Recap: Deep Water - Season 10 - Episode 9

Everyone helps Rosemary as the Governor visits early. Meanwhile, Nathan is called away to help with land trouble only to find himself in unexpected danger and with surprising intel.

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As a new day starts in Hope Valley, Elizabeth is reminded that her wedding is just six weeks away. Later, Elizabeth enters Bill’s office and finds Nathan there. They share with Bill that workers have been building a well on the land he sold Madeline.

Elizabeth is at the playground watching Little Jack play while they wait for Allie. As Allie approaches with Scout, Elizabeth heads off and runs into Nathan. They both observe how great Allie has been with Scout and Little Jack.

Rosemary approaches Elizabeth and notices something is wrong. Elizabeth tells her that Little Jack and Allie have become close. Rosemary asks if it bothers her because of her history with Nathan. Rosemary reminds her that she’s marrying Lucas soon and not to worry. Nathan will find someone else.

Molly, Mei, Fiona, and Minnie are at the café when Mike arrives. Mei and Mike realize that they are humming “All Through the Night” at the same time. He tells her that her pitch is perfect. In the café kitchen, Faith wonders to Fiona and Molly about the idea of Mei and Mike together. Minnie enters and tells them to stay out of it.

Rosemary and Elizabeth are discussing wedding plans when Florence enters and shares that the governor is arriving tomorrow! This is a huge problem for Rosemary. She promised big things to get him to visit, such as broadcasting his speech on the radio and getting a bandstand with an original song composed with a black-tie ball. They are shocked but they assure her they can pull together to make it happen. They make a pact to keep it a secret as to not cause a panic in Hope Valley.

Nathan notices that Elizabeth is in a hurry as she heads to the saloon. She stops in front of the mercantile and does her best not to reveal the secret. While there, Ned delivers a package to Elizabeth and a telegram to Nathan.

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At the Saloon, Elizabeth opens her package. It is a book with a note included. As Lucas arrives, Elizabeth tells him about the telegram that Rosemary received. Lucas cringes to learn about the events that are lined up. He offers his support and Elizabeth tells him to keep it a secret. Bill walks by wondering what the secret is.

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Elizabeth learns Bill already knows about the governor coming. They spot Montague and they share a look. Bill tells Elizabeth he found out that he is lying about building a well. Elizabeth shows Bill the book she received; Jamie returned it by mail for the library with a note. She wonders why Jamie couldn’t just return it in person since Montague said they were going to be gone for a few days. Elizabeth concludes that not only is Montague lying about the well, but he is lying about when Jamie and Madeline are returning. Mike overhears them and shares he doesn’t believe Madeline and Montague are engaged.

At the jail, Allie tells Nathan that she feels like everyone is hiding something. Nathan tells her to find it out while he goes to Rock Creek.

In Rock Creek outside of a cabin, three Pinkertons are behind trees with guns drawn. Nathan catches them and asks what they are doing there. One of the men, Westover, shares that they are security. The land belongs to them, but an old farmer named Clifford took one of their men hostage inside. Nathan tells them to put their guns down as he talks to Clifford, convincing him to let the hostage go in place of himself. Clifford does. Inside the cabin, Nathan demands to know what is going on.

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At the Saloon, Mei and Fiona approach Mike. Fiona tells them that she is putting him and Mei in charge of music in time for the governor’s arrival. She slips in that the governor will be arriving tomorrow so they will need an original song by then.

In the Rock Creek cabin, Clifford tells Nathan that he still has the paperwork from the people who bought his land. As he turns to get the paperwork, Nathan grabs his gun and turns it on him. Nathan suggests that Clifford tell him the rest back at headquarters. Clifford mentions Montague, which intrigues Nathan.

Inside the lumber offices, Elizabeth stands with Joseph and Lee as they look at Bandstand plans. Joseph tells them they can pull off the plans but grows worried when they learn the governor arrives tomorrow.

After reading a telegram meant for Nathan, Bill learns about the Pinkertons. He arrives in Rock Creek just in time to knock out one of the Pinkertons and to get Nathan and Clifford out.

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In the café, Mike and Mei practice their song for the governor. Cooper and Toby enter and laugh. Mei and Mike can’t decide on the right song. Cooper tells them about a song that Angela and Allie wrote that may work.

At the Saloon, Lucas and Mike go over the menu while Mr. Mitchel comes their way. He tells them that the water in the hot springs has disappeared and that Lucas should fix it. Mr. Mitchel tells them he is the governor’s advance man, and he will not be happy to learn that there are no hot springs. He also shares that he is not arriving tomorrow, but tonight.

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On the main street, Ned and Florence hang a banner for the governor and Rosemary and Elizabeth are pained to discover his name is spelled wrong. Rosemary is nervous that the plans are turning out to be a nightmare.

Lucas and Mike approach them to share that the governor is actually coming in three hours! Rosemary goes into a daze as Elizabeth takes her for a walk. They overhear Mei, Angela and Allie rehearsing a song for the governor. They enter the café and Rosemary tells them it sounds lovely. She learns they also wrote a version of the song for her that encourages her as their leader. She feels hopeful.

Elizabeth and Rosemary, and Goldie pass by Florence and Molly as they hang a new banner, this time with the correct spelling. Lucas approaches and is honest that he needs more time on some of his tasks. Instead of panicking, Rosemary lets it be. Elizabeth is impressed at her calm.

They look over at the half-built bandstand that Joseph and Lee are struggling to put together. Elizabeth suggests using some supplies from her wedding, but Rosemary says that they have infringed on her wedding planning enough. Henry offers to pitch in with help from the kids. Rosemary is touched as everyone gets to work.

At Rock Creek, Bill, Clifford, and Nathan stand at the tree line. Nathan observes through a telescope that Westover is irate and yelling at his men. Westover notices them and fires. Bill and Nathan quickly mount their horses while Clifford runs off in a different direction.

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Elizabeth, Florence, and Molly are at the mercantile when they learn of the violent standoff in Rock Creek. Elizabeth takes off to try to find Nathan. She arrives at the jail and doesn’t find him, instead spotting a telegram saying the standoff has escalated. She goes to the barn and notices he isn’t there either. Henry sees her and she tells him she fears something bad happened. They hear a commotion outside and Elizabeth runs out to see. She is relieved it is Nathan.

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Henry clocks her emotional reaction. Elizabeth goes to the library to privately let out all her emotions.

On the main street, the governor arrives. Rosemary scoots all the singers onto the stage as the choir performs and all of Hope Valley assembles. Mr. Mitchel, Lucas, and Rosemary welcome their honored guest. Mr. Mitchel takes him inside the Saloon to meet more townspeople. Meanwhile, Bill and Nathan approach the group – they need to talk in private.

In the lumber offices, Nathan, Elizabeth, Rosemary, Lucas, Bill, and Lee sit in a circle. Nathan tells them that Union City Holdings, which Montague is the head of, is constructing aqueducts to take water from Rock and Eagle Creek to send to Union City. They learn that Madeline was working for them all along. Lucas tells the group to keep this a secret.

Henry sees Elizabeth and has a word with her. He tells her that he notices the range of emotions that she’s been having concerning Nathan. She tells him she’s fine and that she was just worried about a friend.