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Recap: New Possibilities - Season 7 - Episode 9

Elizabeth and Nathan try to resolve their differences. Rosemary learns a secret about Lee’s past. Elizabeth feels betrayed by Lucas, but helps him get the oil company’s financial records from Gowen.

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Clara finds Jesse at work. She lets him know there is no word yet on Lee’s condition since his fall. Jesse feels he should have left the mountain earlier so Lee would not have gotten hurt. Clara tells him it is not his fault and gives him a kiss.

Bill serves breakfast and advises the town members to go home and get some rest. Everyone is in shock and cannot believe Lee’s life in jeopardy. Elizabeth picks up food to take over to Rosemary.

Elizabeth arrives at the infirmary and asks Carson how Lee is doing. Carson’s response is “see for yourself” and pulls back a curtain to reveal Lee awake and preparing to leave. Elizabeth is happy to see Lee is okay.

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Lee cannot recall how he hit his head. Carson avoids filling Lee in and insists, he take it easy. The town greets Lee as he heads home, including Jesse watching from a distance. Once home, Lee is ready for Rosemary to let him have it. She tells him that speech has gone right out the window and she is just glad to have him home.

Elizabeth finds Nathan in plain clothes at his office. He is heading to the train as a known fugitive named Elias may be heading this way. Elizabeth tells Nathan to stop shutting her out and knows his behavior is about more than her risking her life to save Emily. She tells Nathan the reason she went to Union City with Lucas is because he asked.

Lucas checks on Henry’s progress on providing him the books and ask if he is stalling on purpose. Right now, men are not getting paid and their bills are getting behind. Lucas asks Henry not to do anything foolish such as trying to cover his tracks and cook the books.

Rosemary notices Lee has been very quiet. He admits hitting his head put a lot of things in perspective for him. Life is a gift and he would be a fool to live with any regrets. One of his regrets comes to the surface when Rosemary finds Lee looking through a box of keepsakes. He shares a picture of himself as a child along with his brother Patrick and in a surprise to Rosemary, his sister Susannah, whom she knew nothing about.

Carson finds Jesse hard at work and knows Lee appreciates him holding down the fort. Carson reminds Jesse that he has been through a lot as well and should not burn himself out after a stressful few days.

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Lee admits to Rosemary he has an older sister named Susannah with whom he has not spoken in years. They fell out of touch after their brother Patrick and their parents passed away.

Elizabeth assures the class Emily is okay after their ordeal in the forest, but Opal is concerned with her absence. Elizabeth wraps up a lesson and dismisses class for recess, but Opal chooses to remain inside. Elizabeth asks if her hesitance to go out has to do with what happened in the wind during the field trip. Elizabeth reminds her they are all safe now.

Later that day, Lucas has news for Elizabeth. His mother is a fan of her writing and wants to send chapters of her book to publishers. Elizabeth is upset Lucas did not check with her first before sharing her work. He hopes despite how they got here Elizabeth will consider his mother’s offer.

Fiona runs into Nathan at the train station just as he spots the fugitive, Elias. She lets him get back to his undercover work. However, Nathan’s cover is blown forcing him to take action and arrest Elias.

Rosemary and Elizabeth discuss the news of Lee having a sister. It is hard for Elizabeth to imagine not talking to her sisters for six months let alone 20 years. Rosemary is surprised Lee did not share this painful past with her and feels the accident made him very aware of how fleeting life can be. So much anxiety has been stirred up as Elizabeth admits Opal is afraid go outside. Plus, she had words with Nathan, and Lucas sent chapters of her book to his mother without asking making her wonder if she can trust him. The irony is Nathan wonders how much he can trust her.

A distracted Fiona comes the saloon for lunch and tells Clara she was in San Francisco for boring family and work matters. Clara goes to get her some lunch before filling her in on all that has happened in Hope Valley while she was gone.

At dinner Lee apologizes for not telling Rosemary about his sister. She wants to help Lee find her. Lee has no idea where she could be, and Rosemary senses Lee is holding back. He finally admits after the way things ended between them; he does not know if Susannah wants to hear from him.

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Lee makes some calls to find his sister Susannah and learns she moved away from their hometown in Ohio shortly after the death of their father. Rosemary tells Lee not to get discouraged. He raises the possibility that she is now married, but he cannot remember the last name of her last suitor.

Elizabeth says hello to a distracted Henry. Bill explains to Elizabeth that Lucas and Henry are in the midst of a legal tangle up.

Nathan finds Elias to happy to be in jail.

Lee arrives at the office to let Jesse know he is taking time off. Jesse wonders if it means he is not okay. Lee assures him he is fine. Jesse feels bad this happened because he went up to the mountain. Lee reminds him that he only went up there because Lee asked him. As Lee asks Jesse to let go of his guilt, he remembers a name that may help him locate his sister – Thom.

Fiona asks Rosemary about the calls she has been making. She explains they are looking for Lee’s sister as he arrives with news. He recalls his sister Susannah was with a man named Jake Thom from Olympia, Washington. Fiona goes to ask the exchange if they have a Jake Thom on file for Olympia.

During recess Opal continues to remain inside despite Ally inviting her to come outside and play. Elizabeth asks Opal what it is making her afraid and says facing your fears can help you overcome them. Elizabeth invites her to try it by going outside together.

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Lucas apologizes to Elizabeth for sending the chapters of her book to his mom. Elizabeth feels his heart was in the right place but asks in the future he just ask first. As they talk, they see Henry drive by. Elizabeth admits Bill told her about the trouble between Lucas and Henry. She asks why after working together for a year he does not trust Henry. He feels the longer Henry takes to show him the books the more reason he has to think Henry is hiding something.

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Elizabeth visits Henry and tells him Lucas is concerned about their partnership. She assures him whatever he says is just between the two of them. Henry admits he has made a mess of things to the point he cannot take a salary or pay his men. Elizabeth tells him he does not have to face these issues alone. Henry knows people have feared and hated him without reason. However, since discovering oil people have respected him and he is proud of the business. Admitting failure may take that pride away. Elizabeth assures him Lucas is a friend and he should share this information with him so he can help him clean it up.

Nathan has a new case for Bill: Elias O’Rourke, the fugitive. Bill shares the happy news that Lee is doing well. Nathan is glad to hear it adding Lee was not the only one in danger. Elizabeth and her students were also caught up in the wind and could have gotten hurt. Bill assures Nathan that Elizabeth is tougher than she seems and is always sure to look before leaping into anything.

Bill checks with Lucas on whether Henry has provided his books. Lucas admits he is going to give Henry more time as there are people in town, like Elizabeth, who believe the good in Henry. As they discuss Henry, a woman nearby eavesdrops on their conversation. Meanwhile, it seems Henry contemplates his belief in himself as he holds the ledgers and stares into a fire. Will he burn the books?

Lee tells Elizabeth he feels good about his search for Susannah as he takes a little time to play with Little Jack. While they play, Elizabeth and Rosemary catch up. Elizabeth admits she is scared to share her chapters with a publisher as it may mean another rejection.

Fiona calls Lee with a number for his sister, Susannah. After hanging up with Lee, Fiona receives a call from Mr. Nichols with distressing news about her job.

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Later that evening Lee calls Susannah. She hangs up immediately. Rosemary thinks it may have been a bad connection, but Lee assures her that is not the case.

Carson finds Florence crying with Fiona. Fiona assures him she will be all right. Carson learns the emotions are over Fiona being transferred. She has one more week in Hope Valley and hides her emotions about the news, only letting her sadness show as she walks home alone.

Lee feels he reached out to Susannah too late. Rosemary says that he tried which is the best he can do. Rosemary tells him it is not too late to connect with Susannah, and if she feels that way it is her loss. Lee calls Susannah again and asks to come see her. He wants to talk as they are still family. Susannah needs time to think about it.

Henry enters the saloon with his books for Lucas. He tells Lucas he will not be happy once he reviews them. Elizabeth finds Lucas pouring over the ledgers. She tells Lucas “yes.” Lucas, excitedly asks “to what.” Elizabeth says yes to allowing her chapters to be sent to a publisher.

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Later that night Nathan visits Elizabeth and apologizes for overacting to her behavior. Elizabeth tells him the last thing she wants to do is hurt anyone. She knows how her actions in the forest and with Lucas may have looked from his perspective. Nathan appreciates her courage in following her instincts. Nathan admits he just wants her to be safe because she matters to him.