Recap: Carpe Diem - Season 10 - Episode 1

Hope Valley faces an economic downturn together. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Bill learn that the children of Hope Valley have made a discovery that could change the future of the town.

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Over the past few months, everyone in Hope Valley has come together to do their part to keep the town together after the coal mine was destroyed. Florence, Molly and Minnie started a swap meet to prevent waste. Lee hired more people at the oil company and Rosemary pitched in to help even though she’s just a few weeks away from giving birth. Lucas and Elizabeth are busy planning for a fall wedding.

In town, Lucas sees Mike and buys up extra beets from a generous crop. Mike tells him he knows exactly what he’s doing and thanks him for all he’s done by hiring townspeople, including him. Lucas tells him he was more than qualified. Lucas sees Elizabeth who asks him about the beets, and he recalls that his grandmother always said, “Eat well, laugh often, love much.”

Outside the schoolhouse, Elizabeth teaches her class which includes Allie, Angela, Emily, Opal, Timmy and Sarah. She teaches them about the phrase “Carpe Diem,” or “seize the day.” Cooper and Toby arrive to class late, their hair wet. Elizabeth closes the lesson by reminding the kids to enjoy the moment every day, like she imagines Cooper and Toby have been doing.

In town, Nathan learns from Fiona that she, Mei, and Faith are all living together. At his station, Nathan greets Henry, who checks in to serve his probation. Bill stops by to tell Henry his trial is approaching, and Scout, a rookie Mountie dog, is delivered to Nathan. Bill starts coughing, and Henry expresses concern for Bill’s health. Henry points out that they’re both putting on a brave face.

At work, Joseph and Lee discuss expenses being tight. They consider ways to save money, and Lee reminds Joseph that he always says, “the good Lord will provide”.

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Rupert brings Sarah’s lunch by the school. He sadly admits to Elizabeth that they are moving because his dad, Richard, needs work and won’t accept what he feels is a handout from businesses in town. Rupert reveals that Sarah will be so upset when she finds out. This bothers Elizabeth, leaving her to concoct a plan to prevent the move.

Lucas places a large order at the general store and asks Ned to spread the word about a surprise event at the saloon. Lucas asks Minnie for a big favor.
Scout won’t listen to Nathan but warms up right away to Allie when she stops by the station. Nathan warns her not to get too attached.
Faith runs into Bill and questions why he didn’t see the doctor she recommended. She presses him to get exercise and fresh air.

At the office, Rosemary supports Lee’s decision to hire all the town’s men, but he worries he might have to lay some of them off soon. He only has enough payroll for maybe two months, and he doesn’t want to jeopardize their future. She assures him that all the new expenses have been covered. All she needs is him and their new baby.

Elizabeth enters and submits an article to Rosemary for The Valley Voice. She checks if Lee needs extra workers, suggesting Richard. Lee tells her that Richard never accepts help. Lee hopes to secure a big new contract so he can afford to hire Richard. Rosemary says she can always make more spending cuts to make room for Richard. Elizabeth offers Rosemary her old maternity clothes to help.

In town, Elizabeth expresses her support to Henry for his actions and tells him he doesn’t deserve what’s been happening to him.

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Bill plays with Little Jack and Elizabeth tries to talk to Bill about his health, but he brushes her concerns away. Little Jack asks Bill if he’s going away again. Bill says he’s not going anywhere.

At home, Lee tries Rosemary’s resourcefully made pie – prunes soaked in beet juice instead of cherries. Elizabeth stops by with her maternity clothes and Rosemary thanks her but worries to Lee about the colors, which aren’t to her taste. She feels the baby kick, and Lee kisses her belly.

The Wedding Plan - When Calls the Heart

In town, Elizabeth and Lucas discuss wedding invitations. Lucas wishes planning was simpler. Elizabeth mentions eloping, but Lucas doesn’t want to deprive their friends and family of celebrating their marriage.

Cooper leaves home early as Minnie is preparing beets in the kitchen. Allie, Cooper, and some friends then arrive dripping wet and late to school again. Allie explains to Elizabeth that they were late because of “Carpe Diem.”

At his office, Lee mentions the big work contract with Lucas before Lucas asks Lee to be his best man. Lee happily accepts.

My Good Poem - When Calls the Heart

After class, Allie shares a poem with Elizabeth. Elizabeth loves the poem and encourages her to share it, but Allie doesn’t feel ready. Elizabeth asks to share it anonymously for her. This makes Allie happy. Elizabeth asks in exchange for her to tell her the real reason why Allie and her friends were late before. Allie describes a new pond that Cooper found. She confesses that they’ve all been going there before and after school and even once during recess. Elizabeth thanks her for the confession.

In town, Elizabeth discovers Nathan is trying to find someone to adopt Scout. Elizabeth wonders what Allie thinks, Nathan says she will get over it.

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Elizabeth suggests to Bill that he should join her on a hike to examine the new swimming hole that Allie told her about. Bill is reluctant.

Lee shares with Rosemary that Lucas asked him to be his best man. Rosemary worries why Elizabeth hasn’t asked her to be the Matron of Honor since they are best friends.

In town, Richard turns down Lee’s offer for work yet again. Lee tries to convince him, but Richard insists that his family will find their way.

Bill and Elizabeth arrive at the pond just as the kids arrive to swim. Bill worries the water isn’t safe, and the kids show him it’s a hot spring. Bill tests the water and realizes the kids are correct. Elizabeth decides they can still swim if they get their parents’ permission.

Elizabeth wonders if the hot spring could be a new source of income for the town. Bill admits something is wrong with his lungs, and Elizabeth encourages him to try some of Faith’s suggestions and to seize the day. She explains to him the meaning of “Carpe Diem.”

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At the saloon, Lucas reveals a surprise: he collaborated with Minnie on a community dinner. Meanwhile, Elizabeth discovers Rosemary has dyed her old maternity dresses to the colors she prefers.

Joseph shares a few words about the challenging times the town is facing and adds that they can accomplish anything together. In prayer, he encourages everyone to be humble and open to help.

Henry and Bill avoid the surprise dinner. Bill doesn’t want people fussing over him, and they comfort each other over their current predicaments. Henry reminds Bill to enjoy the gift of time.

Matron of Honor - When Calls the Heart

At the dinner, Rosemary asks why Elizabeth hasn’t asked her to be Matron of Honor. Elizabeth apologizes – having assumed it was obvious – and formally asks her. Ned and Florence congratulate Minnie and Lucas on a wonderful event. Elizabeth recites Allie’s poem.

As dancing starts, Richard admits to Lee that he can be humbler. Lee asks Richard if he can begin work Monday. Richard announces they won’t be moving, and everyone celebrates.

Later that night at their home, Faith, Mei, and Fiona discuss Nathan. Mei reassures Faith that there is nothing between them except friendship, and Fiona encourages Faith to try again at romance with Nathan.

Elsewhere, Lucas and Elizabeth enjoy the northern lights and share a kiss.

And Bill returns to the swimming hole, embraces “Carpe Diem,” and jumps into the hot spring.