Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C

Prayers From the Heart

As the sun begins to peek above the mountains surrounding Hope Valley, Elizabeth and Charlotte are making their way back into town. An early riser, Charlotte’s convinced Elizabeth to accompany her to pick berries for their hearty country breakfast. As they enter the outskirts of town, Jack, who’s just getting back from his early morning patrol, pulls up beside them. Elizabeth invites him to join them for breakfast but the thought of another of his mother’s lard-filled meals is not part of his morning routine.

On his way back through town, Jack passes by the new infirmary. He walks in and finds Faith treating a badly wounded man. The man is Roy, Edith’s husband and one of the local settlers. He tells Jack that a mudslide struck the Silverton mine and many of the miners were injured. Jack immediately heads out and gathers as many of the men as he can for a rescue mission to the mine. As word of the tragedy spreads through town, homes begin to empty as the townsfolk start to carry out anything that may be of help. Faith hurries off to set up an extra infirmary at the school and once the supplies are loaded, the men ride off to the mine.

At the schoolhouse, Elizabeth shuffles her class outside as the women bring in supplies to treat the wounded miners. Leaving Rosemary behind as a substitute teacher, Elizabeth is going to speak to the children at the settlement about the accident. The children of Hope Valley are worried about the injured men and about the damage the flood could cause. Elizabeth assures them that their home will be fine and that constable Thornton will do his best to help all the men at the mine.

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