Photos - New Faces of When Calls the Heart

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Charlotte Thornton

Charlotte Thorton, Jack's mother, rides into Hope Valley for a surprise visit.

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Jesse first showed up in Hope Valley to blackmail Frank Hogan. He eventually turns over a new leaf and starts courting Clara Stanton.

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Becky is Cody's sister who is taken in by Abigail after being ill.

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Abigail takes Cody in after caching him stealing food for him and his sister Becky.

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Faith Carter

Faith Carter became friends with Jack after she nursed his brother Tom after his accident in Hamilton.

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Viola Thatcher

Viola Thatcher is Elizabeth's sister and is engaged to Sir Lionel.

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Tom Thornton

Tom Thornton is Jack's brother and is currently courting Elizabeth's sister - to the dismay of the Thatcher family.

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Pastor Frank Hogan

Pastor Frank Hogan is new to Hope Valley and will be the first pastor in the newly built church.

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Nora Avery

Nora Avery is the current, but estranged wife of Bill Avery.

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Leland "Lee" Coulter

Leland "Lee" Coulter is in Hope Valley to start a new timber company.

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Samantha Madison

Attorney Samantha Madison came to Coal Valley to represent the widows in the cast against the mining company.

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Grace Thatcher

Grace Thatcher is Elizabeth's mother and lives in Hamilton.

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William Thatcher

William Thatcher is Elizabeth's father.

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Charles Kensington III

Charles Kensington III is Elizabeth's life-long friend from Hamilton.

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Clara Stanton

Clara Stanton is the widow of Peter Stanton, Abigail's son.