Recap: Hope Valley Days Part Two - Season 9 - Episode 8

Residents of Hope Valley continue to enjoy the first ever Hope Valley Days Festival, though with an unwelcome visitor unexpectedly still in town, everyone is coming together, not just in celebration, but to help one of their own.

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Nathan learns Jeffrey plans to inquire about the job Mei took from him at the pharmacy. He and Mei could potentially run the pharmacy together.

Overhearing the news that Jeffrey is Mei’s husband, Elizabeth rushes over to the saloon to tell Lucas. However, he already knows. Lucas goes in for a kiss, but Elizabeth only gives him a peck on the cheek – punishment for not sharing the gossip sooner.

Elizabeth checks on Nathan, who is posted outside the pharmacy. He is not enjoying being the talk of the town. Elizabeth shares that people care about him and it’s okay if he cares about Mei. Just then, they spot Jeffrey heading towards Mei. Once he spots Nathan watching, he backs off.

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At the pharmacy, Nathan asks Mei what happened with Jeffrey. Mei was an apprentice to Jeffrey while in medical school. When he wanted more than friendship, he began telling everyone they were engaged. Mei finally left Chicago after discovering he’d filed a forged marriage license. She came to Hope Valley after finding out about the open pharmacist position. Nathan believes Mei, but they still need proof of Jeffrey’s wrongdoing.

Lee, dressed as Romeo, runs into Hickam and tries to make amends for his harsh editorial. Hickam brushes him off. Back at the office, he admits to Rosemary he did not realize the pen was mightier than the sword regarding the hit piece on Hickam. Rosemary realizes their paper has a big impact on people, giving them a huge responsibility.

Lucas runs into a rural schoolteacher at the bulletin board, looking for books. He stops and introduces himself and explains Elizabeth can help them.

Bill is thrilled with the news of Minnie and Joseph taking on ownership of the café. They celebrate over ciders. Bill must excuse himself after he starts coughing. Outside, he realizes he is coughing up blood.

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At the infirmary, Faith and Molly insist Bill go to Union City to get tested for pneumonia. As Faith goes to the infirmary to pick up supplies to help Bill, she finds Nathan arresting Mei as Jeffrey demanded Nathan take her into custody.

Lucas takes over Elizabeth’s class as she speaks with the rural schoolteacher, Mary, at the saloon. Elizabeth finds Mary lives too far from town to gather materials for class. Elizabeth was in the same position once and thinks she can help Mary.

Meanwhile, Lucas leads the class in a riveting English lesson that includes tossing around a baseball. The class likes his teaching style.

At the jail, Faith sits by Mei’s cell. She apologizes, feeling it’s her fault Jeffrey found her, as she called him about the pharmacist job. Faith heads back to the infirmary to check on Bill.

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At the infirmary, Molly discovers Bill has a bruise from his scuffle with Jeffrey. Faith warns Bill to take his cough medicine and take it easy as he may have a cracked rib. She cannot be sure as she does not have an x-ray machine.

Later, Nathan finds Bill at the jail, overdosed on cough syrup and drunkenly chatting away with Mei. Bill says his ex-wife followed him to Hope Valley, too. Just then Nathan receives a call from Chief Inspector Hargraves on Mei’s charges. Hargraves got a call from the Mayor of Chicago asking for Mei to be transported back to Chicago.

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Minnie prepares for Thanksgiving dinner. Emma arrives for her shift early. Elizabeth arrives to help with dinner and to hear the good news that Minnie wants Emma to keep her job and rent a room upstairs. Emma is grateful to be able to stay in Hope Valley.

Lee publishes a positive editorial on Hickam. Rosemary is proud of him and says maybe one day Lee will run again. Lee assures her that he will not.

As Bill leaves the infirmary after a checkup, Hickam arrives and asks Faith to join him at the church. Hickam does state he was surprised not to get one April Fool’s joke from Bill. Bill states you never know, he may have fooled them all.

At the jail, Nathan is releasing Mei from her cell as Jeffrey arrives. He thinks Mei will come to Chicago with him, but Nathan has other news. Nathan has found Jeffrey’s real marriage license to a woman in Lewisville. Jeffrey finally leaves. Mei thanks Nathan with a hug.

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At the church, Joseph leads a lovely service which ends with him asking everyone to head to the saloon for Elizabeth’s Thanksgiving dinner. Little Jack shouts out, “Let’s eat.”

As everyone heads over to the saloon for dinner, they find a beautiful Christmas tree out front. The surprise has the town singing carols. However, they don’t know who put up the tree. Nearby at his office Bill whispers, “April Fool’s.”