Recap: Hope Valley Days Part One - Season 9 - Episode 7

Mayor Hickam decides that Hope Valley needs to get back to its hopeful, joyous roots and decides to host Hope Valley Days, a collective celebration inspired by giving, fun, hope, and love.

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Outside the mercantile Hickam speaks to the town. He has cleared traffic from main street and has another announcement. As mayor, Hickam declares this week will be the first annual Hope Valley Days! Celebrations include Elizabeth’s Thanksgiving, Florence and Ned’s Hannukah, Lee and Rosemary’s Halloween and new town council member Mei’s Valentine’s Day. He jokes Bill is overseeing April Fool’s.

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Already in Halloween mode, Lee is dressed as Mark Antony when he finds a letter for Rosemary – dressed as Cleopatra - from a gentleman who works for William Randolph Hearst! Rosemary is hopeful it means he wants to add their little newspaper to his mighty empire.

Faith finds Mei putting up decorations for Valentine’s Day and Qixi – the Chinese celebration of love. Nathan walks by the door and Faith notices Mei’s eyes linger on him. Faith reminds her there is nothing wrong with love.

Jeffrey, a very rude and demanding man, barges into Bill’s office stating his wife is in town and needs to be arrested. Bill demands he come back when he is more reasonable. The man refuses to leave. Bill tells him that was a big mistake as shortly after he rolls a barrel past Hickam’s office containing an unconscious Jeffrey. Hickam assumes the limp body is an April fool’s joke.

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At the jail Nathan tells Bill there are no arrest warrants for Jeffrey but there are three for Mei Soo for larceny, forgery, and spousal abandonment. Nathan can tell Bill is not surprised. Bill admits Mei hired him as her attorney.

As Elizabeth picks up buttermilk biscuits from the café, Minnie shares her excitement over applying for a loan to purchase Abigail’s portion of the café. Elizabeth congratulates her and finds former student Emma working at the café. However, something seems off with her.

Later at the schoolhouse, Emma asks for Elizabeth’s help as her mother got a better job in Bellingham. Emma does not want to move with her; she’d rather stay in Hope Valley and earn enough money at the café to go to college.

Ned and Florence ask Mei to stay on as their permanent pharmacist. Mei is elated! Her excitement soon comes to a halt when Bill and Nathan confront her about Jeffrey’s claims and her arrest warrants.

Faith asks Hickam about getting an X-ray for the infirmary. He his hands are tied, and he cannot offer he any special treatment. He believes with hard work Faith can grow her private practice enough to get what it needs to support the town.

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Faith gives Bill a checkup. She orders him to go into the city for a chest x-ray as she feels he may have pneumonia.

Nathan finds Elizabeth outside the library and asks for a driving lesson now. She agrees to get Lucas’ car and meet him by the Salon.

Joseph and Minnie pray the bank will give them the loan. However, Joseph tries to brace Minnie for the reality that many places are not like St. Louis, where her family was well respected.

Nathan and Elizabeth sit in Lucas’s car. Nathan is impressed by the buttons, wondering what they do and presses one that honks the horn. Elizabeth tries to go through each item in the car before taking off, just like her father taught her. Nathan hops out of the car and asks if Lucas can teach him instead.

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Bill finds Mei at the jail with news they have found a marriage license with Mei’s signature. She insists it’s a forgery. Bill has no choice but to let Jeffrey go. As Mei leaves, Jeffrey follows her. He pleads with her to come back with him to Chicago. She refuses and tells him goodbye.

Joseph comes back to drop off Lee’s car from their travels to the bank in Buxton. He is sad to report the bank refused to give them the loan. After Joseph leaves, Lee calls the banker to back the Canfields’ loan as Joseph has been a great friend and colleague. Rosemary is all for backing the loan but thinks Lee should have asked Joseph first.

Lucas finds Nathan in his car for a lesson. However, Lucas finds Nathan deep in thought over Mei’s situation with Jeffrey. He wonders why she didn’t mention the marriage. Lucas says he may be once bitten, twice shy and should talk to Mei before walking away from her. Nathan hops out of the car – again! He thanks Lucas for the lesson.

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Ned leads a Hanukkah celebration at the saloon. Minnie and Joseph arrive with exciting news that the bank called and approved their loan! Lee says it could not have happened to a better man. Lee also admits that Hickam did a great job with Hope Valley Days!

Later at the bonfire, Lucas asks if Elizabeth would ever consider a fall wedding. Elizabeth asks if he would ever consider a spring wedding.