Recap: Open Season - Season 8 - Episode 1

Elizabeth has finished her manuscript. A visitor causes trouble for Nathan and Allie. Rosemary and Lee cut their trip short. Faith arrives back from medical school. Clara and Jesse haven't been getting along.

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Elizabeth’s favorite season has arrived with the promise of a new life and a fresh start. Nathan passes the row house and finds Elizabeth and little Jack on the road. Nathan has been thinking a lot about her and asks her out to dinner. Elizabeth admits she has been thinking about him too but needs to time to think about his offer to take her to dinner.

Later, Lucas also stops by Elizabeth’s house to apologize for leaving without saying goodbye. He admits, the way she embraced Nathan - after she thought he’d been shot during a prisoner escape - brought out his jealousy. He thought it best to leave until he sorted his feelings out. Elizabeth asks, “Have you?” Lucas agrees to tell her sometime soon. Elizabeth would like that and welcomes him home.

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Jesse and Clara have a tiff as they are scrambling to prepare for work, with Jesse accusing Clara of forgetting to wake him up. Clara reminds him she is late too. Clara makes it clear as she leaves for work that she does not like them fighting this way. They need to fix this. Jesse retorts, “I’m ready when you are.”

A frustrated Clara arrives at the café for work. Fiona wonders what’s going on as Clara seems distracted. Clara admits she and Jesse are bickering all the time. She is frustrated by Jesse’s refusal to recognize how busy she has become. At the same moment Jesse calls out to Clara, asking for help finding his boot.

Carson arrives at the mercantile hoping to hear from Ned if there is any word on Faith. Wearily Ned says no and Carson heads to the infirmary. Henry enters to drop off a letter and wonders what is up with Carson. Ned and Florence disclose Carson is a little concerned he has not heard from Faith since she left Chicago five days ago.

Nathan arrives at his office and finds his brother Dylan at his desk. Dylan has noticed that Allie has really grown up. Nathan strong arms him out of his chair and declares Dylan gave up on her a long time ago. Dylan insists it does not have to be this way. He is ashamed of the fact he barely recognizes his own daughter. He admits he wasn’t looking for Nathan, but he ran into an article on the front page of his newspaper about his shoot out during the prisoner escape attempt. Dylan tries to extort money from Nathan, promising for one grand he’ll never see him or Allie again.

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Rosemary and Lee arrive home early surprising Elizabeth and little Jack. They were getting a home sick – and Lee a little seasick. Carson stops by to see if Faith is in their stagecoach. No luck, they came alone. Rosemary asks Elizabeth how she is doing. Elizabeth has lots to share but needs to do it at another time as she is heading to school. Suddenly, a women and a cowboy come storming down the street in wagon. Upon further look they realize, it’s FAITH! Carson comes out and wonders where she was. She explains her stagecoach broke down. The cowboy offered her a ride but according to him, the pretty lady could not resist taking the reins. Carson is taken aback by Faith’s nonchalant attitude to her grand entrance, but insists he is happy to see her. At first unnoticed, Dylan appears and starts speaking to little Jack. Nathan quickly approaches and discreetly pulls him away. He tells Dylan he’ll get him the money so he will leave.

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Nathan walks Allie to school and lets her know he is working on finalizing her adoption. Allie is excited, immediately sharing the news with Elizabeth. She agrees the news is great but is curious about the man – Dylan, that approached little Jack earlier. Nathan tells her not to worry about it but to let him know if he sees him again.

Back at the infirmary, Faith wonders why Carson seems distant. He admits Faith’s entrance surprised him. Faith thinks she probably looked silly. Carson assures not at all; she is full of surprises and that is what he loves about her.

After her shift at the Café, Fiona heads out in a hurry, but not before tasting Bill’s chili. She gives her approval and heads out. Clara scurries right behind her and wonders where Fiona is off to in such a rush these days. Bill gives Clara a taste of the chili. She also gives here approval then quickly leaves. Finally, Bill asks Molly to try his Aunt Ozelle’s secret chili recipe. Molly tastes it and tells Bill to keep this recipe a secret. Caught off guard, Bill takes a taste and quickly realizes it is not good at all.

At the office, Lee notices Jesse is wearing his pants. Jesse says there are not his but a similar pair he bought for himself. Jessie wonders how Lee manages work and marriage. Lee asks, “Anything you want to talk about?” sensing trouble in paradise. He reminds Jesse if he wants to talk about it, he is here. Jesse takes a pass and heads out. Meanwhile, Rosemary finds a crying Clara at Dottie’s. Rosemary tries to find out what’s wrong, but even Clara does not know what is going on with Jesse as all he wants is to be alone and read.

As Carson finishes up serenading Faith at the bridge, Faith wonders if he was jealous of the cowboy she rode in with. Carson admits he was just a little.

Nathan passes Lucas on the street and gives him a nod. Shortly after, Nathan collects one grand from Lucas. Lucas wonders what the money is for as Nathan was desperate enough to ask for his help. Nathan thanks him for his help, takes the money and leaves without answering.

Rosemary and Elizabeth finally catch up. Elizabeth announces that she has finished her book, but she did not meet her deadline, which did not make Lucas’s mother Helen Bouchard happy. Rosemary asks if she heard from Lucas. Elizabeth admits she has and that he left town earlier out of jealousy. Rosemary dares to ask if he has a reason to be. Elizabeth only goes as far as to say she cares more for Nathan than she thought. Rosemary asks if this means she has made a decision. Elizabeth changes the subject, saying, “Did I mention how glad I am you are home?”

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Nathan stops by the jail to ask Bill to keep an eye on things as heads to give Dylan his money. Bill insists this is a bad idea.

At an oil pump Hickam tells Lucas and Henry about a new practice called shooting the well. The idea is to create a contained explosion to help release any trapped oil. Lucas wonders if this is something Henry would consider. Henry says doing something like that is a life and death proposition as it is very dangerous.

Late in the day Lee finds Jesse is still at the office. He asks if things are that bad with Clara, he’d rather stay at the office reading. Jesse says no and heads home.

Nathan stops by Elizabeth’s house to let her know he is not able to join her for dinner due to a quick trip. Elizabeth does not know where he is going but asks him to stay safe.

Clara, Fiona and Faith are excited to reunite. However, Fiona’s choice of a barbershop to meet up at has them puzzled. Fiona reveals it is now her barbershop!

At home, Rosemary insists she and Lee think of a way to help Clara and Jesse. Lee notices something in the paper that may help. Without revealing just yet what it is, he offers to pick it up right away in the morning.

As Nathan rides to drop off Dylan’s money he is suddenly yanked off his horse. It’s a trap! Dylan appears and kicks Nathan while he is down. He takes the money and Nathan’s horse.

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Clara and Fiona leave the café at the same time. Bill finds it odd Clara is no longer curious about where Fiona’s been going and follows the ladies. Molly catches him snooping. Bill asks why she is sneaking around and Molly retorts she could ask him the same.

As Nathan limps his way down a trail back home, he is happy to find his horse to help him get back to town.

Lucas stops by Elizabeth’s and admits he went to Louisiana to help rebuild a school after it was leveled in a hurricane. He hoped helping others would help give him perspective. He tells Elizabeth that whatever she decides, he just wants her to be happy.

Lee finds Rosemary at Dottie’s to find out what advice she will give to Clara. She intends to tell her to give Jesse some private time to read his book. Lee realizes as Jesse is not much of a talker, so he will have to figure out a way to show him how to help his relationship.

While Clara and Fiona are painting the barbershop, Clara wonders why a Fiona has chosen this place. Fiona says it is a place where men talk about business. She wants to prove that she can be a big wheel, not a little cog in a machine like her old boss Mr. Nichols made her feel.

Nathan finds Dylan and a team of Mounties swiftly move in to arrest him. Nathan admits he knew Dylan would ambush him and allowed it because he needed cause to put him away.

Soon after Nathan returns to Elizabeth’s house. She is happy to see he is okay. He asks to take her to dinner. Elizabeth does not have a babysitter, so he suggests they bring little Jack and Allie. Elizabeth reluctantly says yes.

Lee takes Jesse to the field where he proposed to Clara and reminds him never forget the promise he made her there on their wedding day. He reminds Jesse to always choose love.

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Jesse brings Clara flowers. She says they should go home and relax and presents him a new book. Just then Lee and Rosemary ride in on a new bike they bought as a gift for Jesse and Clara to thank them for doing a great job while they were gone. The gift may not help with their troubles but it’s a start, and they’ll always be there if Clara and Jesse need them.

As they stroll into town for dinner, Elizabeth and Nathan run into Lucas and his mother – Helen Bouchard. She is passing through on her way to San Francisco. She notes that after all, someone should take interest in Elizabeth’s writing. Elizabeth is taken off guard and tells Nathan she is not feeling well and would like to head home.