Recap: Brother's Keeper - Season 11 - Episode 8

Elizabeth and Nathan help Tom out of a tight situation, and the town comes together after a setback. With encouragement from family, Joseph heals an old rift. Gowen councils Lucas.

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Outside of Elizabeth’s house, she and Tom share coffee as they discuss the debacle with the choir money. Tom doesn’t have the money to pay everyone back, and he realizes now that there were signs that Sweeney was a crook. Elizabeth tells him that Nathan alerted the police in New York so there might be a chance to catch Sweeney. Tom thinks that Jack was right about him, that he’s just a screw up, but Elizabeth says that that isn’t how Jack felt about him.

Nathan joins them and shares the news that the Mounties got Sweeney in custody and recovered the money Ned wired him. The bad news is that Sweeney gambled away the $300 raised by the choirs from other cities. Elizabeth tells Tom to head inside for breakfast. Nathan tells Elizabeth that if Tom can’t pay back the money he lost, he can be charged as an accessory to fraud. Elizabeth apologizes and tells Nathan that she should have listened to him and trusted his instincts, but Nathan knows she just wanted to believe in her brother-in-law. Nathan tells Elizabeth that he trusts her instincts, too.

In town outside of the daycare, Lee and Rosemary talk about how amazing Goldie is. Lee is meeting with Benson Hills Mayor Maisie Hickam later and asks what Rosemary is up to today. Rosemary reveals that Nathan has arranged for Clayton Pike to come stay at the Hope Valley prison so she and Bill can speak with him. Elizabeth interrupts and asks Rosemary to come with her to the schoolhouse for another emergency choir meeting.

At the schoolhouse, Tom, Elizabeth and Nathan tell the choir the news about Sweeney, but that they will be getting their money back. Joseph asks about the other towns and Tom informs them that Benson Hills’ and Jameson’s money is gone, but Tom will be apologizing to them personally. Elizabeth encourages Nathan to say something, so he tells the group that Tom told him about a plan he has to get the other towns’ money back. Nathan stammers about a fundraiser, and Elizabeth joins in that they will be hosting their own choir festival to raise funds. They will invite the choirs from other towns too, and Rosemary says she and Lee will donate the inn for folks to stay at. Everyone is on board with the plan and starts getting organized.

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Lee meets with Maisie who still insists that this resort will be a disaster. Lee agrees to disagree and says that they have a merged town to take care of. Lee wants to proceed with discussing the paving of roads, but Maisie is concerned with what that would cost. Rosemary enters bursting with the new of a choral festival fundraiser in Hope Valley. Maisie hasn’t heard the news about the Salt Lake City festival scheme by J.B. Sweeney, so Rosemary informs her that he is a swindler and a con-man. Maisie can’t believe that Tom Thornton has lost their money, and leaves Lee’s office to find him.

Outside in town, Tom oversees the building of a stage for their choir festival fundraiser and Faith joins him. Maisie approaches and confronts Tom about the loss of funds. Mike asks for Maisie to give Tom a break, but she questions him repeatedly if he has their money. Maisie tells Nathan that she wants Tom arrested for theft, but Nathan says that that isn’t necessary. Elizabeth and the others promise that Tom is going to make the money back, and if he doesn’t, Nathan says that he will then put Tom in jail. Maisie agrees and walks away. Elizabeth asks Nathan if he’s really going to put Tom in jail, and Nathan says he hopes it doesn’t come to that.

In town, Mike hangs a sign for the choir festival outside of the saloon. A man gets out of a taxi and asks Mike where he might find Joseph Canfield; Mike tells him to check the café or the church.

Rosemary approaches the jail as Nathan leads Clayton Pike and the other Mounties inside to put Pike behind bars for his stay. Nathan leaves to grab Pike some food and introduces him to Bill and Rosemary. The two explain to Pike how they met with his mother and they know that he took the fall for Lucas’s attempted murder because he needed money for his mother’s surgery. They ask Pike to tell them who hired him because they might be able to help, but he won’t.

Outside of the Queen of Hearts saloon, Elizabeth asks Nathan if he’s busy as the choir could use another tenor. Elizabeth jokes that Nathan boasted about having a lovely singing voice, but Nathan suggests she ask Bill. Toby, Angela and Cooper discuss their setup for the fundraiser as the man from before approaches asking to buy one of their specials. He asks if they are Angela and Cooper and tells them that he is their Uncle Jacob. Minnie rounds the corner and greets Jacob with a hug; they all welcome him inside the café. Joseph sees Jacob and offers his hand for a shake, but Jacob doesn’t take it. Cooper asks how long Jacob can stay, and Jacob says it depends on whether or not their father is ready to apologize. Joseph tells Jacob he can’t apologize unless he knows what he needs to apologize for. Jacob says that if Joseph doesn’t know, there’s no point in him trying to tell him. Jacob says goodbye and heads out; Minnie follows him.

Outside of the café, Minnie tells Jacob that Joseph is a good man who misses him. She asks him what happened between them, and he says it doesn’t matter because what’s done is done. She asks him to stay and get to know Cooper and Angela since he came all this way. Jacob tells Minnie that she’s always been kind to him and he would love to get to know his niece and nephew, but he doesn’t think it’s the best idea right now. Minnie hopes he will reconsider.

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Back inside, Minnie tells Joseph that she knows Jacob is stubborn and impossible, but perhaps he is a little, too. Joseph believes Jacob brings out the worst in him. Minnie thinks Jacob lost a lot when he lost Joseph, as he said he hasn’t been to church in years. She wonders if Jacob won’t bend here, then maybe Joseph can. He tells her he’s been trying to fix this for 20 years and doesn’t know how, but Minnie tells him he does know who to ask.

Outside, Allie practices singing and playing her guitar as Nathan approaches. She doesn’t think she’s any good without Angela on the ukulele. Nathan plays the guitar and sings with Allie, as Elizabeth and little Jack spot them from behind. Jack wants to join them, but Elizabeth tells him that this is a special moment just for those two.

Joseph sits by himself on the bench in the fields thinking as Henry approaches. Joseph wonders if Henry is the answer to his prayers. He knows Henry knows more about forgiving and being forgiven than anyone he knows, so he’s hoping Henry can help him understand. Joseph tells Henry how he hurt his brother Jacob years ago but he doesn’t know how. Henry wonders why Joseph needs to know what he did in order to offer an apology. Henry tells Joseph that if he regrets hurting him, it doesn’t matter how or why; they are family.

At night while Pike sleeps in the Hope Valley jail, Lucas pays him a visit and asks the Mounties on guard to clear the room. Pike apologizes to Lucas about what happened to him. Lucas just wants to know why, but Pike says if he tells Lucas, he is a dead man.

The next day at the mercantile, Minnie, Molly and Florence discuss how the fundraiser is all set up and ready to go. Ned enters and says that the word from the station was that the trains were standing room only due to the crowds coming in. They start vocal choir warmups in anticipation.

Outside on the stage, Ned and Florence theatrically perform, “Daisy, Daisy.” Lucas thanks Ned and Florence and welcomes the group to the first Voices of the Valley Festival. Cooper and Angela spot their Uncle Jacob in town buying a tie from Florence. Jacob tells Cooper he looks just like their dad when he was younger. They thought their uncle had left, but he heard Angela was playing the piano at the festival and he wants to be there for it.

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Back on the stage, Maisie Hickam takes a bow as her group wraps up. Tom helps emcee the event as Nathan says hello to him. Tom thanks Nathan for the help, and Nathan says that Mounties look out for their own. Tom says he isn’t a Mountie, but Nathan knows that his brother and father were. Tom tells Nathan that he and Jack would have really liked each other; Nathan wishes he knew him. Tom also knows that Nathan and Elizabeth have something between them, and Tom is glad that she has someone like Nathan in her life because she deserves it.

Elizabeth approaches then with little Jack; she’s blown away at the festival’s turnout. Little Jack sees candy apples and Nathan gives him some change to grab one. As Jack says thank you and runs off, Elizabeth teases Nathan that she doesn’t remember saying “yes” to Jack’s ask; Nathan tells her he knew she was going to. Tom and Nathan share a look.

Jacob enters the library as Joseph sits at the desk working on his sermon. Angela and Cooper told Jacob that Angela would be playing piano at the library, and they told Joseph that the library would be a quiet place to work. Joseph asks Jacob to sit with him so they can talk. Joseph tells Jacob that Cooper and Angela sent him the letter. Jacob knew from the handwriting, but he answered anyway as he hoped fatherhood had changed Joseph. Joseph tells Jacob he doesn’t know how he hurt him, but obviously he did hurt him, and for that he’s deeply sorry. Minnie told Joseph that Jacob gave up on music and church, and for that, Joseph is sorry, too. Jacob asks Joseph if he really doesn’t remember, and Joseph begs him to tell him. Jacob says it all changed after their granddad died; he was the one who helped them find their voices together. Joseph realizes he stopped singing with Jacob once he met Minnie. Jacob loved singing so much but he couldn’t do it without Joseph beside him; it connected them and helped him through missing their granddad. Jacob had space in his heart for both Joseph and Minnie, but Joseph didn’t let him in.

Jacob says it’s too late and starts to leave, but Joseph stops him. Whenever a parishioner tells Joseph it’s too late, he tells them that God doesn’t punch a clock. He’s always there to see them through things that seem impossible to overcome. Joseph asks him to believe again and try. Jacob says goodbye and that he enjoyed meeting Angela and Cooper and seeing how close they are.

Outside of the Mountie office as Clayton Pike leaves, Rosemary and Bill ask him again if Montague hired him to shoot the governor. Pike tells them to be smart and stop asking questions. He says that the guy behind this has eyes everywhere; if Pike rats him out, he’ll get to him, even inside prison. Nathan says they would arrest this person if that happens, but Pike says they don’t get it – not even the Mounties can catch this man. Pike asks them to leave it alone or this man will come after them, too. As Pike leaves, Nathan notes that Pike seems terrified. Rosemary is surprised that Montague is capable of this much, and Bill notes that they don’t know what he’s capable of.

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At the saloon, Tom, Mike, Elizabeth and Ned count the funds – they’ve raised $100 thus far and there might be another $100 in the jar Ned brought. Maisie enters asking for Benson Hills’ money; Lee notes that they have enough to pay them back, but not Jameson yet. Maisie says she’s given Tom more chances than he deserves and she’s going to find the constable. Lucas and Henry walk in; Elizabeth explains they’re short the money for Jameson, and Lucas and Henry offer to use the Governor’s cultural fund to make up the difference. They all thank Lucas and head outside for the festival finale.

On the stage, Minnie tells Joseph he did his best and apologized. He should give Jacob time and maybe he will come around. The Hope Valley choir takes the stage and Minnie introduces them. They see Jacob in the crowd and ask him to join; he takes the stage with them next to Joseph and they all sing “Amazing Grace.”

Back at the café after the festival, Joseph apologizes to Jacob for being thoughtless. Jacob tells him it didn’t seem like Joseph missed him at all, but Joseph explains that he did, and from now on they won’t miss each other again. The two hug, and they all share a meal together at the table with the whole Canfield family.
At the saloon, the rest of the townsfolk dance, sing and celebrate. Elizabeth asks Tom what’s next for him. Tom says he needs to find himself a new job. He thanks her for believing in him, and she reminds him to believe in himself.

In Lucas’s office, Henry tells Lucas and Edwin that he just got a call from Montague’s office but Henry didn’t know Lucas was considering that bid. Edwin is happy that Lucas took his advice, but Henry can’t believe Lucas called him because Montague’s reviled in this town. He was also a prime suspect in Lucas’s shooting. Lucas doesn’t love Montague’s ethics, but notes that Montague hasn’t broken the law. Lucas asks Henry to review every detail in his bid, and he also asks Henry what the review of Jeanette’s investors proved. Henry says that the investors are all on the level by his accounts, and he can’t believe that Lucas is considering Montague’s bid just to avoid Jeanette’s. Henry thinks Lucas should just shut this whole thing down if he’s worried. Edwin reminds Lucas that he has made promises and he will look weak if he backs down. Henry tells Lucas that he can always walk away. Lucas tells them both that the landscape has shifted; they know Benson Hills Oil Company will file for bankruptcy, putting people out of work. The constriction of the resort means jobs now, and Lucas would like to close with Montague’s bid to get jobs created. Lucas reminds them both that this news needs to stay between them.

Back in the saloon as people dance and celebrate, Elizabeth eyes Nathan. Tom sees, and notes to Elizabeth that Nathan is a good man. Faith spots Tom and asks him to dance. Elizabeth approaches Nathan and calls him a wallflower; Nathan says nobody’s asked him to dance. She takes his hand and they slow dance together. Nathan quips that he never said yes to a dance, and she says he was going to. They share a smile.