learn more about Jamie, who tells them he spends most of his time traveling. Jamie scoffs at their one-room schoolhouse. Cooper resurfaces and confirms Jamie’s prediction.

At the saloon, Jerome observes Robert delivering a large envelope to Lucas and requesting he sign for it.

Nathan returns to Faith and reveals that Scout only found a squirrel and apologizes for damaging her wagon. Faith teases him before reclaiming the reins, and they return to town.

At the salon, Rosemary is getting a foot bath, her eyes covered. Elizabeth sneaks in just in time for Rosemary to sit up to brainstorm baby shower details. As Elizabeth helps Rosemary relax and Fiona places a mask on her cheek, Florence signals to Elizabeth through the window that the surprise is ready.

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Elizabeth rushes Rosemary out of the salon, and Fiona and Mei sneak into the café just as Rosemary opens the front door and discovers her surprise baby shower. Faith arrives at the party and leaves Nathan to fix her wagon. Rosemary opens gifts as the ladies impart words of wisdom and encouragement.

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Back in town, Allie, Cooper, Toby, and Jamie return with Bill from observing the hot spring. Allie ponders whether the coal mines and the hot spring are connected. Mrs. St. John approaches, and Allie leads her friends to the library to do more research, while Jamie stays behind.

Bill formally welcomes Mrs. St. John to Hope Valley before heading off. To her surprise, Jamie expresses to his mom how much he likes Hope Valley, unenthusiastic about returning home.

At the café, Minnie closes out the gift giving with candles for all the women to light throughout Rosemary’s labor to comfort her and bring them all together.

At the saloon, Lucas sits down with Jerome and discloses that the envelope he received earlier holds a signed confession from an inspector, exposing Jerome’s scheme to cover up safety concerns at the mine. Lucas says the Judge must be the first to inspect the documents, refusing to show Jerome.

Not willing to risk an accusation of bribery, Jerome agrees to rescind the charges against Henry and to leave Hope Valley. Relieved, Lucas hands over the still-closed envelope to Mike and asks him to store it safely. Mike opens it, revealing only a blank sheet of paper.

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After guests leave Rosemary’s baby shower, she thanks Elizabeth for gathering all the mothers in town to soothe her anxiety.

At the saloon, Mrs. St. John laments to a mysterious caller that she sympathizes with the people of Hope Valley and raises doubts about their secret plan.

Henry enters Lucas’ office, reprimanding him for getting the charges dropped. Lucas gently stands his ground, and Henry reluctantly accepts the help.

As Henry leaves the saloon, he encounters Nathan and Allie. Allie excitedly shares her theory that Henry caused the hot spring with his explosion at the mine. He gives an unenthusiastic response and walks off.

Back home, Rosemary and Lee talk about the surprise party, and Lee reveals a bassinet and rocking chair Joseph helped him make. Lee daydreams of making more baby furniture, and Rosemary relaxes in her rocking chair as she feels a growing sense of optimism.

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Elizabeth joins Lucas on her front porch to share a slice of his grandmother’s vanilla lavender cake. Elizabeth agrees to have it as their wedding cake, and Lucas reveals that Henry’s charges were dropped because of his bluff. They share a kiss and enjoy the sunset.