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Hearts in Question

As an ominous wave of powerful storms rolls across the frontier, Hope Valley braces itself for the wedding of the season. True to form, Rosemary is pulling out all the stops to ensure her wedding is a truly grand affair.

As the storm rages outside, a mysterious rider appears in Hope Valley and heads directly to the jail. Inside, Jack is preparing for bed when hears the knock at the door. He opens the door and asks, “Can I help you?” Head down, the dark figure on the other side of the door responds, “I could use a hot cup of coffee.” The mysterious rider removes a hat, revealing the face of Jack’s mother, Charlotte.

It’s been years since Jack and his mother last saw each other and, as Jack gets dressed the next morning, Charlotte dotes over him like any proud mother. As Charlotte fidgets with a loose button on Jack’s jacket, Elizabeth walks in, confused by the strange woman standing with Jack. Jack introduces the two women and Elizabeth politely invites Jack and Charlotte for dinner that evening. The prospect of Elizabeth’s cooking concerns Jack and he asks if she’s sure she wants to cook for his mother. Charlotte offers to help but as Jack points out, she can’t cook either. Things start to get awkward and Jack is desperate for a way out. His reprieve comes when Elizabeth invites Charlotte to stay with her, instead of the cramped jailhouse. Charlotte is thrilled with the idea and heads off to grab her bags.

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