Sunday February 24
8:00 PM/ 7:00C

My Heart Will Go On

Season 4 - Episode 7

As Elizabeth and Abigail enjoy a morning walk, Elizabeth opens up about wishing she was with Jack as he heads north to Doug’s funeral. Abigail points out that men all have different ways of grieving and he may need to be alone. Their conversation is interrupted by Shane, who tells Elizabeth the kids still miss her, but Elizabeth assures them she will see all the students at their upcoming recital. Later, she confides in Abigail that being an after-school tutor isn’t enough, since she really misses being a teacher. Abigail assures her she will get her job back.

Meanwhile, up north, Jack attends Doug’s funeral with the rest of the Mounties, where Doug receives a hero’s farewell. When Jack returns to Hope Valley he leans on Elizabeth and voices his regrets for not doing more for his friend.

Later on, Elizabeth is tutoring the students about fractions using a pie Rosemary made earlier. Mr. Stoneman approaches Elizabeth and gives her credit for getting the kids interested in learning. She asks if this means Phillip can come back to school and Mr. Stoneman says that would take a miracle, which is something Elizabeth believes in.

At dinner, Elizabeth tries to get Jack to open up about his trip up north but he remains quiet. The evening is interrupted when Doug’s mother, Missy, shows up to give Jack a gift. It’s Doug’s Saint Christopher necklace that Jack presented to Doug on his day of graduation. Jack tearfully accepts the gift and voices his regrets for not taking the job in the Northern territory, something that Elizabeth finds unsettling.

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