Recap: Hope is With the Heart -Season 6 - Episode 7

Trying to stay on Elizabeth's good side, Lucas sets up a library for the town. Rosemary shares the struggle on her heart.

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Elizabeth writes in her journal about how special baby Jack is and how much joy he brings her. There is love all around them in Hope Valley. Jesse shares his issues with Henry buying his land and how he may have made a mistake selling it to him. He confronts Henry and says he wants to present his case to the presiding judge who will be coming in a day. Allie shares with Nathan that she is having difficulties making friends. Clara oversees Henry giving money to Lucas.

Lucas finds a location for the library and tells Elizabeth that he’s decided to donate it to the town. Elizabeth is floored. Bill surprises Henry when he tells him that he was sworn in and is now the judge hearing cases in Hope Valley.

Elizabeth and her students work on organizing the space for the new library. Lucas invites Elizabeth to the saloon for lunch after their work is done but she declines, anxious to get home to baby Jack. Faith thanks Carson for pushing her to connect with her father, sharing how much she is enjoying reconnecting with him. Jesse presents his case in front of the town and Bill. After court is recessed, Clara tells Jesse that she saw Henry pass money to Lucas.

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With court back in session, Jesse calls Lucas to the stand. Lucas reveals that he owns a 30% stake in Henry’s company. Jesse asks what were the odds that Henry thought he would find oil. Henry pleas that he just took a huge risk and it paid off. Bill apologizes to Jesse saying he can’t just go off his gut and, with no hard evidence, rules in Henry’s favor.

The kids read a book they find at the library. The boys go to the site of the book, Opal surprises them and they are all scared by a moving rocking chair which is really Allie’s doing. Rosemary and Elizabeth feed baby Jack but are interrupted when they learn that Harper and Opal are missing in the woods. Elizabeth and Nathan go in search of them. They come across the kids and find that Opal has hurt her arm. Elizabeth finds Carson to have him look at her and she thankfully only has a sprain.

Highlights - Rosemary’s Confession - When Call the Heart

Lee meets Rosemary at Elizabeth’s house. Rosemary finally opens up to Lee after he pushes her to talk to him. She reveals to him that she doesn’t know if she can give him a child. Lee says if it is meant to be, it will happen and if not, they will face it together. He then tells her that what's important is that they have one another.

Faith tells Carson her father has invited them to Thanksgiving. Carson says he’s delighted to meet Faith’s family. Elizabeth asks why Lucas is interested in setting up the library. She wants to make sure it is not because of her. Lucas says he wanted a library because it is good for the whole town.

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Nathan receives a call from the Benson Hill Mounties and is alerted that Johnny Boone was spotted outside of Hope Valley. Lucas tells Bill about Johnny Boone spotting and Bill rushes out to inform Nathan that he will be working with him to find him. Nathan reminds him he is a judge now, and Bill insists that no one knows Johnny Boone better than he does. Nathan and Bill explore the woods together in search of Johnny and trap him. The town gathers as Johnny is brought back into town.

Rosemary shows off her latest design to Fiona. She doesn’t love it but shows Rosemary a sketch of something new and different. Rosemary is open to the idea of trying to design something different. Later on, The ladies of Hope Valley go crazy for the new designs by Rosemary.

Faith calls her dad and learns that he had a heart attack two days ago. Faith tells Carson she needs to go see him. The two share a sweet moment before she heads out of town. Bill and Nathan gear up to transfer Johnny in the middle of the night but Johnny talks them into letting him have one more delicious meal before being taken away.

Elizabeth asks Rosemary and Lee to be guardian to Baby Jack. Elizabeth catches up with Allie and asks how things are going with her Uncle Nathan. Allie tells her that Nathan gets moody when there is a prisoner around, mainly because it reminds him of his father, who is in jail. Elizabeth talks to Nathan about Allie and tells him what Allie told her about his father. Elizabeth advises him to talk to her. He thanks her for her help. Nathan talks to Allie about his father and he explains that life is not always black and white.