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Recap: My Heart Will Go On - Season 4 - Episode 6

After the death of a friend, Jack makes some difficult life choices that may affect Elizabeth as well.

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As Elizabeth and Abigail enjoy a morning walk, Elizabeth opens up about wishing she was with Jack as he heads north to Doug’s funeral. Abigail points out that men all have different ways of grieving and he may need to be alone. Their conversation is interrupted by Shane, who tells Elizabeth the kids still miss her, but Elizabeth assures them she will see all the students at their upcoming recital. Later, she confides in Abigail that being an after-school tutor isn’t enough, since she really misses being a teacher. Abigail assures her she will get her job back.

Meanwhile, up north, Jack attends Doug’s funeral with the rest of the Mounties, where Doug receives a hero’s farewell. When Jack returns to Hope Valley he leans on Elizabeth and voices his regrets for not doing more for his friend.

Later on, Elizabeth is tutoring the students about fractions using a pie Rosemary made earlier. Mr. Stoneman approaches Elizabeth and gives her credit for getting the kids interested in learning. She asks if this means Phillip can come back to school and Mr. Stoneman says that would take a miracle, which is something Elizabeth believes in.

At dinner, Elizabeth tries to get Jack to open up about his trip up north but he remains quiet. The evening is interrupted when Doug’s mother, Missy, shows up to give Jack a gift. It’s Doug’s Saint Christopher necklace that Jack presented to Doug on his day of graduation. Jack tearfully accepts the gift and voices his regrets for not taking the job in the Northern territory, something that Elizabeth finds unsettling.

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Back in the Mayor’s office, both Henry and Ray tell Mr. Stoneman they disapprove of Elizabeth’s tutoring. When Mr. Stoneman defends Elizabeth, Henry and Ray both tell the teacher he can easily be replaced.

The next morning at breakfast, Cody tells Abigail how much he misses Elizabeth as his teacher. He later gets all the students together to write positive letters about Elizabeth to send to her. Later on, Elizabeth tells Abigail she will fight to get her job back, no matter how long it takes. Cody still wants Elizabeth to read all the letters they wrote.

Meanwhile, Jack is talking to Lee about wanting to go back to the Northern territory to patrol. The only piece of advice that Lee can offer is to not listen to anybody else’s advice and tells Jack to do what is right for him.

Highlights - Elizabeth Gets Reinstated - When Calls the Heart

Back at the house, Jack and Elizabeth are reading her cards when Francine shows up at the door. Together, the two go to the Mayor’s office so Francine call tell her story of how superintendent Mr. Higgins propositioned her back in Union City, the same way that Elizabeth had explained earlier. Abigail also goes to the meeting and tells both Ray and Henry that this should mean Elizabeth gets her job back immediately since she was telling the truth this whole time. Henry says that without proof, they have no way of proving the stories. Francine then offers evidence, explicit letters that Mr. Higgins used to leave at her desk. After carefully examining the letters, Henry reinstates Elizabeth’s teaching position at the school. After the meeting, Elizabeth asks what made Francine change her mind about coming forward. She shows Elizabeth an envelope she received containing a photograph with Elizabeth and all her students, with a note attached that reads, “Bad things happen when good people do nothing.” Elizabeth later finds out that it was Abigail who sent the letter.

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Jack grabs some alone time with Frank and recalls Doug’s funeral, telling him he has been praying for strength. Elizabeth walks in on the two gentlemen talking and overhears Jack tell Frank he has decided to take the assignment up North. Frank leaves so Jack and Elizabeth can talk it out. Elizabeth tells Jack she does not want him to take the job, but Jack says it is a calling much bigger than him and he must go. Elizabeth offers to go, too, but Jack says her destiny to teach in Hope Valley and she must stay. He can’t tell her how long he will be gone. A tearful Elizabeth runs out the door and tells Jack she wants to be left alone.

Highlights - Take a Walk with Me - When Calls the Heart

That night at the cafe, Elizabeth confides in Abigail that ever since Doug died, she suspected Jack would take the job. Abigail presents Elizabeth with a card addressed to Elizabeth, inside it reads, “Take a walk with me.” Elizabeth steps out to see candles lighting up the path to the school, where she finds Jack waiting for her in full uniform. Jack tells Elizabeth he knew she was an angel brought to his life the day he met her and gets down on one knee and proposes to her. A tearful Elizabeth begins to cry and says, “Yes!”

Back at the saloon, Rosemary throws Elizabeth a surprise engagement party with champagne and cake and still can’t believe Jack has to leave the next morning. Elizabeth points out that it is not easy knowing that, but Abigail looks on the bright side and says she can use the time to plan the wedding. Abigail then gathers the party goers together to toast to the engaged couple, celebrating honor, faith and true love. The party is cut short for Jack as he has to go home and start packing for his journey. Privately, Elizabeth tells Jack that she is not sure if she should be happy or sad.

Later on that night, Lee and Rosemary grab some quiet time and Rosemary confesses that she is so sad for Elizabeth. She adds that Hope Valley won’t be the same until Jack is back.

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Highlights - Jack Answers the Call of Duty - When Calls the Heart

The next morning, the entire city lines up to give Jack a hero’s good-bye. He makes Abigail promise to watch over Elizabeth while he is away. Finally, he gives Elizabeth one final goodbye before getting on his horse to make his trek North. Elizabeth chases after the horse screaming “Jack!” He pulls the horse to a stop, dismounts and wraps Elizabeth in a warm embrace. He gives her one more kiss before getting back on the horse to make his journey North.

Highlights - Oh Danny Boy - When Calls the Heart

Later that night, the students gather for their recital. Abigail announces that Elizabeth will not be attending because she is under the weather, but the show must go on! Bill opens the show with the students, singing “This Little Light of Mine.” Next up is Timmy, who will be playing the piano. He tells the class he won’t play without Elizabeth, who promised she would sing for him. Just then, Elizabeth surprises Timmy and the rest of the audience! She takes to the stage and sings “Danny Boy,” as Timmy plays the piano. Before she can break down in tears, Elizabeth and Timmy are met with a standing ovation and the rest of the class gives her a group hug.