Into the Woods

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Elizabeth writes about how life is full of surprises, including being invited by Lucas to Union City. She would like to say it did not have an impact on Nathan, but she has noticed a shift in him. Elizabeth finds herself genuinely torn between the two and does not want to hurt one or the other. All she can do now is be honest with them both.

Lee still owes Rosemary an anniversary trip. As things have slowed down at work, Lee has planned a trip to Los Angeles. This time they will not give up their tickets. Rosemary is not holding her breath. However, Lee says they have to go this time as they are going on a cruise that leaves from Los Angeles and goes to Chile and New York. Rosemary is so excited she leaps into Lee’s arms. She laughs and tells him be careful not to throw his back out as they have a trip to go on.

Lucas asks Henry if there is a financial problem as he has taken the books over from Mike. Lucas demands to see the ledger but Henry refuses. Lucas reminds him he has the right as an investor to know their company’s financial situation. Henry dismisses Lucas saying he is busy and needs to get back to work.

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Elizabeth reminds class about their field trip tomorrow. Half the class will be going, and the other half will get a science lesson from Dr. Shepherd. Ally asks Nathan to sign her permission slip so she can attend the field trip. Nathan says it sounds like fun. Fellow student Timmy feels science with Dr. Carson will not be as fun.

While serving Mike, Lucas learns Henry has not yet paid him. Lucas agrees to start a tab for Mike as Elizabeth stops by with a basket full of cookies. They are a gift to thank Lucas for the trip to Union City. Lucas also has a gift for Elizabeth: a signed copy of Virginia Woolf’s book, bound in leather. Elizabeth is touched but must get going to prepare for the class field trip.

Jesse surprises Clara with a romantic dinner, including champagne, candles and grilled cheese. He will be going timber cruising tomorrow, but there is one downside: he must leave very early. Clara insists on making him breakfast and packing him a lunch as she likes to do nice things for her husband.

Highlights - Champagne & Grilled Cheese - When Calls the Heart

Elizabeth says goodbye to Little Jack and Laura and heads out for the field trip. As she departs, she comes across Lucas, who gives her binoculars for the students to use. As Elizabeth tests them out catches Nathan in her view and he gives her a wave.

While on the field trip Elizabeth shares the binoculars with Opal, who looks all the way into the forest. Emily finds an arrowhead, which Elizabeth explains some view as works of art. Meanwhile in the classroom Carson shows the class what a heart really looks like.

Back in the woods the students are frightened by the howl of a wolf, running to Elizabeth’s side. Elizabeth is skeptical and looks through the binoculars and spots not a wolf, but Robert playing a trick on the class.

Nathan finds Lee fixing the taillight on his car. Nathan asks if he knows a lot about cars and how he learned how to drive. Lee’s father was a traveling salesman who drove stick shift, which piqued his interest in cars. Nathan asks if it is hard to learn and Lee offers to teach him. They are interrupted and learn Jesse has not returned from the timber cruise. Meanwhile, the winds in the mountains are picking up, making conditions out there dangerous. When Nathan overhears this news, he heads off to make sure Elizabeth and the students are okay.

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Carson does some exercises outside with the students. They all proceed to check their heart rates. At the same time, Elizabeth notices on the field trip that the wind is picking up in the mountains. She insists they start to head home to be safe.

Clara tells Rosemary she is going to be sewing some baby clothes for Mrs. Anderson. She wants to practice sewing tiny dresses as she hopes someday soon to start her family. Clara does not want to jinx anything by saying this aloud. The conversation touches Rosemary who assures her Clara she is not jinxing her chances of having a baby.

Lucas brings his concerns about Henry hiding his books to Bill. Bill tells him to file a complaint in order to subpoena the ledgers from Henry. Lucas wonders what would happen if he does not comply. Bill says disobeying could lead to Henry being held in contempt with possible jail time. Lucas wonders if that is too harsh. Bill warns once the wheels of justice start turning its out of Lucas’s hands and in his.

The wind is becoming dangerously strong so Elizabeth alerts the students they will need to hold hands and head to a safe spot to wait out the wind.

Florence arrives at the shop to ask if Clara has heard any updates on Jesse. Clara asks what is going on and learns Jesse is missing. Rosemary insists if there was a problem Lee would call. Florence adds Lee knows this information and has gone to check on Jesse. Rosemary assures Clara that Jesse is fine and probably just lost track of time.

Dr. Carson says goodbye to the class. As they leave, Timmy admits class was not quite like baseball, but it was still fun.

Rosemary and Clara learn from Kurt that there is still no word on Jesse and the wind has gotten worse.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and the students reach a cabin for shelter. However, Emily realizes she left her arrowhead behind. She tells Ally and leaves to go get it. Ally warns Elizabeth that Emily left just as Nathan arrives. He asks if everyone is all right and heads off to find Emily.

Lucas tells Henry he has spoken to Bill about taking legal action if he does not show him the books. Henry asks why Lucas does not trust him. Lucas gives Henry twenty-four hours to provide the ledgers or he will be held in contempt. Henry says it appears that has already happened.

Ally nervously looks out the window for Emily and Nathan. Robert does not understand why Ally let Emily go. Elizabeth tells him it is not Ally’s fault. Opal is scared but Emily assures everyone they are safe, and that Nathan and Emily will be alright.

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Rosemary goes to Bill to get help finding Jesse and Lee. Bill is sure there is a good explanation for why they have not yet returned. However, Rosemary asks him to help look for them and shows Bill a map of where they may. Bill heads out to gather a search party and assures her they will find them.

Nathan searches for Emily in the woods and only finds a basket with her arrowhead.

Rosemary sees Clara preparing to leave. She says she has to go find Jesse. Rosemary tells her to move over as she will steer them.

Emily walks around the woods calling out for Elizabeth. Elizabeth leaves the cabin to try and find Emily and Nathan. She hears Emily’s voice and finds her nearby. As they carefully head to the cabin their path is blocked when a tree falls in front of them. Nathan finds them and leads them to the cabin. Their arrival brings a huge smile of relief to Ally’s face.

Highlights - Jeopardy - When Calls the Heart

Once the wind dies down, Nathan orders the students to fill their canteens with water before they head home. He also gives Emily her arrowhead. Elizabeth thanks Nathan for his help. He seems distant so Elizabeth says if there is something on his mind, he should say it. Nathan lets loose and asks what she was thinking going out to find Emily. Nathan shouts they both could have died. Elizabeth asks what he is really upset about. Nathan does not know what to say. His only responsibility is keeping Ally and the town safe and both were put into jeopardy today. He asks Elizabeth to just let him do his job.

Bill, Carson, Lucas and Henry search the woods for Lee and Jesse. Not far behind are Clara and Rosemary. Clara is getting upset, saying she cannot go through what she experienced with Peter again. Rosemary assures her they are all right. Clara wonders if they should hug them or scold them once found. Rosemary intends to do both.

Elizabeth and the students arrive in town and class is dismissed. Before he leaves Nathan turns to speak with Elizabeth but is interrupted with news a search party is out looking for Lee and Jesse.

Clara and Rosemary call out for Jesse and Lee. They hear a gunshot indicating someone may have found them. They pull forward and find Jesse’s wagon. Clara spots Jesse and embraces him. Rosemary asks where Lee is, and she is shocked to find he has been hurt. Dr. Shepherd tends to Lee and hears a heartbeat. He insists they get him to the infirmary right away.

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Elizabeth is about to start dinner when Lucas arrives with news. As Elizabeth follows Lucas to the infirmary, he explains that Jesse was trapped in the woods after a fallen tree blocked his wagon. Lee arrived and tried to help move the tree but fell and hit his head. Elizabeth asks what she can do to help Rosemary. Rosemary asks her to check on Jesse as he feels guilty about what has happened to Lee.

Elizabeth finds Jesse and asks if he is okay. Jesse feels it is his fault. Bill tells him he cannot control the weather. Elizabeth assures him Rosemary does not blame him; she is worried about Jesse.

Highlights - Life - When Calls the Heart

At the infirmary, Rosemary watches Carson take care of Lee. Rosemary asks him to use everything he has ever learned to heal her husband as Lee is her life.