Recap: Journey into Light - Season 9 - Episode 5

School Inspector Augustus Landis is back in town and starts questioning Elizabeth's new accreditation to teach Angela. Lucas and Nathan decide to have a race, animal vs. machine.

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Allie and Nathan return to Hope Valley. Nathan thanks Elizabeth for letting him ride Sergeant for the journey.

Joseph and Cooper watch as Bill sends off the man they think hit Nathan with his car to the penitentiary. Lee approaches with a favor to ask Joseph: he’d like to go to the mill with him to finish a special project.

Later, outside the Soda Fountain, Nathan and Bill take notice of Lucas and Wyman speaking. They wonder why those two seem thick as thieves lately.

Inside the Soda Fountain, Allie meets Mei at the pharmacy counter. Allie thinks Mei is so beautiful. Nathan claims not to have noticed. Allie says he is just like someone else she knows, pointing to an oblivious Robert.

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Elizabeth finds a frustrated Rosemary decluttering the Valley Voice headline board. Rosemary fears Lee is starting to get tired of her. Ever since they started working together in the office they seem to be getting farther apart at home.

Meanwhile, Bill tries to help Hickam gain some gravitas in the community. He starts by telling Hickam to ditch the bowtie.

He also encourages him not to be so nice all the time as people will think he is trying to pull a fast one on them.

Nearby. Elizabeth finds Lucas working on Lee’s motorcycle, which he now owns. He was riding to blow off some steam over Jerome Smith and the pending sale of the oil company. He apologizes for his casual appearance – his shirttail is out, sleeves rolled up and hair a mess. However, Elizabeth likes this rugged look and gives him a kiss.

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At the office, Rosemary takes a call from her confidential informant. Lee wonders who it is but she reminds him it’s confidential. Lee steps out stating he needs to talk to Joseph. However, when Rosemary checks in with Joseph, Lee is nowhere to be found. Lee lied – he is really at the mercantile trying to get Florence to spill the name of Rosemary’s informant.

Allie calls Nathan “Dad” as she laments over her feelings for Robert. Nathan is happy to hear Allie call him by the new name and suggests she and Robert try just being friends for a while.

At the schoolhouse, Elizabeth apologizes to Mr. Landis for her prior outburst as he leaves to oversee the ruling on her certification to teach Angela. Before he goes, Minnie approaches and invites Landis to dinner.

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While cleaning up the office Rosemary finds a love poem on Lee’s desk. Later, she asks Elizabeth if it’s possible he has met someone else. Elizabeth assures her true love never strays and encourages her to talk to Lee.

At the Canfield cabin Minnie prepares for dinner with Mr. Landis despite Cooper’s protests. Landis arrives and soon shares he used to be a music teacher. Minnie tells him Angela plays the piano and has her play for him. When Landis joins her at the piano, they have a great time playing together.

At the saloon Lucas is about to head out when Nathan asks him what is going on with him and Wyman. Lucas wonders why Nathan is so curious about him lately.

Later, after dinner with Elizabeth, Lucas admits he has been challenged to a race by Nathan. He will ride his motorcycle as Nathan rides Newton. Elizabeth wonders if Lucas is trying to prove something with this race.

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The next day, Nathan and Lucas take off in a race. Shortly after that, Lucas’s motorcycle dies. Nathan asks if Lucas would like a ride back to town. Lucas declines.

Nathan returns to town with a round of applause. Elizabeth asks if Lucas is okay. Nathan assures the only thing hurt is Lucas’s pride.

Nearby at the barbershop, Fiona shares with Faith that she closed an oil deal. Henry arrives, upset with that Fiona allowed Jerome to buy out Lucas’ portion of the company.

As Landis says goodbye to Hope Valley, he lets Elizabeth know he is going to return to teaching as Minnie reminded him of his passion for it.

Bill watches Hickam shake hands with Wyman. Bill warns Hickam to watch out as Wyman is a snake and he may get bitten.

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Back at home Lee invites Rosemary to the backyard. He tells her they need more time together outside of work. Rosemary is surprised, she thought he was sick of spending time together.

He has a surprise for her: lawn chairs that he built with Joseph’s help. He assures this chair is solid, unlike the last chair he had her sit in. As they sit down, he recites the poem she found on his desk.

Lucas finally makes his way back to town with his broken bike and finds Elizabeth waiting for him at the gas station. He admits he has never stayed put for a long time. Elizabeth is the reason he stays in Hope Valley and vows if they were married, he would run home to her every night. The two share a sweet kiss.

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