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Recap: Anything for Love - Season 11 - Episode 12

A wedding celebration brings heightened emotions and surprises. Nathan and Elizabeth exchange secrets. Rosemary and Lee pitch Lucas an idea for the future of Hope Valley.

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At Elizabeth’s house, she and Rosemary talk about Elizabeth and Nathan’s kiss and how they’re together but haven’t told the children yet. Nathan comes to the door to get Little Jack for his riding lesson and Rosemary can’t contain her excitement that the two of them are together now. Rosemary leaves and Nathan kisses Elizabeth. She tells him to watch out as Little Jack is in the other room and she doesn’t know how to tell him about them yet.

Lee and Rosemary walk in town with Goldie and Lee brings up a plan for the land that the resort was going to be built on. Rosemary asks Lee to share the idea with her as she’s going to get it out of him anyway.

Lucas reads the paper at the saloon with the headline story, “GOVERNOR’S SORDID PAST WITH NOTORIOUS FEMME FATALE EXPOSED!” with a picture of Jeanette’s mug shot. Henry and Bill join him at the table and remind him that it will all blow over. Lucas is concerned about how he got this all so wrong and he’s worried about his ability to trust his judgment. He doesn’t know how he can be an effective governor anymore since he was pulled into Jeanette’s mess.

At the stables, Little Jack runs to get Pal the Pony and Elizabeth kisses Nathan. Nathan says they should finally go on their picnic together. Jack overhears and says he loves picnics and asks if Allie is coming, too. Nathan says he’ll ask her and Jack sings, “We’re going on a picnic!”

At the saloon, Lee comments on Mike’s calm mood ahead of his wedding tomorrow. Mike wonders if he’s inviting bad luck by breaking so many wedding traditions like not having a bachelor party and not getting Mei an engagement ring. Lee encourages him to relax and enjoy the moment.

At the Canfields’, Minnie prepares Mei and Mike’s wedding cake as Faith helps and Lily eats frosting. Mei comes downstairs excited for the wedding, but also to see her brother, Bo. Faith and Minnie surprise Mei with Fiona, who comes back for the wedding. She hugs everyone hello and they all admire Mei’s wedding dress together.

At the stables, Nathan gives Little Jack a horseback riding lesson on Pal as Elizabeth watches. Nathan asks Elizabeth if it’s all right with her that he spends a little bit more time with Jack. She says she would love that.

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At the saloon, Bill approaches Rosemary and gives her Pike’s case file. Rosemary sarcastically asks if he’s sure he can trust her with it. He apologizes for not telling her everything that was going on, but his hands were tied and he was sworn to secrecy by the governor. Rosemary says that he asked for her to trust him, but he didn’t trust her. Bill says he is sorry for letting her down. Rosemary notes that they would have figured it all out sooner had they been working together, and they both agree that they made a great team.

Outside of the café, Angela, Allie, Opal and Emily talk about the future. Opal mentions that she has spoken to Mrs. Thornton about teacher’s college, and Angela says that she has talked with Mrs. Thornton about a school for the blind in Hamilton. Minnie overhears this and worries that Hamilton is too far. Elizabeth walks up then with Little Jack, who tells Allie that they’re going on a picnic with Mountie Nathan, too. Elizabeth asks Minnie if she wouldn’t mind making them a lunch to take with them, and they head inside. Minnie brings up the Schwartzman School for the Visually Impaired in Hamilton that Elizabeth told Angela about. Elizabeth apologizes if she overstepped by telling Angela about it, and Minnie apologizes for overreacting. They both note that these are precious years with their children.

At Nathan’s office, Allie enters and Nathan sits her down to tell her about him and Mrs. Thornton. Allie guesses at what he’s trying to say and says she knows they’re a couple. Nathan asks if this is ok with her, and Allie says it’s nice seeing how happy Elizabeth makes Nathan. He assures Allie that nothing is going to change with them. Allie wonders if this picnic was supposed to just be the two of them, which he confirms, but he says that nothing could be better than being with his favorite people in one place.

At Faith and Mei’s, they catch up with Fiona about Nashville and her work with the suffragettes. Fiona tells them about how she and her sister are campaigning to get the first woman from Tennessee elected to congress. Fiona asks how Faith is doing and notes that it’s clear how much she loves Lily. Fiona wanted to ask Faith if she would consider moving to Nashville as they are in need of doctors and just built a new hospital. Just then, Minnie enters with a telegram for Mei from Ned: it’s from her brother, Bo.

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Nathan, Elizabeth, Little Jack and Allie have their picnic together. Allie convinces Jack to go pick blackberries with her to give Elizabeth and Nathan alone time. Nathan and Elizabeth kiss. Nathan confirms that he told Allie about the two of them and that he actually didn’t have to say much because Allie says he’s an open book. He thinks Elizabeth keeps a lot of secrets behind her eyes, though. Elizabeth says she will tell him a secret about her if he tells her a secret about him, which he says he’ll think on. Nathan asks Elizabeth if she would like to be his date for Mei and Mike’s wedding tomorrow, and she says she’d love to, but she needs to tell Jack about them first.

At the saloon, Lee and Bill tell Mike that they want to organize at least a poker game for him even though he has a “no bachelor party” rule. Fiona enters and Mike greets her as his “best woman” at the wedding. Fiona relays the news from Mei’s brother Bo: his ship is leaving Cape Fullerton early and he can’t make it to Hope Valley for the wedding. Mike worries again that all of his breaking of tradition is bad luck. They remind him that being nervous is on par with tradition.

As they walk home, Elizabeth asks Little Jack what he thinks of them spending more time with Mountie Nathan and Allie. Jack cheers at the news, and Elizabeth asks if he would also be okay if sometimes she and Mountie Nathan spent time just the two of them. Jack wants to know why and Elizabeth says they need to discuss adult things sometimes, which Jack finds boring. Elizabeth tells him he’ll understand better when he’s older.

At the saloon, Rosemary and Lee join Lucas as he reads the paper. Lucas apologizes to them both about not being more open and honest about everything that was going on. Lucas has a lot to learn about being governor. Lee proposes that they make a national park out of the land that the resort was going to be built on. He wants wildlife and trees to be undisturbed, for there to be trails for hikers, and areas for campers where people can enjoy the natural outdoors for years to come. Rosemary notes that it might not be the money-maker, job creator, and tourist trap that the resort would be, but they would be preserving something important for the future.

Mei enters the saloon and asks Lucas, Lee and Rosemary if they’ve seen Mike. They think Hickam went to Benson Hills to have tea with his mom, and Lee jokes and asks Mei if she thinks Mike has cold feet. Rosemary calms Mei’s nerves and reminds her that Hickam can be trusted. Mei asks that Lee and the groomsmen get Mike to the altar on time tomorrow.

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At the Canfields’, Joseph asks Minnie what’s wrong and she tells him about the college in Hamilton that Angela told her friends about. Joseph says that it’s their job to give their children roots and wings, and Minnie notes that they have to accept that their kids are growing up.

In Lucas’s office as he stamps a paper with his official seal, Henry enters with the Capital City Chronicle: it’s another article about Lucas titled, “HAS GOVERNOR BOUCHARD HIT BOTTOM?” The editorial is calling for his resignation, but with that, Lucas has realized how much he still wants this.

Nathan comes to Elizabeth’s house at night and they kiss. They sit on the couch with a drink and Elizabeth tells him how she spoke with Little Jack that afternoon, so her answer to being his wedding date is “yes.” Elizabeth asks Nathan if he has a secret to share yet, but he asks her to go first. She shares that she once kissed a potato to find her heart’s desire as that’s what her sister told her would do it. Nathan was ready to share something bigger than that, which he does: when he was offered the inspector position in Union City, he reveals that he wanted to take it because of her. Things were complicated and Nathan found himself falling for her. He felt that it was wrong though, because the reason he asked to be assigned to Hope Valley in the first place was to protect Elizabeth after Jack died. Nathan apologizes for sharing something so deep when she wanted something funny, but Elizabeth shares more. She tells him that she never wanted anyone to know this, but she dreaded the idea of a new Mountie coming to Hope Valley when Jack died. She was convinced that she would despise whoever it was just because they were alive and Jack wasn’t. Nathan worries what Elizabeth thought when Jack took his position at the training mission, and Elizabeth assures Nathan that he is not responsible. They are both happy that they found themselves here, now, and they tell one another that they love each other.

The next day at the Coulters’, Lee hangs up the phone and lets Rosemary know that there’s still no sign of Mike ahead of his wedding. Lee called Maisie and it turns out Mike didn’t go to see his mother and no one’s seen him since yesterday. The wedding is in three hours and they’re both worried about what to do. Rosemary says she can take Mei on errands and reassure her that everything’s going to be okay. Lee calls Nathan for help.

Lucas reads up on national parks at the saloon as Elizabeth arrives and takes a seat with him. Elizabeth tells Lucas about going to the wedding with Nathan; Lucas assures her he’s fine. She tells Lucas he’ll pull through all of the news about him. She reminds him that the territory needs him now more than ever and he’ll find a new grand vision.

At Mei and Faith’s, Mei cries to Fiona, Faith and Minnie that she thinks Mike has changed his mind about the wedding. They try to calm her down as Rosemary enters and sees Mei in tears. Mei asks after Mike and Rosemary relays that Lee is 100% on top of it. Rosemary says she knows Hickam and he will have an excellent reason for disappearing like this. She tells Mei that she and Mike will be rolling on the floor laughing at this story about their wedding day in years to come. The ladies start on getting Mei ready for the wedding.

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At the saloon, Lee tells Ned, Henry, Bill and Lucas about his search efforts and how Mike took a train to Buxton last night. Lucas thinks that maybe Mike wants to get Mei a special gift, and Nathan notes that there are no reports of anyone who looks like Mike being in an accident. Mike walks up to then at the bar right then and they all ask where he’s been. He tells them he needs their help with something.

Back at Mei and Faith’s, all of the women tell Mei that she looks perfect. They hear sounds from outside and head out to see. Mike is walking down main street in town with the other men and a group of people as they play Shanghainese cymbals and drums in celebration. Mike presents Mei with an engagement ring and apologizes for disappearing. Mike also brought Mei’s brother, Bo, with him to Hope Valley all the way from Cape Fullerton; it turns out Mike talked Bo’s captain into releasing him early. They all head to the church for the wedding.

Joseph officiates Mike and Mei’s wedding at the church and reminds them how they are surrounded by love. Mei and Mike exchange rings and kiss.

Everyone gathers at the saloon for the wedding reception. Lee gives a speech telling Mike and Mei that love is all that matters. Fiona makes a toast to Mike and Mei’s everlasting happiness. Mei and Mike cut the cake that Minnie made them.

Fiona talks with Faith about how Mike and Mei were meant to be together. Faith tells Fiona that while it’s tempting to come to Nashville with her, she’s found her purpose here in Hope Valley with Lily.

Lucas, Bill and Henry talk to Lee and Rosemary about the national park idea; they think even Maisie Hickam would get behind it. Lucas says that if he’s going to turn this ship around, he will have to do it from Capital City, and he wonders if Lee would join him there to get the park going.

Mei and Mike drive off in their car with a “Just Married” sign on the back. Nathan takes Elizabeth’s hand and they discuss their beliefs in fate and soulmates. Nathan thinks fate is taking what life gives you and turning it into what you want. The two share a kiss, just as the Mountie Superintendent Hargraves approaches them. Nathan asks him what brings him here from Fort Clay, and he says he will explain in private and it cannot wait. Nathan prepares to leave with him, but Hargraves says he’s here to speak with Elizabeth about her late husband.