Recap: Never Say Never - Season 9 - Episode 10

Elizabeth and Rosemary don't agree about how best to share unsettling news in the town regarding the coal mines, but that's put behind them when Rosemary hears even more shocking news.

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Elizabeth can barely eat or sleep since Lucas’s arrest. She does not doubt he is a good man, however there are some who don’t find it hard to believe that Lucas was working with Wyman Walden.

Hickam finds Bill excited to prepare his case against Walden. He tells Bill he is resigning as Mayor. He loves the town but feels this job may not be for him.

A pale and nauseous Rosemary gets examined at the infirmary. Faith fears it may be a stomach bug. Lee insists Rosemary go home and rest. He’ll reschedule their meeting with Arthur Gilchrist. Rosemary objects to canceling the meeting but agrees to go get some rest.

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Elizabeth checks on Rosemary to make sure she is okay. Rosemary wants Elizabeth to keep her distance so as not to get her sick. However, she cannot resist asking how Lucas is doing in jail.

Nathan stops by the café and grabs some ooey gooey cake. As he heads back to the jail he runs into a nervous Fiona. She grabs some of his cake and starts nibbling to stifle her nerves. She wants to do a good job with the oil deal and get the respect she deserves, not unwanted romantic advances from Arthur Gilchrist.

At the jail, Lucas thanks Elizabeth for her unwavering trust. He now understands how Henry feels with the town’s mixed opinions – or distrust – of them. Elizabeth has a gift for Lucas: a watch. He is touched by the engraving that reads, “Our Time Has Come.” He agrees and gives her a kiss through the cell bars as Bill enters with news.

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Bill explains to Nathan, Elizabeth, and Lucas that man responsible for Nathan’s hit and run wants a plea deal in exchange for testifying that Walden paid him to place the gambling ledgers in Lucas’ office. His testimony would exonerate Lucas. However, it would also mean the man who hit Nathan would walk free. Bill leaves the choice on whether to accept the plea to Nathan.

Rosemary wakes up from her rest to find Lee practicing his typing. She fears they are late for their meeting with Gilchrist. Lee tells her not to worry since he canceled it. With time on her hands, she heads back over to the infirmary to check in with Faith. Faith has an idea of what’s going on with Rosemary – she may be pregnant!

Finding himself free, Gilchrist insists on visiting the mine. Jerome tries to dissuade him, but Gilchrist insists on heading there before meeting over contract terms in Bill’s office. Jerome asks Fiona if Henry has returned, to which she answers no.

Lee visits Joseph at the café to apologize again for going behind his back and guaranteeing the loan. Joseph knows Lee was just trying to help. He believes Lee can understand as a man it was hard not to be able to provide the loan for his family. What Lee may not understand, through no fault of his own, is the unspoken reason why the loan was denied.

At Bill’s office, Jerome and Arthur arrive. Arthur states they are ready to settle into negations with Fiona and puts his hand on her arm. Fiona gently pulls her arm away and reminds him to call her Miss Miller. Arthur notes Henry’s absence may be for the best as they were not pleased having to toss him out of their last meeting. Suddenly, Henry bursts into the office.

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Rosemary visits with Elizabeth at the row house to speak about something important – an editorial on the mine. She feels the town has a right to know the facts about what happened with Wyman and the possible re-opening of the mine. Elizabeth rejects the idea as she told Rosemary about the mine in confidence and fears the story would paint Lucas in a bad light.

Nathan shares with Lucas that he wanted to be a Mountie to keep people safe, which includes holding people accountable. He hasn’t decided yet on how to handle the hit and run, but wants Lucas to know it’s a tough decision that has nothing to do with their personal history.

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After reading Rosemary’s article on the possibility of the mine opening, Elizabeth admits it was fair and she was right to tell the town. Rosemary apologizes for betraying Elizabeth’s trust and vows not to do it again. In the spirit of transparency, Rosemary tells Elizabeth she may be pregnant.

Nathan arrives at Elizabeth’s and lets her know he is advising Bill to accept the plea deal from the man who hit him. Elizabeth hugs Nathan with gratitude, knowing full well what it took to make the decision.

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Later in a private chat with Henry, Jerome proposes letting Fiona handle the oil company while he and Henry investigate what it would take to safely re-open the mine.

While at his office celebrating the news of his innocence, Lucas remembers to give Elizabeth her gift. He pulls out a ring box, but before he can present it to Elizabeth, he gets a call from Bill. He learns Henry has agreed to manage the mine making it even more likely it will open.

Henry leaves his office passing a visibly distraught Molly and Florence. He apologizes about the news of the mine, seeing the pain it has caused them. Florence slaps him and asks how he could let this happen.