Recap: Honestly, Elizabeth - Season 8 - Episode 2

Helen Bouchard starts the edits of Elizabeth's manuscript. When Lee gets injured, a newcomer's words of comfort cause Rosemary to reflect on what she wants in life.

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Elizabeth is battening down the hatches as Helen Bouchard has unexpectedly come to town. She contemplates what it means for her book until she notices Little Jack looking at a photo of his dad. Elizabeth assures he will be just like his daddy.

Helen Bouchard stays in her room working at the Inn telling Lucas she is not yet up for meeting with Elizabeth.

Joseph arrives at Lee’s office with a delivery. It’s a crate from South America. In his excitement to accept the package Lee throws out his back trying to take the crate off the truck.

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Elizabeth comes across Allie, Opal, and Robert. After a quick hello the students pass as Nathan arrives in time to admit he may need Elizabeth’s advice as Allie has started taking notice of boys. He is also sad they missed out on dinner the other day and hopes to reschedule soon.

While Joseph and Jesse help Lee into the infirmary, Hickam helps Fiona put up her new barbershop sign “Nichols & Dimes.” It is a play on the name of her former boss to serve as a reminder to always treat people with respect and kindness. Henry, Hickam, and Jesse are taken aback by the idea of a woman cutting their hair.

After delivering the crate to Lee’s and then Lee to the infirmary, Joseph drives out of town when suddenly his truck stops. He is out of gas. He takes a can and starts walking back to Hope Valley to find the nearest gas station.

At the infirmary, Carson examines Lee saying he may in future need to see a chiropractor. The news scares Rosemary until Faith explains how this specialist could provide physical therapy to help Lee’s back.

Meanwhile, at Bill’s office, Nathan asks for advice on how to make his adoption of Allie ironclad before her father, Dylan, gets out of jail. Bill wonders where Nathan got the money Dylan exhorted from him. He is surprised to learn the money came from Lucas. Nathan takes notice of a map and some land Bill owns. He is curious if Bill may be willing to sell.

Lucas finds Elizabeth and asks if she would be willing to visit with his mother, Helen, who has been keeping to herself in her room. Elizabeth agrees to the meeting but admits his mother is a bit intimidating.

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Elizabeth goes to Helen’s room at the inn with a peace offering - muffins. Helen admits Elizabeth is a great writer but a bit undisciplined. Elizabeth knows she was late in delivering her book, or as Helen corrects her, manuscript. The reason was that she did not want work to get in the way of her life. Helen says if Elizabeth is willing to dedicate herself to the craft, she will take time to meet with her the next morning.

Henry meets Lucas to discuss renewing their partnership in oil. Lucas likes Henry but declines his offer. Henry reminds him that the oil business can get rough and volunteers to get his hands dirty for Lucas. Lucas questions Henry’s change of heart.

Joseph approaches Hickam for help in locating a gas station. He is all too happy to help and we soon learn why. Jesse appears to remind Hickham of his appointment for a haircut with Fiona. Jesse offers to help Joseph out.

As Helen and Lucas stroll through town they spot Elizabeth showing her horse, Sergeant, to students. Lucas wonders how Helen’s meeting with her went. Helen feels she is going to like Elizabeth. Lucas knows the feeling, agreeing she has that effect on people.

As Hickam gets his hair cut, he asks why Fiona wanted to cut men’s hair. Fiona admits it is easier. She jokes about giving him a shave and accidentally nips at his ear. Hickam dramatically jumps out the chair and runs over to Carson at the infirmary.

Helen admits Elizabeth seems special and wonders if she is the reason Lucas has remained in Hope Valley. Just as Lucas admits she is, Nathan pulls up on his horse. Helen also correctly assumes Nathan and Lucas are both vying for Elizabeth’s affection.

Elizabeth catches Nathan as he heads into the mercantile to grab some supplies before checking out Bill’s land. He is thinking about settling down. Elizabeth is impressed and asks him to come see her when he returns. After Nathan leaves, Elizabeth sees Robert race by on Sergeant. It becomes clear he does not know what he is doing and cannot stop the horse. Elizabeth hops on Nathan’s horse and catches up to Robert to help them slow down before he gets hurt. She also gives him a stern glare after Robert jokes that she won’t have to exercise Sergeant later.

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Rosemary helps Lee back home. She rushes over to Elizabeth’s to babysit Little Jack as Elizabeth prepares to meet with Helen Bouchard. Rosemary is all too happy to spend time with Little Jack.

While in town, Joseph notices a for-sale sign on the gas station. He cannot deny he found the town to be special. He also spies a church across the way from the gas station. Bill states they do need a Pastor. Joseph wants to settle his family here in Hope Valley, and Bill is happy to help him find land. Shortly afterward, Henry and Bill show Joseph a home. When he agrees to purchase it, Bill welcomes him to Hope Valley.

Helen and Elizabeth review notes on her manuscript. Even though the process is tense and tedious, they find a moment to have a laugh. Later, Elizabeth and Helen take a walk. Helen can see how honest Elizabeth is in her writing and her life. In her experience, most people hide behind their characters. She has personally done it, revealing she is in Hope Valley because her husband has left her.

Elizabeth is surprised to learn not only did Lucas’s father leave Helen, Lucas does not know it yet. Helen asks that she keep it to herself. Lucas approaches and asks if Elizabeth would like to join them for dinner. Elizabeth politely declines, saying maybe another time.

Elizabeth heads over to Rosemary and Lee’s with a beautiful dinner complete with music and flowers to help them escape to Hawaii. Despite a sprained back, Lee asks Rosemary to dance, very slowly. Lee admits this is perfect, as he always wanted to go to Hawaii.

Henry checks for a response to his letter at the mercantile. He finds his letter has been returned and opened. He is livid but is assured by Florence and Ned they did not open it.

Later, Molly and Florence spot Bill at dinner with Helen. Molly approaches to find out who Helen is and is surprised to learn she is Lucas’s mother. After Molly exits, Helen tells Bill it looks like he has a fan.

Hickam gives Fiona another shot at cutting his hair. Soon Clara enters with Jesse who also needs a trim. Following up behind her is Faith who has brought Carson in for just a trim.

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The next morning, Elizabeth catches up with Rosemary who can tell something is weighing on her. She admits Helen confided in her about her marriage. Lee surprises them by bringing in Little Jack in a poncho and reveals the crate he ordered contains 150 pounds of coffee.

In town, Bill catches Molly, who was trying to avoid him. She feels she may have made a fool of herself in front of Helen. Bill apologizes as he has been single a while and did not notice the signs of her interest. Molly covers, saying he is flattering himself.

Carson finds Henry at the mercantile shouting at Ned over his letter being opened. As he leaves a dizzy spell overtakes him and he stumbles. Carson says Henry’s mood is due to his high blood pressure. Carson demands he come to the infirmary. Henry reluctantly agrees.

Elizabeth finds Nathan as he arrives back from his trip. He was very impressed by the land and can see himself and Allie living there. Elizabeth is not sure where to begin in her response. She has to tell him, something she has known for a while but has not been able to say. She can sense he is hoping for something more than friendship. That is more than she can give right now. It would hurt her too much to lose him like she lost Jack. When he offers to leave the Mounties, Elizabeth cannot ask him to do that. Nathan tells her, “I love you.” Not sure what to do or say, Elizabeth jumps on her horse rides away.