In Perfect Unity

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While writing, Elizabeth reflects on the magic of marriage as Clara and Jesse’s special day is almost here. She did not fully understand the magic until her own wedding day. She is very happy Clara and Jesse found each other.

Rosemary and Lee give Clara and Jesse an early wedding gift: a trip to Los Angeles. Clara is touched as this was supposed to be Lee and Rosemary’s anniversary trip. Rosemary says now it will be a honeymoon trip. Although, Clara is worried there will be no wedding If Pastor Zeke doesn’t arrive soon.

Lucas asks Elizabeth how the wedding rehearsal went. Bill looks on as Elizabeth wonders if Lucas is interested as a hopeless romantic. He admits he is more of a hopeful romantic.

In just two days Clara will be Mrs. Clara Flynn. She loves the name as it sounds like a famous actress. Clara wonders if Jesse is okay living at her home after the wedding. Jesse is fine as it is only until he finishes building their new home. Clara assures him “our home” is whenever they are together.

Bill notices Elizabeth is pre-occupied. All the talk about weddings has brought up memories. Elizabeth’s wedding day was one of the happiest days of her life and she can only hope Clara and Jesse’s wedding will be just as beautiful. Bill hints, having watched her and Lucas, love might be in the air for more than just Jesse and Clara.

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Rosemary stops by Elizabeth’s to remind her of her final dress fitting. She has her emergency bridal bag to help stay prepared for any crisis that may arise on Clara’s wedding day as she is the matron of honor. Elizabeth tosses the flowers from Lucas and Nate into the garbage. Rosemary is surprised she does not want to press them. Elizabeth admits that things are complicated. Rosemary agrees, romance is complicated. Elizabeth stops her there saying there is no romance to which Rosemary replies not yet. Elizabeth likes both Nathan and Lucas and does not want to hurt either of them. Rosemary wishes her good luck with that.

Jesse is excited as there is just one more day until the wedding. However, he finds Clara is a bit distant.

Nathan says good morning to Elizabeth and wants to talk about the flowers. He knows he was not the only one to give her flowers and assures he is not opposed to a little competition.

Robert tells Elizabeth he wants to be a Mountie. The news means he would not complete his last year of school. Elizabeth wants to discuss his decision further but is interrupted when Father Zeke arrives.

Clara looks through a box of keepsakes and photos of her parents and Peter.

Elizabeth shows Father Zeke the school telling him her husband built it. Father Zeke feels that must make it feel extra special. He has heard great things about Hope Valley and so far, has not been disappointed.

Clara admits to Bill she has been thinking about everyone who cannot be at the wedding, including her parents. Bill knows they would be very proud. He is proud of her adding if he had a daughter, he’d want her to be just like Clara. Clara is nervous she will not get everything done in time, so Bill offers to help by picking up the arbor.

Elizabeth respects Robert’s decision to become a Mountie but does not know why he does not want to finish school first. Elizabeth suggests Robert talk to Constable Grant.

Fiona cannot believe Clara had enough time to make the beautiful bridesmaid dresses. She asks if there is anything she can do to help. Clara says find the pastor. Luckily Elizabeth enters at that moment and lets her know she found Pastor Zeke. Clara could also use help with her something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Rosemary comes to the rescue saying her dress is new, her hair comb is blue, and her mother’s earrings will be her old. All she needs is something borrowed. Unfortunately, Clara cannot find her mother’s earrings. Rosemary has it under control and will just add a few more items to her bag.

Elizabeth asks Nathan to talk to Robert about becoming a Mountie. She did not see this as something for Robert, but she finds the profession honorable. Jack helped her understand the job is all about making the world a better place.

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Pastor Zeke asks Clara and Jesse which Bible verse reflects them as a couple. Clara tells him whichever he feels works for them. The Pastor says he’ll pick the perfect one and asks if they have their vows. Jesse has his, but Clara is caught off guard and asks for time to make herself a copy. Jesse lovingly asks Clara what’s going on. Clara says she is just a little overwhelmed by the list of things left to do. Jesse reminds her that if things don’t get done, they don’t get done. Tomorrow is about them, not flowers or food.

Robert gives dinner to Mr. Henderson who is in the jail cell. Nathan then talks to Robert about being a Mountie. Nathan explains Mr. Henderson is accused of stealing horses. Robert is concerned about Mr. Henderson and his family as he seems like a nice guy. Nathan warns as a Mountie you cannot get emotionally involved.

Elizabeth arrives at the library to return books and finds Lucas delivering new books. He offers to put hers away. There is a spark between them as she passes Lucas the books.

As Nathan completes Mr. Henderson’s prisoner transfers, Robert watches. Things seem calm until Florence screams for help as Mr. Henderson escapes. Nathan quickly runs after him and tackles him. The town cheers for Nathan. Robert looks on, afraid.

Elizabeth finds Clara still working and gets to the bottom of why she is nervous. Clara shows her a note she found when looking for her mother’s earrings. It is a beautiful love note that looks to be Peter’s vows. She admits after losing Peter things do not make sense anymore. She is worried if something were to happen to Jesse she does not know if she can live through it again. Elizabeth tells her she cannot live on what ifs. Clara says she and Elizabeth know how quickly someone you love can be taken away from you. Elizabeth assures her loving Jack was one of the greatest things she has ever done and would do it all again even knowing how it ends.

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Elizabeth arrives at Clara’s place early to give her a gift, a beautiful necklace that belonged to her grandmother. It is the perfect item for her something borrowed. Clara is excited as she also found her mother’s earrings which will match perfectly. Clara tells Elizabeth love is out there and she just has to open herself up to it. Jack would not want her to be alone forever.

Robert and Nathan pass Elizabeth who is talking with Lucas. Robert notices Nathan’s jaw clench at seeing Lucas close to Elizabeth. Nathan avoids Elizabeth but Robert approaches and tells her about watching Nathan in action. He ran to help someone without hesitating. Robert does not believe Nathan is afraid of anything.

Robert later expresses to Nathan that he may not be cut out to be a Mountie. He was afraid when the Mr. Henderson escaped. Nathan admits he was afraid too, but he took an oath to serve and protect so he did his job. Nathan admits he loves his job but at Robert’s age he was not ready to become a Mountie.

Clara, Rosemary and Elizabeth enjoy tea as Fiona finishes Clara’s hair. Clara cannot believe her wedding day is here and everything is perfect. Bill arrives just then and tells the ladies it is raining and not expected to let up anytime soon. Rosemary can move the ceremony indoors. Clara sadly obliges although it will not be the outdoor wedding she was hoping to have. Elizabeth tells Rosemary to hold on as she has an idea. Elizabeth runs out and grabs everyone she can find to help her.

As the ladies wait for Elizabeth to return, Fiona tells Clara that rain is a sign of good luck in some cultures. Rosemary rolls her eyes at that prospect but agrees to make Clara feel better. Bill and Elizabeth arrive just then and tell Clara she has a wedding to get to.

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The saloon has been transformed with flowers and plants to look like an outdoor oasis. Fiona tells Elizabeth she is a wizard. Clara enters and is amazed. Jesse’s breath is taken away when he sees Clara. Bill walks Clara down the aisle and warns if she cries, he’ll cry.

Jesse tells Clara how happy she makes him every day even when she is mad at him, which makes her laugh. He feels so lucky he gets to marry her. Clara was doubtful she’d be able to love again and thanks Jesse for loving her even more than she thought possible. After reading their vows they are declared husband and wife by Pastor Zeke and share a sweet kiss.

At the reception Elizabeth thanks Nathan for speaking to Robert. Nathan feels he will make a great Mountie someday as Carson snaps a photo of them. Seeing the two of them together Carson states the photo is definitely a keeper.

Jesse and Clara cut their cake as Carson snaps a photo. Lee proposes a toasts and thanks Elizabeth for the beautiful decorations. Lee has known Jesse for a quite some time. He has impacted Lee’s life in many ways and is an important part of his business and his family. Rosemary toasts Clara and thanks her for allowing everyone to be a part of their special day. She reminds the happy couple marriage is not about just saying I love you but rather about what you do to prove it. She ends her speech by announcing the father / daughter dance and calls and Clara and Bill to come to the dance floor. Clara tells Bill the day was even better than she could have imagined. They both agree they will never forget this day.

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Before heading off to her honeymoon Clara prepares to toss the bouquet. Elizabeth tries to sneak away but Clara insists she stay. Clara tosses the bouquet and Elizabeth catches it. Lucas and Nathan take note. Clara tells her you can’t hide from fate.

Jesse and Clara head out of the saloon ready for Los Angeles and find Lee’s car with a just married sign on the back courtesy of Fiona. Rosemary grabs hold of Elizabeth’s arm saying, “Isn’t love wonderful.”

Elizabeth agrees while writing in her journal that love is wonderful. Love for your child, the love between husband and wife, love for friends and love for someone new.