Recap: All Dressed Up - Season 10 - Episode 10

The town prepares for the Governor's black-tie ball. While still reeling from the true intentions of Union City Holdings, Lucas decides to try to sway the Governor to their side.

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Elizabeth journals that losing Jack was painful and the thought of losing someone else – like Nathan - in the line of duty scares her.

Later in the lumber offices, Elizabeth and Lee listen as Lucas shares that he thinks they should appeal to the governor and tell him about the Union City Holdings scheme. Mr. Mitchel has set up a meeting with him and the governor which gives them an opening to discuss it. They suggest Lucas give the governor a tour of the hot springs to show him how the scheme is affecting their water.

Nathan walks in and they learn he will be security for the governor. He is getting a medal at the ball for his duty during the standoff.

Elizabeth is at the library when Bill enters. He tells her the land office has no record of the land he sold to Madeline. Bill wants to find her and her son. Elizabeth tells Bill that Madeline is in Buxton according to the returned library book from Jamie.

At the mercantile, Florence brings out Elizabeth’s wedding dress in a big box. Florence tells them she doesn’t have anything to wear for the ball. Rosemary tells her to let her take care of it. Soon Rosemary and Elizabeth carefully take Elizabeth’s dress out of the mercantile down Hope Street, being extra cautious not to let anyone see - especially Lucas.

Lucas, Lee, and Nathan are outside the saloon when the governor approaches with Mr. Mitchel, ready for the Hope Valley tour. Lucas tells the governor that they will start at the hot springs. Mr. Mitchel is concerned because of the water level. Montague asks to join them.

Highlight - The Wrong Dress - When Calls the Heart

At Elizabeth’s house, they open the wedding dress box to discover that it is the wrong dress. With no time to order a new one, Rosemary, expert seamstress, offers to save it. Elizabeth feels somber because so much is happening in Hope Valley in the middle of her wedding planning, heightening her jitters.

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At the saloon, Florence, Mei, Mike, Molly, Minnie, Faith, and Fiona decorate for the ball. Rosemary and Elizabeth enter with dresses for Florence. They ask her to pick any dress she wants. It turns out that Mei, Faith, and Minnie need dresses too. Fiona offers to do everyone’s hair, on the house.

Lucas and the governor arrive at the hot springs followed by Montague, Nathan, and Mike. Mike tells Nathan and Lucas that the water levels have miraculously sprung back up and wonders how Montague made that happen. Lucas decides to talk to Montague in private. They step away and Lucas tells him he’s not trying to catch him in the act, but rather to reason with him to be fair to Hope Valley. Montague refuses.

At the beauty shop, Faith suggests the girls go to the ball as a group since none of them have dates. Fiona hints at Mei going with Mike but Mei says she doesn’t know. Faith suggests that men need hints.

Bill arrives at the Buxton Hotel in search of Madeline. He sees Jamie in the lobby, and the boy tells him he misses Hope Valley. Madeline approaches, shocked to see Bill.

While on their own with the governor, Mike and Nathan inform him of the Union City Holdings scheme. The governor offers support, deeming the scheme criminal. They are relieved the governor is on their side.

Highlight - Madeline Tells the Truth - When Calls the Heart

At the Buxton Hotel, Bill questions Madeline. She reveals that Montague was her business partner, and her late husband was a gambler. When he died, she went deep in debt. Montague held her hostage until she bought the land with a creek to divert water from Hope Valley for Union City Holdings. She thought it was harmless, but she discovered she was wrong. She decided not to file the deed and fears Montague is out to ruin her reputation. Her only concern is her son, and she pleads with Bill not to tell anyone.

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At the saloon, Lucas asks Mike if he has spoken to Mei. Mike is too nervous to ask her out, so Lucas encourages him. Fiona, Faith, and Mei arrive, with Mei sporting a new hairdo. They look around for Mike. Mike sees them approach and hides.

At Elizabeth’s house, she tries on her wedding dress, but doesn’t like it. Rosemary offers to put her seamstress skills into action. She opens the door to retrieve her scissors, only for Nathan to appear in the doorway, seeing Elizabeth. He tells her she looks great. He also informs them that the plan is working, and the governor will help them cancel the bad water contracts.

At the saloon, Mei sits alone by the fire. Harry goes up to her and asks her to the ball. She says yes. Mike approaches with Fiona and Faith. When Mei tells them she’s going to the ball with Harry, they are all shocked.

At Rosemary and Lee’s house, Lee is in a melancholy state. He tells Rosemary he has been taking money from Montague for months, all the while he was plotting to steal water. He feels it is his duty to protect Hope Valley. Rosemary encourages him and tells him he didn’t know, and he is doing his best now.

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At the ball, Mike stands with Faith and spots Mei with Harry. He looks away, regretting not asking her sooner. Elizabeth sees Nathan preparing for his speech and gives him advice on public speaking. Soon, the governor takes the stage to present Nathan with the Governor’s Medal of Honor, to much applause.

Bill is in his office, deep in thought. When he turns around, he sees that Madeline has entered in the shadows. They stare at each other. She gives him the deed to her land even though she told him that it was all she had left for leverage. She tearfully tells him she doesn’t know what to do but she doesn’t want to hurt him. Bill offers support and says he can take care of Montague. Madeline confesses to Bill that Montague and the governor are in business together and he shouldn’t be underestimated.

At the ball, Bill explains to Elizabeth what Madeline revealed. It becomes clear that the governor cannot be trusted. Bill asks Elizabeth to tell Lucas. Bill approaches Montague and tells him that Madeline returned the deed and now he is trespassing.

Faith and Fiona make Harry dance with Faith while Mei gets a drink. Fiona encourages Mike to approach her. He asks her to dance. She agrees, since Harry is already dancing with Faith.

The governor meets with Elizabeth, Bill, Lucas, and Montague in his office. They reveal that the deed has been returned by Madeline and the land is no longer theirs. Montague tells the governor that Madeline was bad business and that the water diversions that he is planning won’t be harmful. Bill and Elizabeth object, making it clear that Hope Valley will be destroyed. The governor sides with Montague. Lucas asks Bill and Elizabeth to leave so he can have a moment alone with the governor.

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Lucas tries to reason with them and asks them to divert half the water. He can be their point person in Hope Valley for a fee and perhaps he can partner with them. He believes he can keep the town’s votes in their favor. They show Lucas their aqueduct map and shake hands on their deal.

Highlight - Lucas Gives a Speech - When Calls the Heart

Back at the ball, Lucas prepares to give a speech. Then he exposes the governor’s destructive plans for Hope Valley while Montague and the governor look on in shock. The crowd is outraged at Lucas’ reveal. He encourages Hope Valley to go out and vote against the governor. Outside the saloon, Montague threatens Lucas and Bill. Mr. Mitchel sees Lucas and tells him it is about time someone stood up to the governor.

Hope Valley is impressed with Lucas’ courage to take a public stand against the greedy governor. He gives an interview to The Buxton Beagle to explain. Elizabeth looks on, realizing Lucas’ purpose in life is bigger than she could imagine.