Recap: Long Time Running - Season 10 - Episode 11

Lucas is the talk of Hope Valley. Elizabeth and the whole town rally around him, but everyone still worries it won't be enough to stop the Governor.

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At the saloon, Elizabeth, and Lucas stare at yet another newspaper with Lucas’ face on the front page. Lucas tells Elizabeth that he feels a little embarrassed by the newfound fame, but Elizabeth reassures him that he has done the right thing by exposing the governor. Mike brings over cake for them to taste for their wedding. Rosemary interrupts to announce Lucas has another newspaper interview.

As Lee and Bill play golf, Bill tells Lee that the judge in Union City approved an injunction that all water diversion projects be halted immediately. Bill fears the governor can still veto it.

Lucas tells Nathan that he hopes the voters turn out for Cunningham, who is running for governor. Nathan leaves the saloon and runs into Elizabeth. She tells him that as Hope Valley’s future is in jeopardy, she realizes she took raising Little Jack there for granted.

At the mercantile, Mike is shopping as he hears Mei come in. He panics and picks up a random book to cover his face. Mei approaches him and they greet each other. She asks what he is reading, and he lies that he’s reading his favorite romance novel, Night of the Lonesome Heart. He gives it to her to borrow and tells her to share her thoughts on it.

Inside the Coulter offices, Rosemary is talking to Elizabeth about her wedding plans, but she is not listening. She tells Rosemary her mind is elsewhere, like on the water diversion scheme. The phone rings and Rosemary learns that Cunningham has withdrawn from the governor race. Governor Balfour will now run unopposed.

Elizabeth and Rosemary join Mike and Lucas at the saloon. They learn Cunningham has pulled out because of health concerns, but they are not buying it. They suspect that perhaps he was threatened or bribed. They fear that if someone else doesn’t run against Balfour, he will easily be re-elected and resume the water diversion project that will harm Hope Valley forever.

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At the saloon, Elizabeth reminds Lucas that everyone knows what Governor Balfour is up to. While Lucas has doubts, Elizabeth reassures him that public will put the pieces together to realize the truth. Rosemary and Lee enter and share the news that no one wants to run against Balfour. Mr. Mitchel enters and explains that Cunningham’s old team is requesting a call with Lucas as they are looking for a new candidate. They feel he would be perfect.

Inside Bill’s office, Nathan enters with Robert Wolf. Robert shares that he saw a bunch of workers setting up camp, and Montague was among them. Bill concludes that Montague is picking up work on the water diversion. Nathan suggests taking a ride up there to make their stay unpleasant.

In Lucas’ office, he and Elizabeth consider the news that Lucas has been asked to run against Balfour. Rosemary’s article has been picked up by dozens of newspapers and everyone trusts Lucas to be a great contender. He is conflicted and asks Elizabeth if she will support him if he runs. She says if it’s what he wants, she will. They walk out and share with Rosemary, Lee, Mike, and Mr. Mitchel that Lucas is going to run. They cheer him on and prepare to toast with champagne. While Elizabeth is alone, Rosemary attempts to get her real feelings about it. Elizabeth nods and tells her it’s for the future of Hope Valley. Rosemary is concerned.

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At the saloon, Mei approaches Mike to return his novel. She tells him she loved the book. Mike confesses that he didn’t read it. She encourages him to so they can discuss it on a date.

Bill and Nathan are riding horses side by side. They realize that if Lucas campaigns, he will have to move to Capital City, a 22-hour train ride away. This is hard for Nathan to hear. They approach the makeshift campsite set up by Montague. They confront him and he tells them he is on governor property, so it is none of their business. They ask him if he is aware of the injunction and Montague tells them that it only applies to private property.

At the Coulter offices, Rosemary is at her typewriter while Henry is fixing a leaky roof. She asks Henry to watch Goldie while she steps out. Later, she Lee and return to see Henry through the window, carefully looking after their daughter. This warms their hearts.

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Elizabeth and Lucas walk into town as the “Lucas Bouchard for Governor” banner is being raised. The town offers him their heartfelt support. Montague drives up and sees the sign, realizing this could ruin his plan. Nathan observes the celebration and worries what this will mean for Elizabeth.

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At the saloon, Lucas is set up to do interviews. Rosemary and other reporters interview him about running for governor and leaving Hope Valley. Lucas tells them he must run and no matter what happens or what city he moves too, Elizabeth will come with him.

Back in his office, Elizabeth is not happy that Lucas answered for her that she will move. She tells him they should discuss those type of things together first. He apologizes and thought if she was okay with him running, she would be okay with them moving together. Elizabeth agrees, but she admits that she did not think that all the way through yet.

At school, Emily approaches Elizabeth and cries about the idea of her leaving. Elizabeth reminds her that nothing has been made official yet. Emily tells her there is no one better than her.

Minnie, Joseph, Angela, and Cooper enter the saloon, carrying a donation jar filled with money. Cooper gives it to Lucas, who is grateful that they are excited for him to win the election. After they depart, Lucas asks Mike to watch the place while he’s gone.

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At the schoolhouse, Nathan approaches Elizabeth and is not pleased with the possibility of her moving to Capital City. She means too much to the community and the children. Elizabeth tells him that if Lucas wins, they will figure it out and she will leave with Lucas. Nathan is secretly devastated.

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Inside the Coulter offices, Rosemary ponders that if she didn’t write that article about Lucas then perhaps he would never have been up for governor. Lee tells her that Lucas is the man for the job.

At Elizabeth’s house, Lucas is working on his speech, and Elizabeth discusses going to Capital City with him. Lucas questions if this is what she really wants. She says she wants to be there when he wins, and they should take things one step at a time. Lucas is happy and relieved that Elizabeth will be by his side.

Later that night, Rosemary and Elizabeth look at old photos. Elizabeth asks Rosemary if Little Jack can stay with her while she goes to Capital City to campaign. Elizabeth shares that she’s conflicted. She can’t imagine leaving Hope Valley, but she feels obligated as she is Lucas’ wife to be. Her heart doesn’t want to go. She is also concerned about her wedding. Rosemary tells her whatever she decides, she will support her.

At Lucas’ office, he is packed and ready to go. Elizabeth wants to share something with him, but she is interrupted by the chiming clock. They leave to catch their train as the town offers their final support.

They arrive at the train station and Lucas thanks Elizabeth for being by his side. Before he boards, Elizabeth breaks it to him that she’s changed her mind: she can’t go with him on the campaign to Capital City. She believes he is destined to be governor, but her whole life is in Hope Valley and that’s where she wants to be, especially to raise her son. Lucas says he will stay with them then, but Elizabeth tells him he’s bound for a bigger stage, and he must go. Lucas suspects there’s more to this. Elizabeth cries and reveals that her heart is not in it. Lucas shares that he knew that deep down something was missing between them and he was afraid to bring it up. They realize they are on two different paths and they both deserve someone else. He wishes her all the happiness in the world and leaves to board his train.