Recap: Best Laid Plans - Season 10 - Episode 7

When a former student visits, Elizabeth thinks she may need her help. Meanwhile, Lucas orders something for all of Hope Valley to enjoy… if they can get it working.

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Fiona watches as Mike leads happy tourists through the end of his calisthenics class. Once done, he tells Fiona that it’s his third class of the morning. Lucas walks over and shares that the tourists will be even happier to learn that they are taking Hope Springs to the next level. Elizabeth overhears and wants to know more. Lucas tells them it’s a surprise.

Nathan walks Faith to work for the second time in a week and tells her he will stop by for lunch.

At the Saloon, Bill gives Madeline a land title contract that transfers ownership from him to her. They both sign. Bill offers to give her a tour, but she declines as her husband needs her out of town. Bill finds it sudden but wishes her a safe trip.

Elizabeth discovers a book on her desk at the schoolhouse. Rosaleen, a former student, enters and confesses that she borrowed it from her years ago and apologizes for the delay in returning it. Elizabeth's excitement is palpable as they embrace. Rosaleen mentions that she's only visiting for a week from the big city.

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Outside the saloon, Jamie spots Nathan and delivers urgent news that he and his mother are needed in Union City. Madeline shuffles Jamie into the car and they leave Hope Valley. Bill tells Nathan that he should fix up the cabin on the land he sold Madeline before she gets back.

In his office, Lee plays with Goldie while a line forms outside. Rosemary interrupts to alert him about the line and suggests hiring a babysitter. Lee hesitates, considering Goldie is too young. Rosemary proposes delegating work responsibilities as an alternative.

At the cafe, Minnie and Joseph discuss Joseph taking on a pastor role in Eagle Creek. Joseph pauses as that would mean quitting on Lee. Minnie reminds him that Lee would want what is best for him.

Highlight - Lucas Presents the Radio - When Calls the Heart

At the Saloon, Lucas reveals to Fiona, Ned and Mike a new purchase: Hope Valley’s very first radio. Their enthusiasm turns to frustration when they can’t figure out how to turn it on.

Molly hugs her daughter Rosaleen upon seeing her. When they see Henry, his presence triggers Rosaleen's painful memories. She questions why he remains in Hope Valley, having let her father and fellow miners die all those years ago.

Joseph goes to speak with Lee at his office. Lee offers him a partnership with the company. Joseph is so honored that he never mentions the possibility of going to preach in Eagle Creek. He’s torn.

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Nathan is out doing rounds when he spots an unresponsive man slumped over in a wagon. He brings the unconscious man, Witt, to Faith’s office. Faith realizes he is dehydrated and gives him water to drink. Witt is belligerent, expecting to see a male doctor instead of a woman.

At the Saloon, Fiona, Ned, Mike and Lucas continue to try to get the radio to work. Fiona suggests using an antenna. They undermine her suggestions. Later, Fiona visits the blacksmith shop and demonstrates her knowledge. She understands exactly what kind of wire she is looking for to make the radio work. Joseph is impressed as he gives her rolls of wire and tools.

At the mercantile, Elizabeth sees Molly checking out towels with Florence. They discuss Rosaleen and Elizabeth notices that she hasn’t shared the same future plans with her family that she shared with her.

At Faith’s office, Mike tells Faith she should stand up to Witt, who doesn’t believe women can be proper doctors. Mei enters and agrees with Mike. Faith refuses to let herself get angry. Witt refuses care from Faith, so when she suggests Mike pretend to be his doctor, Witt listens to him.

Elizabeth tells Lucas that she’s worried about Rosaleen, who has been sensitive since her father died in the mine explosion. She doesn’t want Rosaleen to give up on her dreams of going to nursing school. Lucas suggests offering her a job at the hotel to save money for school.

At the jail, Nathan finds Bill rummaging through old items to find things to spruce up Madeline’s cabin. He grabs a butter churn for flowers. When Elizabeth and Nathan see Bill carrying the churn for Madeline, Bill says he is just trying to be neighborly.

Elizabeth runs into Rosemary and Goldie. Rosemary shares that she’s working on a special edition of The Valley Voice and asks Elizabeth if she has anything to share. She reveals that Bill sold his land to Madeline, that Lucas has a surprise, and that he has offered to hire Rosaleen at the hotel.

Elizabeth finds Rosaleen in the library, mentioning that her mother doesn’t know about how she really feels about her future plans. Elizabeth encourages her to share with her mother that she wants to be a nurse and that Lucas is ready to offer her a job at the hotel.

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After witnessing a tense encounter between Henry and Rosaleen, Elizabeth talks with Joseph. She explains that she is worried about Henry. Joseph says he is carrying a heavy burden and he doesn’t know how to help him. Later, Elizabeth encourages Henry to talk with Rosaleen.

As Molly and Rosaleen take a walk, Rosaleen says she was reluctant to share her plans about nursing school because of financial reasons. When Henry overhears them, he has an idea. He goes to visit Lucas and asks for a favor.

Lucas and Ned work to get the radio to work but fail. They notice Fiona has added an antenna. They ignore her efforts and insist on using other methods.

Lucas goes to see Rosemary to present an idea for an anonymous ad for a Hope Valley Scholarship, whose donor is anonymous. When Rosemary hears about the new radio, she wants to put it in the newspaper, but Lucas says to wait until it works.

Joseph, Minnie, Cooper and Angela approach Lee and Rosemary’s house. Joseph uses it as an opportunity to tell them that Lee offered him a partnership with Coulter Lumber, and it didn’t feel like the right time to tell him about pastoring at Eagle Creek. Minnie understands. Lee and Rosemary welcome them in.

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At the Saloon, Fiona and Ned tinker with the radio trying to get it to work. Elizabeth enters and notices, spoiling Lucas’ surprise. Lucas shares that Henry came to him with the scholarship idea for Rosaleen’s sake but wants to remain anonymous. Elizabeth doesn’t believe giving money is the best option for healing.

Highlight - Faith and Nathan - When Calls the Heart

Nathan checks on Faith at her office. When he invites her out to the saloon, Faith breaks it to him that nothing has changed since the last time they tried. She thinks they should try being friends.

Highlight - A Toast to Pastor Joseph - When Calls the Heart

Rosemary, Lee, Joseph and Minnie are sitting at the dinner table after the kids excuse themselves. Joseph and Minnie they appreciate Lee’s offer, but they believe Joseph is meant to pastor. Even though Joseph quits, Lee and Rosemary extend their support.

After being summoned to the Saloon by Lucas, Lee tells Rosemary he worries who will fill Joseph’s place. Rosemary reminds him that God will show him the way. When they arrive, they see Fiona on a ladder adjusting the antenna while Ned assists.

Inside, Florence, Molly and Rosaleen share with Elizabeth the exciting news about the scholarship.

Lucas, Mike, Ned and Fiona gather around the radio, ready to turn it on. Fiona does the honors as the men make way. Fiona turns the knob, and they experience static before the music begins. They know it is only working because of Fiona. The crowd breaks out into applause before joining in a dance.

Faith says to Nathan, “Friends can still dance, can’t they?” The two dance.

At the office, after Witt suggests Mei couldn’t be the pharmacist, Mike finally reveals that he is not a doctor. Faith steps in and further asserts that she is the actual doctor. Mike demands that he show Mei and Faith respect. He apologizes.

At Lee’s office, Richard catches a mistake on the work order. Sensing a good opportunity, Lee offers Richard a job and he happily accepts.

Bill and Nathan arrive at Madeline’s land and hear hammering. Bill jumps out the wagon and is surprised to find Madeline’s fiancé there working on the property.

At the community garden, Elizabeth urges Henry to tell Rosaleen who is behind the scholarship. Henry is afraid that if she knows that it came from him, she wouldn’t accept it, and he wants her to be okay more than he needs forgiveness.