Recap: Hope Springs - Season 10 - Episode 2

Everyone is buzzing with talk of the Hot Springs and how it will help the town. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Lucas host Aunt Agatha and Julie on an interesting visit to Hope Valley.

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As morning dawns in Hope Valley, Faith, Mei, and Fiona are quick to notice Bill's cheerful demeanor. He exudes a revitalized energy as he heads towards Ned’s office to pick up a parcel.

Outside the saloon, Elizabeth is waiting with Rosemary for her family’s arrival. It’s obvious that she is nervous. Rosemary reassures a concerned Elizabeth that her sister and aunt are visiting to help plan the wedding and to see Little Jack, not to judge Lucas. Bill wishes Lucas luck just as Aunt Agatha and Julie arrive. Aunt Agatha attempts to break the ice with a joke, but Elizabeth’s concern remains.

In his office, Lee shares his excitement with Rosemary about an opportune business meeting. Rosemary discusses plans to support Elizabeth through wedding planning with her family. Rosemary recognizes the potential clash between her family's preference for extravagance and Elizabeth's desire for simplicity, so Rosemary wants to be present as an advocate for Elizabeth's wishes.

Back in town, Cooper pesters Bill to allow the kids to swim in the hot springs again. When Bill protests, citing the spring’s safety, Cooper points out that Bill has been going up there every day so it must be safe. Unable to delve into a detailed explanation, Bill swiftly escapes the situation by excusing himself and making his way to his office.

At the pharmacy, Nathan asks Mei to fill a prescription for his shoulder pain. Mei notices that Nathan avoided Faith and saw someone else for his prescription. Nathan denies it, but Mei counters, noting Nathan traveled all the way to another town rather than face Faith. Nathan squirms at the truth.

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At home, Aunt Agatha and Julie overwhelm Elizabeth with lavish wedding ideas just as Rosemary suspected would happen. Like a good friend, Rosemary comes to her rescue, redirecting them to simpler designs and materials more to Elizabeth’s liking.

On a hike, Mei, Fiona, and Faith discover Bill taking a soak and singing to himself in the hot spring, which they tease him for trying to keep to himself.

At Rosemary and Lee’s house, Rosemary and Elizabeth sip tea. Elizabeth thanks her for advocating for her with her family. Lee sets out for his big business meeting and Rosemary wonders how she can help. Lee tells her to take Faith’s advice and rest. She refuses and Rosemary recruits Elizabeth to join her in supporting Lee, despite Faith’s advice that she prioritize rest before the baby comes.

Mei, Fiona, and Faith settle down to picnic by the spring. Faith observes that the steam from the hot spring may be responsible for lessening Bill’s symptoms. They tease Bill for being shy to come out the water in front of them in his bathing suit.

Minnie and Florence enjoy Molly’s baked goods, and the trio discuss Joseph’s busy work schedule and the rising threat of bandits.

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Outside his office, Rosemary and Elizabeth spy on Lee while he meets with businessman Barnaby. Seeing the meeting isn’t going as hoped, Rosemary interrupts and turns the tide by bringing into focus friendship and family values.

Nathan and Faith run into each other at the saloon. They share a tense interaction about their previous relationship before Faith joins Mei and Fiona to research the hot spring’s potential to treat respiratory ailments.

While there, the ladies discuss the spring becoming a tourist attraction. Bill overhears and questions whether attracting tourists is the best idea. In the other corner, Aunt Agatha sizes up Lucas as a poker opponent, and Bill encourages Lucas to play a game.

At home, Elizabeth hears about Julie’s time at art school in London, going against their father’s wishes that she study law. Elizabeth wonders about Aunt Agatha’s opinion of Lucas and discovers that her mother wants the wedding to happen back home in Hamilton rather than in Hope Valley. Julie admits their parents’ hope that Lucas and Elizabeth would move to Hamilton, to Elizabeth’s dismay.

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Over a game of poker with Lucas, Bill, and Mike, Aunt Agatha floats the possibility of Lucas relocating and working with Elizabeth’s family. Lucas avoids having to respond by folding to Aunt Agatha, despite having a winning hand.

Elizabeth vents to Rosemary about her family’s unwelcome suggestions. She worries Lucas may be tempted to leave Hope Valley, and Rosemary encourages her to speak to him.

In Bill’s office, Bill, Lee, and Lucas discuss Henry’s pre-trial. They are optimistic they could get the case dismissed, but Henry has missed yet another meeting with them. Later, Bill finds Henry at the stables and scolds him for missing the meeting about his case.

In town, Mike asks Faith if she’d like to join him on a hike to the hot spring, but she’s busy doing rounds in other towns. Mike offers to escort her because of the bandits, and Faith insists she can handle herself.

Outside the saloon, Mike informs Nathan that shipments have been spotty due to bandits and that Faith is travelling to do rounds. Concerned, Nathan takes off after her.

On the road, Nathan interrupts a bandit robbing Faith. The bandit takes off as Scout arrives, and Nathan insists on accompanying her the rest of her journey.

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At the schoolhouse, Aunt Agatha compliments Elizabeth on her gift for teaching, still trying to convince her to return to Hamilton. Aunt Agatha believes Lucas is meant for greater opportunities than he’ll find on the frontier.

In Bill’s office, the judge discusses Henry’s case with him and the opposing legal team. Henry pleads guilty to all charges despite Bill’s shocked protests.

On a walk, Lucas and Elizabeth worry about Henry, and Elizabeth mentions to Lucas her family’s desire for them to move to Hamilton. Lucas admits Aunt Agatha brokered the idea over poker, but Mike interrupts their conversation before anything is resolved. Elizabeth admits to Rosemary that she is still concerned, and they consider how to discourage further pressure from Aunt Agatha.

At the saloon, Lucas asks Jerome to have mercy on Henry. He offers Jerome another perspective that Henry was trying to save lives but Jerome coldly refuses to show any sympathy.

Joseph visits Henry at the stables to confront him for pleading guilty. Henry is fine with his decision.