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Recap: Great Expectations - Season 10 - Episode 4

The Coulter baby is late, but Faith assures them it's fine. By the time Rosemary goes into labor, the entire town is there to support her. Madeline tries to stay in Hope Valley.

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Rosemary receives a check-up from Faith because the baby is a week overdue. Faith reassures her and Lee, advising Rosemary to stay active. Faith suggests that the pair not worry and try to distract themselves from thinking about the baby’s due date. As Lee and Rosemary walk through town, they brainstorm ways to take Faith’s advice. However, Mike walks by and comments on Rosemary’s big belly, quickly followed by Florence, making it hard to forget!

As Bill teaches Jamie to shoot a basketball, Bill suggests he befriend the other kids in town. Meanwhile, Harry, the bandit, walks along the boardwalk into the Mercantile hoping not to be seen.

Little Jack and Elizabeth sneak up on Lucas, and they sit outside on the saloon’s porch. Rosemary and Lee stop by, and Little Jack seems surprised by the idea of a mommy and a daddy. Elizabeth frowns, concerned.

Bill walks into the saloon and sees Mrs. St. John sitting in his usual booth. She asks him to join her, and they talk about Jamie warming up to Hope Valley and the possibility of moving there.

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Faith spots Nathan with Scout and walks over to thank him for his help with the bandit. When Harry walks out of Ned and Florence’s shop, Scout starts barking. The man stumbles and Faith insists on treating his injured hand. Nathan looks on, suspicions raised.

Joseph stops by the stables and sees Henry bonding with the horses. He offers Henry a supportive ear whenever he needs to talk.

In Faith’s office, she treats an anxious Harry. As she leaves to grab supplies to finish treating him, he climbs out the back window, and Nathan catches him with stolen lard. Faith runs into them, and Nathan reveals that Harry is the bandit who tried to rob her.

Little Jack starts asking Elizabeth about his father, and she painfully explains that he’s no longer with them.

At Nathan’s jailhouse, as Faith finishes dressing the bandit’s wound, he apologizes to her. She learns he’s been stealing to support his family. Faith recognizes that people make mistakes, and everyone deserves a second chance. Nathan is reluctant.

At home, Elizabeth shows Little Jack his dad’s old Mountie hat. She places it on his head and bittersweetly smiles.

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Still walking around town, Rosemary starts to feel contractions, and she yells for Lee to fetch Faith. Florence and Holly scramble to bring Faith, who rushes to Rosemary, accompanied by Nathan, through a growing crowd. Lucas, Lee, Faith, and Rosemary hurry home in Lucas’ car.

At the café, Minnie and Holly let Mei know the baby is coming, and they start preparing food.

On the saloon’s porch, Jamie longingly watches the other kids play. Mrs. St. John asks if he’d like to join her on a tour, but he pouts and goes inside instead, asking to go home. Mike arrives to pick her up for the tour.

Jamie approaches Toby and Cooper by the basketball hoop and asks if he can play with them. Toby protests, but Cooper invites Jamie to join them. Jamie apologizes for his tendency to be curt.

On her tour, Mrs. St. John has Mike pause next to a piece of land she’d like to buy. Mike informs her the town owns it, and she asks him about Bill. Mike impresses her with how Bill used to be a Mountie before becoming a lawyer, then judge, then mayor (alongside cook and small business owner).

Joseph meets with Bill at his office, where they worry about Henry’s anti-social behavior. Joseph suspects Henry requires a way to repent before he can feel better.

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At the jail, Nathan and the bandit talk about Faith. Nathan notices Scout warming up to Harry, which encourages Nathan to soften up too.

Mrs. St. John enters Bill’s office to ask about the land she wants to buy. He lets her know that town land isn’t for sale per the town’s values. She questions whether he’s holding a grudge because they got off on the wrong foot at the saloon and then the café, but he reassures her it’s not up to him.

At home, Rosemary is in bed with Faith and Elizabeth tending to her. Meanwhile, Lucas and Little Jack play while Lee releases stress on a walk. Little Jack asks Lucas about his dad, and they go get ice cream.

Elizabeth is outside Rosemary’s as Nathan walks by. He sits with her on the front steps, and they talk about childbirth and single parenthood. Elizabeth asks Nathan when Allie started asking about her mom. Nathan suggests she trust her instincts when talking to Little Jack about his father and offers the town’s support for Rosemary.

Back at the jail, Nathan opens the bandit’s cell to take him elsewhere.

Bedridden, Rosemary bemoans childbirth, and Faith and Elizabeth guide her through a contraction with breathing exercises. Next door, Lee admits to Lucas how helpless he feels.

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Outside Ned and Florence’s shop, Nathan has the bandit apologize. Ned and Florence offer him work at the store as payment for the stolen lard in exchange for dropping the charges.

In the saloon, Joseph and Bill meet with Henry and tell him he must complete community service per the Judge’s behest. Henry calls them out on their scheme but agrees to do the community service anyway.

Up at the bar, Mike and Bill talk about Mrs. St. John. Bill admits he’s suspicious of her motivations for buying up land in Hope Valley, and she interrupts their conversation. Mrs. St. John opens up about her past, and they talk about Jamie before she retires for the evening.

Highlight - Lighting Candles - When Calls the Heart

Back at home, Rosemary’s contractions are getting closer together; she’s exhausted and in distress. Elizabeth fetches Lee to help reassure her. As she calms down, Elizabeth joins Lucas outside to light a candle from Minnie, and everyone from town joins them with candles lit.

Faith steps outside and announces the baby is a girl. Elizabeth rushes back inside to meet her goddaughter, whose middle name is also Elizabeth, after her. Lee and Rosemary look on, tired but overjoyed.

Elizabeth walks through town the next day with her students, teaching them vocabulary words. They approach Mrs. St. John and Jamie on the saloon’s porch, and Cooper asks Jamie to join them at school.

Highlight - Learning About Love - When Calls the Heart

Later that day outside the schoolhouse, Lucas and Elizabeth sit together and talk about Little Jack and his father. Elizabeth reflects on the boundless nature of love as they lounge together, overlooking the pond.